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  1. Notbond

    When I denied your ban appeal last time I didn't see anything changing within a month of me doing so. I should have clarified a wait time on your ban appeal. You can re-appeal your ban June 5th.
  2. Notbond

    I've communicated with Ryoi and gone into more depth about they should go about their application next time, there is nothing wrong with Moonsong's judgement, as he said, 28th of April is when you will be unbanned.
  3. Notbond

    I have been reviewing this & communicating with Ryochi, will reply with the outcome soon.
  4. Notbond

    Assigned to @Crocker
  5. Notbond

    Morning banned you for: Morning [FR] Common Courtesy / Low fier RP April 5, 2019 14:37
  6. Notbond

    What is your UCP name?
  7. Notbond

    Wait for the admin to reply who banned you don't @ other admins or I will deny your appeal.
  8. Notbond

    Please can you submit a bug report with all the information you have then post the link on the thread (if you've already reported it just link that here). What is the value of the alarm? @Netsrac
  9. Refund accepted, you will need to contact an admin (lvl3 +) IG via the report system and direct them to this thread regarding what Mods need to be added.
  10. Notbond

    This has already been discussed internally when the system was put into place and we decided that it wouldn't be correct to use it for that, possibly in the future, however, the forums is something that is regularly used and visited by admins as well as players which may be able to help. The ticket system on the UCP isn't a familiar/can be more limited so it's only best for real issues that WebDev's need to solve.
  11. Notbond

    @latix Don't worry, correct section! This is definitely something that could be added or the wording on "save and next" could be changed just to make it clear that you're actually submitting the application. Thank you for the suggestion.
  12. Notbond

    While I understand that this suggestion has good intentions and you're attempting to provide solutions around current issues that have been cited to stop the prison from happening, we're actively working on getting a DOC up and running. Considering the work that would have to be put into a temporary prison vs the work that needs to be put into a more permanent DOC I think it is worth waiting slightly longer for the full thing than a half-baked version.
  13. Notbond

    Just to add to this: This isn't an official system we want to put into place as Nervous has said. However, if there is/was a banned player who upon being banned from IG was told to re-appeal in a X amount of months but during that time contributed well on the forums and was very helpful to new players/in the support section then that is something they could point to in order to bolster their appeal.
  14. Notbond

    Hello, I'm sorry but you're going to need to provide more accurate information if this is going to be accepted: What was the exact date and do you have an approx time (i.e between 15:00 - 18:00). Do you have any idea on how the gun was lost due to the server restarting? Did a rollback occurs, in which case the person who sold you the weapon would still have it (or the ammunition) and your money would have been returned? When was the last time you remember using the weapon/storing it in an inventory (house/vehicle or been given it by another player) (Please chuck me an @Notbond when you reply)