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  1. Mike

    Moved back as the business will be active again.
  2. One new position available if interested. EDIT: Taken already.
  3. Will be taking all 15 stations for now.
  4. @Kardo @Thirteen @Bubonic @Flow @thutl @Brownie I've adjusted storage a little bit. Most are for stores and shops that will have low traffic. I'll be able to cover more people if I provide less storage, don't think a store will need multiple playlists and like 1000 songs. 3,5GB should give you enough space for a 24 hour playlist.
  5. I'll be hosting radio stations free of charge. Simply send me a forum PM with your business name and reasoning if there is still a spot free and if you meet the requirements. If all goes well with the CPU and memory usage I might let more users get a station. Radio will include: General Shops: 3,5 GB AutoDJ Storage Restaurants: 5 GB AutoDJ Storage Nightclubs / DJ's: 10 GB AutoDJ Storage More can be provided upon request Unlimited Bandwidth Unlimited Listeners Icecast 2.4 or SHOUTcast DNAS 2 Up to 320 kbps audio quality Ability to live broadcast on the station Requirements: - Gold Donator or Platinum Donator - Business Owner / Valid RP reasons Rules and Regulations: - No pornographic audio - Business must be actively used or the radio will be removed - Radio will be canceled when your donatorship ended Active Radio List [15/15] 1. Vanilla Unicorn - @Mitch 2. Under Construction - @SupSupreme 3. Galaxy - @Kardo 4. Ziltoid Radio - @Thirteen 5. DJ Oracle - @Bubonic 6. Flow's Station - @Flow 7. Underground (Rap) - @thutl 8. Under Construction - @Brownie 9. Ethanol's Station - @Ethanol 10. Bay Garage - @Epic 11. CPTL FM - @iAMTemple 12. Hiraku - @Huidea 13. Under Construction - @Kimberly 14. Under Construction - @Serpico 15. SaintsFM - @HaveADream Any questions or help, feel free to reach out on discord: Mikeeee#0001
  6. Mike

    Helped on pms, archived.
  7. Mike

    Needs game devs first to save such data for the UCP to use. @Westen @Nervous @Pascal
  8. Will be added on next update.
  9. Mike

    Are you trying to set it in a rental vehicle? If so, that doesn't work.
  10. Mike

    Added on next update.
  11. Yea agreed. Can be solved in other matters as well.
  12. Can all very well be added to the mdc If needed.
  13. Short description: Add the ability to share vehicles on a more "permanent" basis as duplicating keys don't save and not everyone has a business and business garage. Detailed description: Add the possibility to actually share vehicles instead of duplicating keys the entire time. With actually sharing vehicles I mean having the vehicles show up in your /vget and being able to spawn them, unlock them and start the engine (possibly even mod it). There's a lot of people that share their cars, that live together in the same house or have other reasons to share their vehicles, shared garage? Commands to add: /vshare? /vcancelshare? Items to add: Nothing How would your suggestion improve the server? Would be nice to have such a feature, I wouldn't say it is necessary or should be a high priority but it definitely improves realism. Additional information: I believe such a thing can easily be done by making a copy of the tenant system, shouldn't even take that long probably.
  14. Mike

    For some reason the upper floors don't have a balcony. Will have to lock this.