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  1. zUgg zUgg

    Why did both of you show up initially? You went in to the back and walked around aimlessly as he ran up and called us pedos with some kidnapping story? We witnessed you pull up on a motorcycle and Scott in his SUV. Review the footage below, you just happened to be in the back of the lot when he sent a text and suddenly run up from no where after what... 3-4 seconds from the text message? If you look at the footage we already had a knife to him and he then sent you a text hence Otero says points to the SUV again. Scott also melee attacking parties while being shot by Samuel and other parties from behind to assist.https://gyazo.com/8689a1c8211eb2108da3cd452f99ffc0
  2. zUgg zUgg

    Thanks for you input, as someone who has experienced this system more do you think it leaves more to desire? My underlying goal is to add some variety to the growing process to engage more players. Not only should it increase but there should be added factors to potentially decrease the yield.
  3. zUgg zUgg

    While I'm not here to speak ill or on behalf of the development team I think it's safe to say the system has it's bugs. I recommend /time and screenshots when planting atm. Refund requests are you friend 😉 Weed should increase as you level the skill but as it sits currently you get 1 weed seed per harvest. I feel a veteran cultivator could turn 2-3 easily and in return expand his or her operation or sell those cultivated seeds off.
  4. Date of incident: 04/18/2019 - 12:00 PM Server Time Rules broken: 1. 0 Common Courtesy 2.0 Powergaming – Non RP Fear 4.0 Death Matching Your ingame name: Rodolfo Burgos Names of witnesses (if applicable): Samuel Otero – Also Dmed, Catalina Juarez, Gary Menendez, Mario Flores Explanation of the incident (250 word limit): Scott Palmer pulls up to our hood at high speed; climbs out and demands we release his 11 year old daughter? We've never associated with him..... We tell him icly to get out, hold him up at knife point because he refuses to leave, regardless of being outnumbered he doesn't. While at knife point he proceeds to sms Douglas Barnett who was already pacing about behind us, we exchange fire as he is masked and suspiciously pacing through our turf. They flee off and logged shortly after. As stated, we have no previous interaction with either of the individuals nor were either able to provide a solid answer as to why. I’d like to mention this is 1 of two pending reports against this party for similar incidents. - HERE Evidence: video of incident ~ if needed, full audio. Masked – Douglas Barnett Is already in the lot waiting for the SMS or voice chat heads up to help. You can see him in the upper left under the chat box. https://gyazo.com/01af5ebe713c7d55bcc037bfdbd8c033 Second example, Douglas is already present before we even threatened or pulled a knife? He's just waiting for Scott to push us further.
  5. zUgg zUgg

    Short description: Add the ability for the yield to increase for both marijuana plant and seeds dependent on your experience. Detailed description: Currently as you cultivate your marijuana growing skill goes up. While this is the ground work for a great system you currently, regardless of skill; only obtain a preset yield. I push for changes that implement variables to incorporate your growing skill in order to provide different yields on both the consumable plant and seeds themselves. Currently 1 marijuana plant yields 1 seed and 20 - consumable marijuana Commands to add: Nothing Items to add: Nothing How would your suggestion improve the server? Adding the mystique of chance to growing will provide more depth to the whole process. If you're a high level grower people you are affiliated with now have another reason to have you oversee the process. Higher skill = Bigger yield = more profit. Additional information: I don't not believe a lot is implemented with the drug levels yet. This would be a great start as this can be applied to various other drugs and fall right inline with the quality/purity discussion at hand.
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  9. zUgg zUgg

    Everything sold, thank you!!!
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    One problem - How do you stop people from circumventing the system, /afk and sitting for hours on end? Its not a bad idea I'm just worried people will use it more negatively.
  14. Too long - Don't want to read - Get google drive, set it up to automatically backup your screenshot folders and never worry again! As many of you know screen captures (screen shots) are often the only piece of evidence we have to defend our actions or those of another player. Since the days of SAMP these have become an integral part of providing evidence for refunds and disciplinary actions across the numerous communities. I’ve created a very simple, straight forward guide to providing an easy backup, giving you peace of mind! NOTE – This guide was created against a 64 bit operating system. I’d assume 99.99% will be using this but if not some of your file paths will be different! Launch your favorite browser, we need to create a Google/Gmail account. if you already have one, move on. https://accounts.google.com/servicelogin Once your accounts made and you've successfully signed in we will need to download the google drive application. This portion will handle uploading your media. https://www.google.com/drive/download/ Select the Personal Backup and Sync from the left and hit Download. Once the download is finished, run the installbackupsync.exe. The install will complete and you'll be prompted to select Get Started, sign in and hit Next. You will now be prompted to select what folders you want to include in your backup. Un-check the three, Desktop, Documents and Pictures these are optional and do not cater to our needs! STEAM - Select CHOOSE FOLDER; for those who own GTA:5 via steam you will need to select the following path; C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\7 DIGIT FOLDER\760\remote\271590\screenshots RAGE MP - Note currently these do not include any text or signifying information beyond a blank UI. These generally do not suffice for evidence!! C:\RAGEMP\Screenshots Photo and video upload size - Original Upload photos and videos to Google Photos - Leave this unchecked and hit NEXT. Sync My Drive to this computer - Check this box and hit START. Note - You've now kicked off the backup process. This can be monitored in the lower right corner of your task bar, clicking the google sync icon will yield what changes are currently happening and also give you an overview of the available storage space.
  15. zUgg zUgg

    Its Marquis Marley as seen in the last photo.