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  1. To me it's pretty simple. Would your character do it? Or did they do it? It's almost this notion of the writer being unsure of what the character is doing, and sometimes these actions come off as more of a question than anything else. I'm not saying there is no place for would in a /me or a /do. But some people got me wondering if the character is thinking about doing something, or is actually.
  2. EMT student waiting for the corona to pass so I can get my clinicals done and take my test.
  3. One of the things that actually irks me on RP servers when it comes to relationship is a couple getting together on Monday, in love by Wednesday, and married by the next Tuesday.
  4. The latter part of this is incorrect. That money helps new players get a vehicle and place to live that's within reason. The problem isn't the money. It's the people that spend their entire 200,000 bonus towards an elegy or some other stupidly overpriced car their character "needs" and are homeless. Every character I've had on this server, I've gotten a mostly acceptable vehicle and a place to live and still had enough money to go out and RP at bars or whatever. My point is, it's not the money, it's the playerbase not utilizing the way it's intended.
  5. Every day we stray further from god when threads like this come up.
  6. Those comments are not really that important. It's just reinforcing the side of wanting them. If you're going to do important comments, at least get both sides.
  7. I think they are comparable because from a server management what won't be wanted is a giant, unwieldy server file for people fresh to the server to have to download. Don't get me wrong - I want to see everything. But from a realistic point of view, I just don't think that's what will actually happen.
  8. Honestly, I think that the big thing we need is a ton of diversity. I have a feeling and from what I'm seeing here we're just going to end up with a bunch of urban clothes and dresses. But I think it has to be handled like the vehicles. Several mods of varying styles should be put forward.
  9. You have to physically go to a jewelry store and get it there. It'll just be a skin on the character at that point. You can either equip it to each outfit individually or to all of them in a single click.
  10. I think the problem with the whole situation was the lackluster response of "Oh my character is troubled" which is probably the vaguest excuse that you can give for something like that. If you want to say your character is trouble, have something to send to the admin to back it up enforce that it's an IC issue and not you just jumping out and mag dumping someone because they tapped your car and you wanted to shoot someone. That being said, even then, it shouldn't be a blank check for people to play fuck fuck games with their character. Are there missed opportunities for bad shoots on this server? Yes - absolutely. They're missed OOC and IC all the time. Is that a missed opportunity for a bad shoot scenario instead of what it was, which was deathmatching? No.
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