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  1. Notbond

    Formula 1

    What are Ferrari doing...
  2. Notbond

    Formula 1

    I would love Norris to get a 2nd Podium today but from P9 I don't think it's going to happen 😞. Sainz has a decent chance to secure McLaren something though.
  3. Update: Election timeline has been slightly delayed (spoiler, was meant to have a post out today) due to the fact that we have been setting up a new government team and platform. Won't be too much longer I promise!
  4. Quick update the City Operations Officer recruitment is closing tomorrow evening!
  5. Applications Closing 12/JUL/2020 - 7PM Server Time
  6. I have had people come to me asking in more detail about the role and the responsibilities of the COO. The Los Santos City Charter is a comprehensive document covering all aspects of the City Government, you can also find further information on the COO role inside:
  7. We have officially announced the search for a new Chief Operations Officer in LSGOV. Please find more information here:
  8. Recruiting a new Government City Operations Officer Applications Closing 12/JUL/2020 - 7PM Server Time In line with the recent announcement about the LS GOV, we are looking to recruit a City Operations Officer who can help Legal FM run the Government from an operational and departmental standpoint, ensuring that the critical functions of the government (for example, licensing, finance, public works and more) continue during this transition. The role would be a permanent one that would be suited to advise a new mayor once they join and ensure that their objectives are carried out. This role would be non-partisan and would not have any role in creating legislation. You will have room to influence how the Government works and be the person to ensure that day to day activities are carried out. This is not the Mayor, and once a mayor is elected they will be in charge of the government. However, as the COO is appointed by Legal FM the Mayor will not be able to remove them without our backing. We are looking for people to submit their interest. You should submit a PM to @Notbond & @Selena, please follow the below format: TITLE: [COO APPLICATION] - Forum Name 1) UCP Name: ANSWER 2) Relevant Experience: ANSWER HERE 3) Vision for the Government & Key Priorities when you start: ANSWER HERE 4) How would you go about partnering with the mayor and their team (ICly and OOCly): ANSWER HERE 5) Anything else you wish to include: ANSWER HERE (If not relevant, leave blank)
  9. The Future of the Los Santos Government Hello, Legal Faction Management will be assuming control of the Los Santos Government. We received information from Avro last night that he and his team wished to step down from the role. The plan was to have a smooth transition until the end of July, unfortunately, we were informed today that our access to the government website which was hosted by them would be blocked and we would not be able to use this going forward. This was in direct contradiction to the terms that were originally established. The Government forums are still ours but the portal is now considered non-gtaw. We are working with the web development team on contingency plans and have been attempting to recover as much material as possible. Further announcements will follow on how this will affect players and businesses on the server. This will bring a lot of changes to the government but we will be pressing ahead with elections and these will now be organised by Legal FM. I want to thank all the employees in GOV who have chosen to remain their hard work is much appreciated and I look forward to working with them to make GOV a thriving and active faction. I hope to share more information, including an election timeline and how to apply for a political party, towards the end of this week. Please see below the IC announcement from our Governor, Robert Brandt. [STATE] Press Release #02 - Resignation of the Mayor Thank you, Notbond
  10. As Nervous said, development wise we're ready now, we have a few final things to complete with the IG mapping. The IC system is mostly completed we're just working with gov to make sure the correct OOC guard rails are in place (for example, making it so we don't have 20 different political parties, or what happens when two groups both want to run the Democratic Party). This is an incredibly well timed post and there has been a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes, there will be announcements in the very near future.
  11. Really awesome work by the whole team this month as you can see based on those statistics Canadian shared. Congratulations to everyone who was promoted and welcome to our new members.
  12. To note, if you're experienced in aviation roleplay and want to be the 2nd or 3rd flight school out there that would be great, please apply!
  13. Going to unlock this thread to allow more discussion about the application system, as Moonsong as highlighted above, we don't want to have to moderate this thread any further and remove posts containing application questions + answers. The questions are dynamic and we do change which ones are in circulations and add new ones over time. The backstory does not have to be of a character you will roleplay (mine wasn't) but one that you could/are willing to roleplay. It has to be realistic and the focus on flaws was to put an emphasis on the types of behaviors we want to see. The ideas of the scenario questions are often to push people towards thinking about roleplay situations in a way that they might not be used to from their previous experience. If you have feedback on how you feel we can improve the application process in general please carry on posting.
  14. This is a place for Q&A from regular players to the faction leadership. Please don't derail this thread with what are essentially player or faction reports.
  15. Yes, no public date at the moment but there will be a good period of time from announcement to actual elections.
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