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  1. Adero

    Sounds perfect 🙂
  2. Adero

    @Brett Perhaps it should be having three options, as "RESPOND" will mark you as responding. Instead, there should be a third option that allows you to just see how many units are responding from the said agencies without having a need to cancel response and such. I think I'd like it that way instead. This is the only thing I have to add. I love everything else.
  3. Adero

    No, as none of the bidders contacted me once I've provided means to contact me.
  4. Adero

    FOR SALE 203 Power Street, Downtown Vinewood Information First-floor property in Downtown Vinewood, Alta. Bedroom, bathroom, large living room with dining area and kitchen. Property Value: Market Price: $105.000 Furniture: $50.000 Property Price: Starting bid: $195.000 with a minimum of $5.000 increment.
  5. Adero

    I love this! ❤️
  6. Adero

    934 Paleto Boulevard
  7. Adero

    Congratulations! ❤️
  8. Adero

    Huge THANKS to @Cara for being the great person she is. Always friendly and approachable when her assistance is required! ❤️
  9. Adero

    This feature exists, however, it was disabled after the move from GT-MP to Rage:MP as floating texts lack support or something along these lines. Something wasn't working, so they disabled it.
  10. Adero

    Going strong, I love the Bay Bar ❤️
  11. Adero

    Hotline Bar Right in the middle of Spanish Avenue, the place turned out to be amazing, and so fun. Big thanks to @Towbiefor his help with the place, saved me hours of work, came up with some nice ideas, and was ever so supportive!
  12. Adero

    ERP Ready bathroom? What? 😄
  13. Adero

    97 Cortez Street, a small but gorgeous apartment that I struggled to map. The owner of the property wished to have two bedrooms, which was the main reason for it to be re-designed, and oh boy, it was a pain to do it, but the end result is amazing! The home now feels like such. Warm and cozy.