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zUgg zUgg

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    Timothy 'The Tank" Sherman
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    Sherman Autos

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  1. zUgg zUgg

    Always looking to purchase your used ride! Drop us an email ((pm)) anytime!
  2. Reach out to me when you're ready to budge on that Jester. Thank you for your time!
  3. zUgg zUgg

    We're working on a new fresh front page folks! Cars list updated as of this post! Always looking to buy just drop us an email!!
  4. zUgg zUgg

    We are in high demand of mid(sub 60k) to low range, two, and four door cars. We have an abundance of SUV's and pick ups to move! Give me a shout and let make a deal! You can find us in beautiful Mirror Park!
  5. zUgg zUgg

    Drop me a line and we can hopefully get you a fair price! Dial 420-420 make that money!
  6. zUgg zUgg

    Does an FCR 1000 Custom suite you at all?
  7. zUgg zUgg

    We at Sherman Autos are interested, bring that bad boy down today! Sherman Autos - Mirror Park Dial 420-420 Show me the money!
  8. zUgg zUgg

    AWESOME! Getting in on this!
  9. zUgg zUgg

    We are actively looking to purchase additional stock. Push it, pull it, tow it! Drop me an email(PM) for any questions or sales! Benefactor Schafter Bravado Rat-Loader Cheburek Declasse Yosemite Dewbachee Rapid GT Gallivanter Baller Hijak Khamelion Karin Asterope Karin Beejay XL Maibatsu Manchez Obey Tailgater Ubermacht Sentinel XS Vapid Blade Vapid Blade
  10. Under Construction! Removed 10-10-18
  11. zUgg zUgg

    Looks good brother
  12. zUgg zUgg

    What did you do exactly? It looks like you smudged; blured and added a light affect.
  13. zUgg zUgg

    We got this!
  14. zUgg zUgg

    I'll give you 20k
  15. zUgg zUgg

    It's fully modded, turbo, rims, paint;ect... but as we all say mods don't add any value. 35k