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  1. Mike

    Sorry has been sold yesterday night.
  2. Mike

    Vehicle is a brand new Dinka Sugoi, a 5 door hatchback. Market Price: $132.000 Price: $95.000 Pictures of the vehicle: ((OOC Stats))
  3. Mike

    You should be able to login now.
  4. Mike

    What's your UCP name?
  5. Mike

    @Keane have you had time to form an answer on this?
  6. Mike

    12.0 Crime-free Areas What are the rules regarding the outskirts of crime free areas? It says ammunations are a crime free area but to what extend? Are you allowed to rob them right outside the ammunation? Are you able to rob someone when he exits the bank?
  7. Mike

    Decrease in interest rate Business Loans have decreased in interest rate from 30% to 25%. Here at Cross Capital we want to see business growth in Los Santos and therefore our interest rate was dropped to provide a more affordable loan to those in need to start their business. We also continue with our low interest rates for vehicle & property loans. We believe that everyone has the right to own a property and vehicle for their daily travels, we do not wish to limit people in these facilities due to a high repayment balance. We loan with a minimum of $100'000, a maximum amount can be discussed, however we prefer the amount of $500'000. If you are looking for a lower loan amount please contact us through the contact form on our website. Are you interested in a loan? Please visit our website and send in a request.
  8. Cross Capital is Los Santos' newest reliable loan funding company. Cross Capital provides smart, simple and secure loans to the people of San Andreas. We offer four different types of loans with each a different interest rate. Vehicle Loans - 20% Property Loans - 20% Business Loans - 25% Personal Loans - 30% EXAMPLE ONLY Personal Loan $300'000 Loan Amount + $90'000 Interest Rate = $390'000 repayable. For more information about our company and to apply for a loan, please visit our website. Website https://www.crosscapital.tk/ Facebrowser https://face.gta.world/CrossCapital
  9. Mike

    All the XMR stations are visible here: https://ucp.gta.world/xmr/request What their song list could be? Nobody would know except the owner unless you listen to it 24/7 and write down every song.
  10. This is in progress for weapon serials. It's difficult to code so it will take some time.
  11. Added a filter next ucp update. It will have a custom range option.
  12. Suggestion was approved. Old names will be shown on the character page visible for the character owner and admins only. Date of character creation is not possible.