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  1. Looking for a property that's been cared for and in good condition. Willing to renovate if needed. Email me (PM) info and offers. -Salvatore Amarrati
  2. Anonymous buyer has made an offer at 100K which I have accepted. SOLD!
  3. Starting Bid: 55000 ((Property Value)) Bid Increment: 2500 Buyout: 125000 No furniture outside of what's in the picture. ((Unit is a standalone so re-mapping the interior is possible.))
  4. Again I am reiterating that we should still be punished oocly for DMing as LEO's should it warrant it. I'm simply stating that the scene should not be voided to allow consequences ICly to develop. If the player wants they can be refunded and have their involvement voided and NPC the victim. Also no RP developed because the original ruling happened 3 days ago. No one knew how to handle the situation because of the active report so we waited. Not only that but things move slower through official channels for reactions to IC actions but they /do/ happen. I am not saying to oocly ignore an LEO's actions and if possible make the wronged party whole ICly and oocly but don't void it.
  5. I'm not advocating for LEO's to be immune to ooc punishments for DM. If a Deputy mag dumps an M4 into a crowd then of course they should be ooc punished. I'd even be okay with them facing ooc punishments as long as the scene isn't voided. Also though in my memory I dont recall any LEO being accused of DMing in the last 6 months or so since I started being active again. Granted that might be because it was handled internally and didnt see the light of day but I think the notion that bad shoots happen often if ever isn't correct. If you know of any of these happening this year please share them. To reiterate I'm not saying Leo's are above server rules. For balantant rule breaks of course punish them but dont void it. At the very least NPC the victim and refund the player who was dm'd.
  6. Apoligies for misspells and grammar as I'm on mobile. Firstly the views I express here are my own and in no way represent the views of the Sheriff's Department or any other agency. I want to talk about this: Simply put I think LFM has made the wrong call here and in voiding this has removed the possibility of some great RP that could have developed on /all/ sides. To my reading the reason this was voided was because it was ruled as deathmatching and if it was a civilian vs civilian it would have been ruled as deathmatching without question. Here's three reasons why I think it shouldn't be ruled as such. 1. A civilian road rage situation ending in murder with a firearm is rare and because of that it's considered deathmatching on the server because a normal/reasonable person wouldn't do it. LEO's shooting and killing an unarmed person absolutely does happen and nationwide is fairly common to hear about. If we are going for realism isn't cops having bad shots realistic? When's the last time we had one if ever IG? 2. The checks and balances for violence for civilian players are way different than the LEO's. /If/ someone gets noticed or caught by law enforcement their use of violence will be judged IC but mostly the check to civ violence is OOC forum reporting. This isn't the same for LEO's. Every trigger pull, taser deployment, and baton swing is throughly reviewed and dissected ICly by each agencies internal affairs. 3. I think we are missing out on some great RP here. Let's think what the course of events are if we let this continue IC and keep in mind the Deputy that shot was fully aware of (and I think planning on) the consequences. First the Sheriffs as a whole would have to decide to rally behind or ostracize one of it's own which isn't something we've had to do before. Secondly LSNN would probably investigate and release some bombshell reporting making the public aware. The playerbase as a whole gets the chance at reacting. Protests? Riots? Town halls? Who knows! Could you imagine an admin sanctioned protest turned riot in legion square with police in riot gear and civilians masked up demonstrating. How fucking /awesome/ that would be? (Hello new fire system!) Lastly if he ends up getting charged it would be the court case of the year. Something worthy of an IC IG case? I dont know! The RP that could stem from this could be awesome and I think by merely voiding it you remove the chance for all of us to partake in that. But I get that being the one shot and losing the things on you and taking a PK can suck. Can we fix that? How about for LEO shoots that are deemed DM we refund the player and let them make a choice: -Pick to stay alive no matter if they script-wise died or not and let them RP as injured and get to go through suing the police and whatnot. -Let them PK with refund and we NPC the victim and allow RP to continue. I'd like to hear your (polite and courteous) thoughts on this. Can we do better with this situation and are people interested in the RP that would come from this?
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