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  1. Cloudy!

  2. Cloudy!

    Could you send me that link please? Trying to fix my scripthook v issue.
  3. Added you on discord. I appreciate it.
  4. Again reinstalled RAGE MP and still getting same results. DLC packs will not install. Just sits at 0.
  5. Title says my issue, I have a BRAND new FRESH installation of Grand Theft Auto V. It's not the steam version, I have a disk. Anyway, I go ahead and open rage multiplayer, and click on the server list and click on GTA World. It launches and goes to a black screen. Gives me nothing in the bottom corner no loading icon nothing. Then closes within 5 seconds or so. Now I have both my GTA V and RAGE MP folder in my D drive. When I first installed RAGE MP and GTA V everything worked fine. I logged in to the server and waiting for the DLC pack thing to download. It sat at 0 for 20 minutes without doing anything. Now my internet isn't the best but it works just fine. It's not terribly slow. But anyway, I relogged and rejoined the server and received the same results. THEN after trying a third time it would give me the black screen and close itself out. I've reinstalled RAGE MP several times and this seems to fix it but will only allow me to login once. And it still will not download the DLC hair pack things. Any ideas? I'd greatly appreciate the help.