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  1. I have a Wolfsbane for sale, lots of aftermarket parts, no turbo though. I'd let it go for a good price.
  2. Loving the content from Oaks and Co. Keep it coming, fellas!
  3. Just like the rest of the people replying have said, building your own PC is the cheapest, most efficient route to take, but I can understand this is a daunting task for a lot of people. If you were looking to go the pre-built route rather, I'd recommend https://www.letsbld.com/ which is through the NZXT company. Their starter PCs are pretty decent for that price range, I'd definitely recommend one of those over the random Newegg pre-built PCs.
  4. I love the concept, been looking for some proper Islander RP. Take this far, guys.
  5. Props to 18th Street for a fun AF brawl!
  6. I recognize a lot of the names here from LSRP, good to see you're all still active in the RP community. Played LSRP actively through 2012-2015, mostly as Hispanic characters. LSPD as Travis Ortega CWA XXVII as Ernesto Munoz Southside Locotes as Lorenzo Sulivan CVTF/Tortilla Flats as Marcus Benavidez MS13 as Mitchell Alcarez 18th Street, Murder Valley as Eddie Barros Rollin' 20s as Delmar Quintin
  7. Big credits to @ch0lo for the editing!
  8. dodGE

    GTA V - FPS

    Do you get better FPS in the singleplayer of GTA 5? Most of these FPS issues are RageMP related since we're playing in a script-heavy server. Your specs are quite good and more than capable of running GTA 5 without issues, though.
  9. dodGE

    Cujo's Mods

    That Mariners hat is fire!
  10. Fucking legendary, my man. Love the content and I'm looking forward to more.
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