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  1. Adero

    Fair enough, archiving.
  2. Adero

    Denied. The balcony is not even remotely close to your apartment. It is on the opposite side of the building and realistically available to other apartments.
  3. Adero

    Okay then, archiving this.
  4. Adero

    Okay, archiving it.
  5. Adero

    The property was already there. I've set the ownership to you now.
  6. Adero

    @DG Provide actual screenshots, I am not sure what you're requesting.
  7. Adero

    Denied, the smart tps currently do not work with apartments.
  8. Adero

    Handled. The interior is now placed (welcome to the void). EDIT: I've added a wooden block to step on once you walk inside and not fall into the void 🙂
  9. Adero

  10. Adero

    Denied, the property already has a balcony backdoor installed.
  11. Adero

    Handled ^_^.
  12. Adero

  13. Adero

  14. Adero