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  1. [02:23:20] * Samuel Ortiz has been shot enough to have killed four men, or one giant fat man. I laughed when I saw this.
  2. Ever tried to shoot a deer that's running? They're fast. When I was a kid, we hunted in South Carolina, and they did what they call a dog drive. Started at one end of a patch of woods and set out some dogs. They drove the deer same as like they did fox hunting. And we were on the other end. Out runs deer, lead it like a bird and shoot. Buckshot.
  3. Well, yeah. Most people probably don't realize - you can get rifled slugs for firing down a smoothbore shotgun. And buckshot is called buckshot for a reason. People hunt deer with it.
  4. So there are some states that only allow shotguns during firearm hunting seasons. Illinois, Iowa, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachuetts, Delaware, Maine, and Rhode Island are the states that mandate that. But those are backwards states anyways. I'm looking at you especially, Ohio.
  5. I do. I hunt with a 6.5 Grendel on an AR-15 platform with a Leupold VX3 scope with a Yankee Hill Titanium suppressor. It's super neat to hunt with a suppressor and is more common than you think. It doesn't just rip the woods with that crack that an unsuppressed rifle does and send whatever you're hunting running. Most of the time they're just weary of it because they don't know what it is. And I've dropped multiple coyotes and hogs in a single group before they got too scared and ran off completely. I mean, they hear the bullet, and most of the time they'll run about 10-20 yards and stop. Then you drop another one, so on and so forth. So fifteen years ago? Very uncommon. Ten years ago? You started hearing about it. Five years ago? Happened but wasn't normal. Now? It really depends on what part of the country you're in and what you're hunting, but with the influx of people in the military coming home and going back to hunting? Not to mention the proliferation of people wanting tactical equipment in general. It's a thing. Well, at least hunting with AR-15s is. But you've pretty much always been able to get semi auto rifles for hunting.
  6. Look man, I'm not calling you a liar - I'm just saying I've never seen it. And I put in some hours on the server. Here's why it doesn't make sense to me, and I'm not saying that your instance is incorrect. The majority of 16 year old kids that aren't competition shooters wouldn't handle a gun like that. I agree with that. But, an admin doesn't have any business telling anyone what their character could be good at. Because the admin has no idea about the character. And yes I realize that there are people out there who are saying they are 21 year old members of SEAL Team Six, and I'd crucify them for it if they'd let me. But a believable backstory on just about any skill is not something that should be managed by an admin who knows nothing about a character. So if we're not talking injuries, and even then that's wishy washy because some admins don't know anything about that either, but I digress. There's no comparison to be made. That level of micromanagement shouldn't be occurring, but again, I digress. My point is actually this. If someone gets their brand new PF rifle, rolls around in their Pariah down to the hood and starts to some shit with some gangbangers and whips out his rifle and starts blasting - baaannnn themmmmm. Because now we're in the realm of poor character portrayal. Because I've owned literally dozens of guns, and then number of times I've driven to my nearest hood and started shit with someone, wishing a motherfucker would? Still zero. It's unrealistic.
  7. The approach here is to ban both groups when they do this. Ban them for a few days and OOC bar them from ever getting a PF again on any character. Done deal. The criminals? Ehh - stupid is as stupid does. I have never seen anyone get banned for handling a weapon too well.
  8. This is a thing that on paper sounds like it will be a "disadvantage" but in practice in won't be. And here's why. We don't have an actual mass based inventory system. The ammunition that is carried for all intents and purposes is just loose, until we go through the magic animation of reload and it gets packed into a mag. So the reason it's not even a disadvantage is that it's been proven - if someone wants to commit a mass shooting or whatever, they just bring more magazines. If I'm carrying 300 rounds of ammunition with me, that's ten mags. That's a lot - but it's manageable. 30 ten round mags however is a little bit different. Now in the real world this can make a difference. But since we don't have that, here it won't. Our players are basically competition shooters who have a smooth as butter transition in both weapon changing and reloads. So the half second it takes to reload? Not an advantage killer in the scheme of thing. Because by the time it's processed that he's out of ammo, he's reloaded already.
  9. If the scene was Bogota, I would have no issue with this. But it ain't.
  10. Nope. Not a chance. This doesn't improve RP, it just places holds on vehicles.
  11. That's a hot negative on that one since the majority of robbery RP is /me points gun and runs pockets /b show inventory
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