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  1. Mike

    I'll forward the case to Keane but in regards to web related stuff, staff can see previous entries made by other staff members so there is nothing for us to handle.
  2. Mike

    Previous notes are already visible for staff members.
  3. Mike

    Probably worth mentioning that it will only be /banktransfers on there for now.
  4. Mike

    Added on next UCP update as the game should be updated next update too.
  5. Added on next UCP update as the game should be updated next update too.
  6. https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/11121-ucp-bank/
  7. Still need game dev editing first. Refer to the original thread.
  8. Mike

    Added on next ucp update, a btn to sign out all other devices.
  9. Mike

    It's not possible to monitor with the current system.
  10. Added a button on the denied screen to view previous / current deny reasons.
  11. Mike

    This was added already.
  12. Mike

    @Vash Baldeus your long awaited feature is coming. There will be a new tab under "Items" called "Wealth" which displays; wallet, bank and properties along with a total amount. Vehicles are not calculated atm.
  13. Mike

    An extra column was added to the employee table showing their last online date. Tracking their actual activity is not possible and won't just be shared with business employee's. Last logged in is publicly accessible by everyone so it's no harm to add it to the page for a quick overview.
  14. I cleaned it up a little, I can host for 5 people, send me a PM if you want it.