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  1. Adero


  2. Happy to see you post one of these ❤️ You've always been so very creative!
  3. Adero


    This issue is still present, is it fixable? ?
  4. @Brett Perhaps it should be having three options, as "RESPOND" will mark you as responding. Instead, there should be a third option that allows you to just see how many units are responding from the said agencies without having a need to cancel response and such. I think I'd like it that way instead. This is the only thing I have to add. I love everything else.
  5. No, as none of the bidders contacted me once I've provided means to contact me.
  6. FOR SALE 203 Power Street, Downtown Vinewood Information First-floor property in Downtown Vinewood, Alta. Bedroom, bathroom, large living room with dining area and kitchen. Property Value: Market Price: $105.000 Furniture: $50.000 Property Price: Starting bid: $195.000 with a minimum of $5.000 increment.
  7. 934 Paleto Boulevard
  8. Huge THANKS to @Cara for being the great person she is. Always friendly and approachable when her assistance is required! ❤️
  9. This feature exists, however, it was disabled after the move from GT-MP to Rage:MP as floating texts lack support or something along these lines. Something wasn't working, so they disabled it.
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