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  1. Any questions let me know. I'll try and help the best I can.
  2. zUgg zUgg

    Absolutely not, please re-read the advertisement before posting next time so we don't waste either parties time at the expensive of raising your post count.
  3. 200,000 - Not taking anything less but you can play more if you'd like, and don't want a trade. Shoot me an email ((pm)) and we can coordinate a time and place.
  4. zUgg zUgg

  5. zUgg zUgg

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  7. zUgg zUgg

  8. zUgg zUgg

  9. zUgg zUgg

    Showing off some WIP Tattoos for the set.
  10. zUgg zUgg

  11. zUgg zUgg

    Not a bad idea either, opens up another business to employee players and harbor a source for good RP. Getting two birds stoned at once as they say.
  12. zUgg zUgg

    "I won't go into much detail because I don't think it will get much recognition´╗┐," Then why would you put a half-assed effort in from the get go?
  13. zUgg zUgg

    Confirm this works with player/tattoo models. While you don't necessarily need to make a running/working folder I do recommend how the OP did it. You'll end up with a lot cleaner structure and it's less confusing in the long run if and when RageMP or an update breaks your mods.
  14. zUgg zUgg

    True but you have no rep, 10 posts; better to be safe than sorry and its a habit lol.
  15. zUgg zUgg

    This has been official posted as well but I've got ahead ahead and verified the HASH and SHA against the original uploaded by @Nervous and ran a virus total with nothing found. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/82f65e8b1e1811fe112cdc28e3ac59ab24e5e60d5317a0e701a7f8c281fd5c90/detection