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  1. dodGE

    That's strange, my man. I'd try what's suggested in this reddit topic, guess it's a somewhat common Windows 10 bug.
  2. dodGE

    Mobz, you and your boys are killing it. Love what I see, keep it up fellas.
  3. dodGE

    Are you on Windows 10? If not, it'll probably be a slightly different variation under My Documents. If you are on Windows 10, you might need to enable the option to show "Hidden Items" to show these hidden folders. Very easy to do, just open up any folder ("My Computer/This PC" for example) and in the top-right corner is a blue Question Mark, click the small arrow right beside it and it'll display all sorts of folder options, the one you're looking for is under the "View" tab. I threw in a photo for example, lemme know if you're still having issues with it.
  4. dodGE

    Here's the save files. https://www.mediafire.com/file/2ndipaldc9fubo3/82F4FEDD.rar/file Pretty straightforward to install, just navigate to "C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\" and in there should be a string of numbers, for example mine is "82F4FEDD". Just overwrite all the SGTA files in that folder. I'd recommend backing up your current saves though, just to be safe. It shouldn't mess with your actual game settings since those are a separate file not included. After that, load the save that's around 60% progressed and you should be good to go.
  5. dodGE

    I had the same issue until I tried a different saved game. Similar to the issue where you can't go into Binco and other various establishments, it was resolved with a further progressed saved game. I can't really say which saved game will work for you, but if needed I can upload mine, which I'm 90% sure will fix your issue.
  6. dodGE

  7. Can't help you if you don't wanna help yourself, good luck!
  8. Sounds like a driver issue, my dude. Probably should fully read these replies next time.
  9. dodGE

  10. dodGE

    This actually looks promising. I'll be following this topic, best of luck!
  11. RDR2 runs fine on my rig and it's a lot older than yours. Weird! Just checking, but have you tried playing without MSAA in GTA5/RDR2? MSAA absolutely kills framerate.
  12. dodGE

  13. dodGE

    Welcome back, time for round two.
  14. dodGE

    Ayyy, Captain and the boys got this on lock. Glad to see you guys making a comeback.