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  1. zUgg zUgg

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  3. zUgg zUgg

    Credit to @Brox26 for the content.
  4. zUgg zUgg

    Install ENB and go, it doesn't require anything custom or different out of the box. You're mainly looking for someone to create a customer ENB config you would then install and overwrite your existing. Not sure if direct linking is allowed, if not I am sorry. http://enbdev.com/download_mod_gta5.htm ^ Official Download link for GTA 5 - ENB - DEFAULT NO PRESENTS from developer.
  5. Remove it, gas stations and tobacco/liquor stores in real life don't have these fee's. The income they generate should solely come from the sale of a product or service.
  6. zUgg zUgg

  7. I support this; don't see any harm if its regulated just like everything else. Numerous sports and events have health hazards when stuff goes wrong.
  8. zUgg zUgg

    Yeah that was my plan at one point as well; this is actually my second GTO.First one I had for about a month before someone rear-ended me and totaled it. At that point I was going to get a G8 or CTSV but i wasn't able to find the trim level i wanted for the G8 and no reasonably priced CTSV's.
  9. zUgg zUgg

    Soon! But it might be easier to sell meth outright for more money 😉 Just dropped a grand for a beefier drive shaft and it's now stored for winter in my garage and if i feel up to it start some paint correction.
  10. zUgg zUgg

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  12. zUgg zUgg

    2005 Pontiac GTO 478Hp/420~tq w/ Bunch of goodies installed - 1 of 566 in this combination from the factory ever produced.
  13. zUgg zUgg

  14. zUgg zUgg

    Interesting, I missed where he mentioned the R* version, my bad; I wonder if the new launcher is incorporating something that's tripping this to happen? I'd have to get my hands on a R* version and do some testing.
  15. zUgg zUgg

    You are not encrypting the files properly before adding them back into the game. You need to use Archivefix and properly encrypt everything that you modify.