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  1. CheezyTheNerd

    Should be fixed, spoilers are acting up hard for me. So screw the spoilers for now.
  2. CheezyTheNerd

    Cheesy Mapping Going to be posting the small mapping edits I do for myself and others. I will explain in the spoilers if I created the design from scratch or added onto it. A lot of my mapping will mostly like be heavily detailed and smaller designed. If you have any questions hit my PM or hit me up on discord. LSSD Crime Lab (Completed) Completed this small project for LSSD, made a small crime lab inside the Twin Towers Admin Building. I stuck with detail, this was my first ever build from scratch. I was rather impressed with myself, I am sure I could add more detail, which I most likely will over the course of the following days.
  3. CheezyTheNerd

    Looking to purchase a place in the great open plains of Los Santos County. Prefer areas surrounding Sandy Shores, Paleto Bay or any other houses located in the county. Price range is $400,000 - $500,000 LOOKING FOR A HOUSE ONLY, NOT A TRAILER. Send me an email or text me at 79766717
  4. CheezyTheNerd

    Issue solved, Archived.
  5. CheezyTheNerd

    Thread is inactive, archiving.
  6. CheezyTheNerd

    Issue solved, archived.
  7. CheezyTheNerd

    Locked on request.
  8. CheezyTheNerd

    Thread is inactive, archiving.
  9. CheezyTheNerd

    Issue solved, Archived.
  10. CheezyTheNerd

    Inactive, no response from a little over a month. Archived.
  11. CheezyTheNerd

    Inactive for a month, if you don't hear back from nervous and still experience the issue reach out again. Archived.
  12. CheezyTheNerd

  13. CheezyTheNerd

    Inactive since January, if you require further support Hassann open up a new thread. Archived.
  14. CheezyTheNerd

    Glad you got this fixed Tommy, archiving.