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  1. Adero

    As a mapper, I've noticed that the light objects inside interiors do cause heavy FPS drops if the MSAA is enabled. So I keep it off 😞
  2. Adero

    @Cara for being the great person she is, always there to help with advice and help when struggling! She provided so much help when she wasn't in the team, even, and keeps providing!
  3. Adero

    About a month ago, I and @Skitail were tasked with mapping the Sheriffs' building in Sandy Shores, and hell, it was quite the task to come up with a proper floor plan for that one. Tiny building and so much to fit in it. The building contains a Briefing Room with some office desks, something like an open office plan, there're also cells, detectives' offices, as well as a separate office for the station' commanding officer. There're lockers, kitchens, armory, and even a rather empty evidence room ^^. The Sheriff's office comes first Briefing Room and open-plan offices The cells area that includes a small area to process the arrested. The Detectives' office comes next. Evidence room: Next in line is the Armoury, together with the kitchen, bathroom, and the lockers room. And that concludes this project. I hope you like it πŸ™‚
  4. Adero

    Its been a while since I've posted anything, mostly because I was busy with small projects here and there, but now I have my house finished, thanks to @Kozinski as well, she did amazing job decorating the place. Welcome to my Rancho home πŸ™‚
  5. Adero

    Good stuff, it will definitely come in handy soon. πŸ˜›
  6. Adero

    Hi there, These types of requests are now done via the UCP.
  7. That's so unfair, them staff members πŸ™ 2
  8. And add /bell to it too, as it works on type 1 props only 😞
  9. Adero

    This is a thing? Good luck!
  10. Adero

    Submit a report Ingame and the administrators will eventually assist you with the vehicle issue. The command is /report.
  11. Adero

    Tattoos that sit under the hair, in the scalp and pretty much remove bald spots and such that currently render many haircuts useless. @Rheotic
  12. Very well made, Ashly! I love it❀️