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  1. zUgg zUgg

  2. zUgg zUgg

    You want a gang of black cars, characters or cats? I think we are all a bit confused.
  3. zUgg zUgg

    i'll try and give you a hand here. Couple things if you could; Can you launch GTA 5 Via the Rockstar launcher and load into the single player game without an issue? Does the same work for the regular GTA:O mode? Have you cleared your local Data folder for Rockstar? This can be done simply by renaming or deleting the following directory. NOTE THIS WILL CLEAR ANY OF YOUR ROCKSTAR GAME SAVES.C:\Users\yournamehere\Documents\Rockstar Games\ Can you connect to a different server from the Rage MP Client? Try connecting to anything without a password and see if you are successful.
  4. zUgg zUgg

  5. zUgg zUgg

  6. zUgg zUgg

    Got some more info? I can try and give you a hand. - System specs - Windows Version - Rockstar or steam version of the game? - Game mods installed?
  7. zUgg zUgg

    No not at all, Red Dead came out in October, so use the Game ready drivers or any of the 9 or 10 revisions afterward. I will move on from now since you clearly are not open to solving the issue at hand. Wish you the best.
  8. zUgg zUgg

    Unfortunately this is the nature of the beast. If everyone coded perfectly I'd be unemployed. 1 - If it was a Rage MP issue it would effect everyone the same, correct? 2 - The manufacture of the video card specifically noted it causes issues with the specific game you are trying to load. Again, you SPECIFICALLY stated this doesn't affect you elsewhere.. 3 - Downgrading your driver is free, fast and super easy. All else fails you remove it and go back to the most current, up to you if you want to pursue this. I've got 15 years in the field and I can tell you troubleshooting involves doing shit you don't always want to but it often is the key to solving the problem at hand. No point in trying to skip steps or do something half-assed if you want any solid results.
  9. zUgg zUgg

    Like I said... not trying to flex or anything of the sort but all signs point to driver related issues. Even Nvidia themselves have noted and addressed the issue....
  10. zUgg zUgg

    Even going back a version or two isn't going to cause significant frame loss or issues. I recommend you give it a shot regardless as I have a feeling that may be your main issue, if not we can move onto something different.
  11. zUgg zUgg

    Back on track to fixing the dudes problem; I recommend you do a clean install of your video drivers and get a previous version from the manufacture. I've found checking the subreddit of nvidia tends to point out flaws and bugs. Display Driver Uninstaller - https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html Clean removal and reboot should be fine. Nvidia Drivers - https://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx Nvidia Subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/e8rp7e/game_ready_driver_44166_faqdiscussion/
  12. zUgg zUgg

    Couple questions; Do you have any modifications installed? Have you verified your local game Cache via steam? Right Click Game from Steam Library > Select Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of game files… Does the game crash in single player mode also? Have you cleared your client_resources folder? C:\RAGEMP\client_resources
  13. zUgg zUgg

  14. zUgg zUgg

    terraform > sparkleformation Learning this more and more as i go