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  1. dodGE

    Awesome faction, easily the best MC to date. Keep it up fellas!
  2. dodGE

    Tax free movement, Greenlight District.
  3. dodGE

    I appreciate you ignoring my post AND the email I sent you. Nevermind, bid withdrawn on the Tulip.
  4. dodGE

    I'm interested in the Tulip, is the price firm? I'd like to offer $95,000.
  5. dodGE

    Still looking to buy a lowrider? I have a Buccaneer Custom with lots of aftermarket parts and tuning done.
  6. dodGE

    "Should've called GEICO." After ramming the masked male with the shotgun, Johnny's car is totaled upon impact and riddled with bullets, but he escaped from harm's way unscathed. "This boy should grow some wings... or start flapping his arms to get away." David Navarro falls victim to the Jamestown streets at the hand of his own shotgun. Poetic justice.
  7. Back before I upgraded to an NVIDIA GPU, I had issues using AMD ReLive. During that time, I actually came across the Windows DVR, located under the Game Bar settings. It's essentially the same as Shadowplay/ReLive, but built right into Windows. I've found it works pretty well, despite the occasional buggy, static-y audio. I'd use that as a last resort if GeForce Experience/AMD ReLive don't work out for you.
  8. dodGE

  9. dodGE

  10. dodGE

  11. dodGE

    No thanks. This eliminates RP from a heavy-RP server. I don't see any reason why there should be a mod implemented to get rid of the RP aspect of carrying a heavy weapon.
  12. dodGE

    Lots of potential among these guys, take this far!
  13. dodGE

    Withdrawn, nevermind.
  14. dodGE