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  1. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    This might be hard to understand, but could it be possible that they didn't move with the specific intent of becoming police officers? And then things happen once they're here that maybe pique their interest? Nah, probably not. Agreed. 100%. But that has little to do with their character's nationality. If they're self inserting, that's a problem that this thread is not going to fix. Because look at the demographics of players on this server from an IC and an OOC perspective. Playercount at different times of the day paint a picture of a very active EUTZ, and mediocre at best active US TZ. The number of characters not born in not only this city but not even the country is astronomically higher than it should be. And I understand, RP what you know, but it's also your job as a character from another country to give a good reason why you're actually here and trying to become a member of the police department or the fire department. I'm not saying they can't imprint some of themselves into their character, everyone does that. But if you're playing you without consequences, which is what all this is, then that's once again a problem that this thread will not fix. But hey, we have PLM for that. So just start reporting them. Fixed that for you. If you screw around in the US, you're just gonna get tazed and cuffed up. Or shot and killed. I don't know how it works in European countries. I know a lot of the police over there aren't exactly armed. But over here if you charge a cop, and he's got a handgun, a shotgun, a rifle, a slingshot, it doesn't matter. You're gonna get shot with it. Something a lot of people who game don't consider because, in the majority of games, it really doesn't apply, weapon length. You try to get up on a cop so they can't use their weapon on you? You're about to get blasted with it. And the cop is gonna get away with it, whether you were trying to get the gun from them or not. They don't take chances on letting their weapons get taken. If you're interested in expanding PD/SD options for stuff like that, I'd push for an OC spray item and script before a tackling one. As law enforcement, you've probably been pepper sprayed before so you know how effective it really can be.
  2. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    It also makes very very very little sense for you to critique characters you know absolutely nothing about other than they aren't American born. If you don't know the circumstances of a character's relocation, then it's not really up to you to judge whether their character makes sense or not. Stay in your own lane, and concentrate on your RP and making it better.
  3. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    You and I both know this isn't true in the slightest. What the majority of illegal RPers care about above all else is making money. And rightfully so, it's a requirement to keep doing the RP. But the biggest issue is this, and it's not your fault. Everyone is a hustler. Rarely does someone go buy a gun with the intent to hold on to it. Yes, people might hold on to it for a significant amount of time, but that's probably only until they have a buyer lined up for it. There are no end users. Because every criminal, small and large wants to think they're contributing to the gun/drug trade on RP servers. It's not just this one, it's most servers. Another issue. I'm not saying don't make your money. What I am saying is the people who are trying to double their money per pistol or shotgun is an issue. And people can say "Oh, well that's just the way the server goes." or "If you're buying 2nd or 3rd hand, the price generally goes up." Not really. If anything, it goes down. The more hands a gun goes through, the less valuable it actually becomes. For some reason, people on RP servers seem to have that mixed up. Regardless of anything, at the end of the day, a used gun does not fetch the price of a new gun. But for some reason here, if you want an illegal pistol, they're double or more what a legal pistol is. And generally speaking, in the real world, the market is so flooded with handguns that that is not the case in the slightest. Again, it goes back to people always wanting to be a "gun dealer" and make enough money to buy two guns off the one gun they've sold. That mantra works with drugs. Turn two into four, four into eight, etc. But a gun is not the same thing. People fail to realize this. Big ticket items like a full auto AK or a full auto M4? Yeah, hefty price those things all day. Because they shouldn't be someone's go to gun when a small thing arises.
  4. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    Quoting Nickelback helps nobody. And it doesn't matter whether you know a drug dealer or not. If you're driving to the hood in an expensive sports car, that doesn't make you immune to what goes on down there. If I was a banger and went to carjack or rob you or whatever and you were like "I know so and so." My response would probably be like "I do too, now get the fuck outta the car." What it actually is, is bad for business. On both sides. Because why would someone be driving a Comet or whatever to Rancho or Davis? You stick out like a sore thumb. If I was a cop and saw that, I'm making up some PC and pulling you over and getting you outta the car for a little searchski. And most of those college boys and girls that selling dope, they still get their drugs from the hood. They just save you the trip down. Because you buying a dime bag every day has far less weight than him buying a pound a week. That's reality tbh.
