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  1. Adero

    Good morning, @Havana! Your request is fulfilled and the backdoor is now in place 🙂
  2. According to the logs, the player who has your items is Emilio Sanchez. I've sent them a notification, wait 24 hours for them to reply. @shoks
  3. Adero

    The negative impact of such a feature would be much much larger than the positive.
  4. Adero

    I am well unaware of the number of bullets used, however, the player He was trying to shoot was never hit by @nwhatifyourhomiedead? After looking at the gifs you've provided - I am not sure if you've ever legitimately hit the target as you've hit the fence posts multiple times and you've missed the target a few times as well.
  5. Adero

    @snowlion After checking the provided evidence and reading the provided information below, I am confident that you've indeed crossed some server rules. With all things considered, I am only issuing you a warning, please do not repeat such a thing again or you'll be punished. You must roleplay all your actions, even when committing murder.
  6. Adero

    I will handle this report, I will notify the player in a minute, a response is expected in the next 24 hours.
  7. Adero

  8. Adero

    Moved to the correct section.
  9. Adero

    Please edit your appeal by following the instructions from the link below.
  10. Adero

    Moved to the proper section.
  11. Adero

    The player has been refunded 15 x Cocaine
  12. Adero

    Today I had to deal with numerous reports that involved your character (Alex Riggs) and your friend's character (Santiago Riggs). In both reports, you and your friend have returned to the place of death to either revenge kill or retrieve the property/items you've lost. During the first situation, you managed to get yourself killed while lockpicking a vehicle that belonged to a player who witnessed your crime. At this time you've decided to not roleplay injuries or to get involved with Tiana Warren (your killer), instead, you've gone for /acceptdeath and that way you avoided all the consequences that would have followed if you have remained there to roleplay with the group. As your video clearly shows - you've broken at least one lock pick in an attempt to open the vehicle and you didn't roleplay any of your lockpicking actions at all which is just another evidence that you weren't there to roleplay. According to one of the reports that arrived about a minute later (see the quote below to read the reports), you've returned to the scene with your friend to retrieve vehicles and items. This is against the server's rules and you're expected to not do it. You failed to acknowledge that your vehicle was at this point involved in a scenario that included about 15 other players who were present at the scene, that includes numerous members of the Police faction. You just hopped on your vehicle (again, no roleplay at all) and left the scene. Soon after, I arrived at the scene to deal with the numerous reports. As I investigated the reports for "Powergaming", "returning to the scene to pick up dropped items", and "returning to take back vehicles", I've figured that only one of the reports was correct, there was no evidence to confirm that any of you did powergame or that you have picked up any items from the ground. You started throwing accusations at this point that Tiana Warren did deathmatch, but you've never submitted a report against the player when the actual murder occurred, you just accepted death and carried on. I've suggested you create a report against the player so you can provide all the evidence you've had, be it videos or screenshots. It was a massive scene with 15+ players and I couldn't resolve the report ingame even if I wanted to. Keep in mind that evidence edited like yours that hides the rest of the situation (cropped videos/photos) is unacceptable as it only shows what you want us to see. Also, I've never punished any of you for anything. I've only issued a warning that'd also notify all the staff members that may check your admin records that you've returned to your place of death. This is a cut image from your admin record that shows the issued warning: When I requested from you to submit your report, you decided to argue and instead of doing what you were requested you've decided to jump on the "You're biased" train together with Santiago Riggs. When the situation around you returning to the place of death was resolved, you two left the area and so did I. We fast forward about 30 minutes where we see one report to appear - "204 avoiding roleplay". I did not respond at first, I was occupied with other admin activities. Soon after the said report arrived, I did see a warning about you and your friend being killed. However, 9 minutes later and we see two more reports to arrive and I finally show up on the scene to see who is breaking rules. Right there I find you, together with your friend clearly performing a Revenge Kill against Sean Davenport and his friends by utilizing a Burrito Van for the purpose. Funny enough, the only one who died was Sean, but the van was stuck too so what can you guys do? Well, what else but punching everyone to death. Santiago decided to jump out of it and start punching everyone and without surprising anyone, He didn't roleplay anything at all. Such a behavior like yours and Santiago's is unacceptable. You are not here to roleplay, you were merely trying to play to win in all situations and every time shit was not going the way you want - you resolved to breaking the server's rules. Here're some of the reports with time stamps against Alex and Santiago Riggs (ID 204 is Alex Riggs). Below I will provide some more of your admin record just to confirm how great your contribution to the community is:
  13. Adero

    Hello, @iAMTemple! I am about to add the backdoor you've requested. Next time you're online it will be there.
  14. The player must have namechanged, the refund has been pending for 30+ days too.
  15. Adero

    Archiving, a third month has started since the last reply.