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  1. Mike

    Accepted for 1x CombatPistol and 60x Pistol Ammo.
  2. Mike

    Accepted for $40,000. Make a /report In-Game to finalize.
  3. Mike

    Accepted for 1x CompactRifle and 85x Rifle Ammo, make a /report In-Game to finalize.
  4. Mike

    Accepted for 1x CompactRifle and 30x Rifle Ammo. Make a /report In-Game to finalize.
  5. Mike

    @SaintBatemanofWallStreet Property added, contact an A3/PM Admin to set up the business once you furnished it.
  6. Mike

    Added your property, please contact an A3 or any PM admin after a sever restart so that the business can be set to your name. For entry and exit points, you're allowed to have one back door which needs to be requested. Door = property entrance Circle = Business location (for vehicle modding) If anything needs to be moved, send me a pm.
  7. Mike

    Interior reverted.
  8. Mike

    Hi @SaintBatemanofWallStreet We're glad to inform you that your request has been approved! The requested Property is located in Rancho which is for some classed as a dangerous part of Los Santos, the property is easily accessible as it's near the main road. The building itself is decent in size, it possesses of a back area which is mainly blocked off with fences, a small opening for you to get in and out is also present, the back of your property has access to a small garage door which leads straight into the storage room of the general store. The building also has a ladder attached to it at the back which provides you with roof access may you need this, the backside of the roof is wired of for extra protection. Basic material cost price has been determined to be $75,000 (taxes and fees), the business request has been priced as $75,000 which makes this request a total cost of $150,000. Please note that you must /transfer BPD the total amount specified above (ensure BPD is capitalized). Once you have done so, reply to this thread with a screenshot of having done so and the property will be set up soon afterwards. If you have any questions, PM any member from property management or contact us via our Property Management Discord.  -Property Management.  This offer is valid for 10 days. 
  9. Mike

    Interior changed, please post a screenshot of /time + /transfer BPD 25000 within 7 days or your interior will be reverted.
  10. Mike

    @Fenrir Property + business created, ask any A3+ (Or Property Management) to set the business to your ownership after a server restart.