  5. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    Except there is no real good way to go about getting that. Because you know their friends aren't going to report them for it unless there is some powerplay drawn down. And also this. The point I was getting at was, if you are playing a character with all these charges stacked up at the ripe old age of 21 and served your X amount of days in jail and brush it off and continue your RP, you should probably reevaluate your character and what you find acceptable RP in general.
  6. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    So, I can understand cops not wanting to take a CK if they die by some criminal who's not really in it for the RP, but for the money and dat gangsta lyfe. Same way that the majority of criminal RPers don't really wanna take a needless CK from a driveby or some shoot out from conflict in between gangs. But at the same time, if you're on your 25th murder charge and still rocking around in the streets, that's a quality issue that should be addressed.
  7. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    Character name: Brody Chapman UCP name: StBatemanofWallstreet (Discord name?): Saint Bateman #1902 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 1063 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 1116 Procopio Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): back door
  8. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    Not to be impolite, but if you're not smart enough to RP a certain character, regardless of how many digits it says you have up in the top right corner, then you're probably not fit for the server to begin with. Actual money should have little to no bearing on how you need to be RPing your character. It's about the way that they conduct themselves more than anything. If you buy 40 cars and 12 houses because you've been grinding trucking but you're still "from the hood" then you missed the mark by just touch. If you're RPing a trucker in your day to day job because you find it fulfilling but still conduct yourself fairly modestly, good on you. That being said, having some amount of money is a requirement because.... The problem is not just on the illegal side of things with inflated drug and gun prices. Let's keep talking about places that charge 500+ dollars to get in, and then on top of all that want you to pay 200 dollars for a drink. Same thing. And the people who run bars and clubs fail to realize that something like that is an investment. It takes time to bring that money back. But they don't do that. They hot charge everyone, claim new management. Milk a club for 2-3 weeks tops running tired gimmicks every night, and then sell the club to the next person who does more or less the same thing. Too many people care about their character's money situation, and less about their character situation. And it shows. So I'll say it again, that number in the top right corner means nothing. It doesn't matter that you get 200k handed to you at the beginning. It's supposed to help you get your feet planted and not be helpless.
  9. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    Yeah well, that's just like....your opinion, man. How do you know they aren't RPing an idiot that doesn't realize they're gonna get no-knocked and have a dozen AR-15's in their face? Am I saying that the quality of people who do that is top notch? Nope. But is it your job to police it? No. Put in a report to PLM if you don't like it. That's literally what it's there for.
  10. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    This is 100% an IC issue. Do you think that people aren't selling drugs over social media? Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I've literally bought a gun from someone on facebook. Did I know them? Sure. But before facebook got super anti-gun, you could post listings for it. Because it's relying on the premise that it's in a network of people that you know.
  11. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    Why are people acting like things like Rosetta Stone and Duolingo don't exist? It does. Just putting that out there.
  12. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    No I got it. My point is, it's not a conversation worth even having. I was just trying to be polite about it and not say that your points directly contradict each other. Carry on.
  13. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    Okay. I can see that you didn't actually read what I had to say or maybe you just don't understand what I'm saying. And that's fine too. Sometimes there is a disconnect, and I can't get upset at someone for that. So good luck with the discussion.
  14. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    You are using the fear stipulation as a crutch for your entire argument. My point is/was that there is no real need for this topic. It's a moot point. Because we can't even get fear fleshed out. If you want to approach it differently about people just generally doing dumb things with their characters like running upon a group of people with a gun to kill one person, make that argument. If it's not what you're saying, then like I said, what are we even talking about then?
  15. SaintBatemanofWallStreet

    So you think that just because you mechanically respawn at the hospital, you should have to RP injuries? After you die? What?. You die. It's over. How can you be expected to RP injuries you can't have any memory of getting? You can't. That makes zero sense.