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  1. Mike

    @David_kezces please try again, PayPal had issues yesterday.
  2. Mike

    You'll receive an email once you get denied / accepted. Could also refresh the page once in a while to find out the status.
  3. Fully agreed, it doesn't make much sense to drive an unregistered vehicle on the road to the DMV to get it registered. It should however not be done automatically in my opinion, rather a menu to select if it's gonna be registered / insured. There might be people around that actually want to drive with an unregistered vehicle.
  4. Mike

  5. Mike

    GOV-Website, LSPD-Website and LSFD-Website is the choice of their faction leaders. We in PD do not wish to change this as everything should remain documented under 1 forum account, there is absolutely 0 need to have a forum account for each character, the only time your character's name has to be your forum name is when you wish to apply for PD.
  6. Mike

    Moved to the correct section and I doubt that there is anything like this available on Xbox, stick to PC 🙂
  7. Mike

    Reset, please try again!
  8. Mike

    Reset yours, make sure you allow everyone to dm you to receive the 2nd token to put in.
  9. Mike

    😊 But sure, I have no issues reverting this, makes our lives easier.
  10. Mike

    You're the only one that does that 😑
  11. Mike

    What exactly are you doing? Just accessing the page? What browser and version are you using? Try to use a different browser to register!
  12. Mike

    Copied this from the RageMP forums Game launching into Singleplayer (Steam Version) Completely quit Steam, then run RageMP and let RageMP launch steam and the game and you should load into the game. This, however, doesn't always work for Steam users but has worked for some. OR Make sure you have the Visual C++ redistributable 2015 (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=48145)
  13. Mike

    Take care Morning! 🙂
  14. Mike

    "Hijack" shows now results on the UCP, are you sure that's your login name? EDIT: I found it, please try to insert your discord ID again.
  15. Mike

    Archiving, doubt its still needed after almost 1 month, if it is please forum pm me.