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  1. CheezyTheNerd

  2. "This will follow the story of Deputy Barton and his K9 Jax."
  3. CheezyTheNerd

    Hope is queen
  4. CheezyTheNerd

    My virgin eyes... following doe.
  5. CheezyTheNerd

    Y'all sleeping 😈 1
  6. CheezyTheNerd

    I played CCL for a bit before my team folded at my College. Pretty pumped to see what BR mode will be like, if anyone is down to play pm me. I'll send my tag and we can kick it. Single-player was pretty kick-ass though.
  7. CheezyTheNerd

    gorgeous skills +1
  8. CheezyTheNerd

    Got invited on the month of the launch by a retired staff member to be a tester.
  9. CheezyTheNerd

    You need to use ArchiveFix here is the link https://www.upload.ee/files/11155940/ArchiveFix.rar.html Now keep in mind when modding you need to do this trick every time you edit an RPF. So usually the main RPF and whatever the sub-folder RPF is.
  10. CheezyTheNerd

    GTA IV LCDoJ. Good ol' VOIP role play.
  11. CheezyTheNerd

    Yeah you still need all parties involved permission.
  12. CheezyTheNerd

    Honestly, everyone has their preference, I personally was in GTA V before I even found out what SAMP was. I logged well over six thousand hours in LSRP alone from playing before I put in the hat back last year to return to GTA V again. But you can't please everyone and as a previous staff member there, I saw some stuff I couldn't agree with and it would take a sweet 360 before I even considered re-enjoying something like that community again. Which is honestly a shame, cause I spent a large portion of my time dedicated to creating modifications for people. But nonetheless. GTA W has come so far from just 2017 alone when we first launched. I was here during launch an I am blown away with the progression, it has a long way to go to be able to compare to LSRP as someone would say. But I can say this now, that time is coming rather quickly. But, LSRP was great for it's time I will say that.
  13. CheezyTheNerd

    When I ask people why they haven't tried RageMP or FiveM. It's always they have computer issues. Old pc's. So yeah, it's true. They are truly missing out honestly.
  14. CheezyTheNerd

    I would highly suggest that you make a bug report. Not much anyone can do over here. But by the looks of it, you have already made that said report.