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    Archiving then.
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  7. CNS1

    Thanks bro

  8. Adero

    Such moments where I appear on random reports and I find my worshippers, they just make my day brighter.
  9. Adero

    Denied. After extensive testing, we failed to make it work and therefore we cannot set up a smart teleport from sub-property to the roof. The smart teleports only function from the main properties that are created in dimension 0.
  10. Adero

    @TimAYLOR Submit a refund request for the vehicle and it will be refunded to you.
  11. Adero

    ((Closed. The player is not supposed to own the said vehicle.))
  12. Adero

    My main character was originally a park ranger, but hell - everything changed about him with the time, however, 1 year later and He is still the same person, He just left LSFD after having issues with some coworkers and now he is on a vrossway how to continue his life. Originally, he lived in Paleto where He is from, but at the moment he lives in Sandy Shores. He can still be seen driving his favorite SUVs, his love for them hasn't changed. Now he is earning a few bucks every now and then from small one time jobs, so I suppose that his life went downhill a bit. Hopefully it will turn around at some point. On another hand, my most recent character that I've been playing for about a month now has gone through major changes. Originally living in LS, in good health and healthy relationship, a complete shit fest occurs and her life is suddenly ruined. She had to start working in a gas station and live in employees house as she lost her home, with the money she earned, she got herself a shitty vehicle for her purposes. Now she has lost her job and lives in her vehicle, she is often going into houses so she can steal food. She is most often found in Paleto and Sandy as there are her best chances of seeing her love. To be honest, she turned into a stalker and actively harasses a group of people who live and work in Sandy and the area.
  13. Adero

    The suggested feature is introduced as part of the phone system we have now.
  14. Adero

    The paycheck system for the Government factions (PD, FD, GOV) is now changed. Each faction member is paid for up to 20 hours per week. If they are there for more than 20 hours, they do not get paid for this.
  15. Adero

    There're multiple new animations that were added and are oriented towards Dancing.