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  1. Mike

    This happens to be my bad. I included all businesses in there that you either own or work for, however the business owner has the option to set the page visible for employee's or not. I've adjusted the code so it only shows businesses that you can actually see the pages of for the next update. It was just meant to be a quicker way to access your business page instead of navigating to your character page -> items -> businesses. I've made a new error page that will popup if you do not have access to the page, it's a nicer solution. It'll also inform you of your character name behind the business name so you know which character is in what business.
  2. Mike

    Besides this, you can promote people on the UCP in bulk (and individually) which syncs up IG after 1 minute.
  3. Mike

    I'm not sure where you get the idea from that the MDC is able the see places you rent at because they can't.
  4. Mike

    Added in next update. Friends will no longer be based of UCP username, they will user character names.
  5. Mike

    I'll discuss with Everett.
  6. @Zayyy speak with PM and see what they say about the feature.
  7. Mike

    Hey, can you DM me what you wrote as answer?
  8. Mike

    I'll have it changed to name (number) on next ucp update. I'll show like this:
  9. Mike

    Without reading too much of the other comments, I do believe that @zaXer. has a point. Limiting house price sales do not make much sense in my opinion. It's a realistic thing that happens IRL and I don't see a problem why it shouldn't happen on GTAW. I'm one of those people that got their house in early 2018 under the Norrig PM era, my vespucci canal house cost me 290k. Good luck trying to find newly created vespucci canal houses with a MP of 290k. The playerbase in 2018 was a lot lower, therefore houses were widely available and prices obviously lower as well. As the playerbase rises the houses are become more rare, the price increases. Doesn't the same thing happen IRL? You buy a house, every single year your house is worth a little more, more people get born, cities and countries become more packed with less space to build houses, houses become more rare and therefore their prices increase. The ground that your house is build upon increases in value as the world is more packed. Doesn't the same happen with GTAW's playerbase? Fixing the old houses wouldn't work either in my opinion. GTAW continues to grow, almost reaching 800 players. Good houses are becoming extremely rare, their value automatically goes up, it makes sense.
  10. Mike

    Queue, wp slider thing and redeem items will be fixed next ucp update. For the images I'll have to speak with Everett and do some research.
  11. Character name: Ashley Cross UCP name: Mike (Discord name?): Mikeeee#0001 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 1684 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 1121 Imagination Court NOTE - If applicable, please detail which room and floor. Screenshot of teleport entrance: https://puu.sh/FGGAS/acfb81abdf.jpg Screenshot of teleport exit: https://puu.sh/FGGD8/be961ad28e.jpg 2nd TP Screenshot of teleport entrance: https://puu.sh/FGGFq/7ec2e2628c.jpg Screenshot of teleport exit: https://puu.sh/FGGFO/fb9288f6d3.jpg There currently is an active smart TP linked to the property, this can be removed as its from the old interior. Teleport type (balcony, backdoor, business TP, etc): Balcony
  12. Will be updated next ucp update.
  13. Mike

    Speak to server management to recover a deleted character.
  14. Mike

  15. Mike

    Forwarded to @Everett