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  1. What you wrote here will be completely dependent upon the contract written between the tenant and the landlord and the government's Tenant's protection Act (Which I assume might be put into effect on the arrival of the new government after the elections, who knows) that will protect tenants from any wrongful evictions. Until the government is established to pass on new legislation and acts, the contract is what determines all the terms between both parties, and their consent (aka signature) is what enforces it in courts.
  2. When did RP turn into a one way railroad that is dictated by the administrators? Why are certain situations not allowed to be RP'd because the admin thinks they are "unrealistic". RP used to be a fun and immersive experience that required a lot of effort to perfect. Since when did we have to have all these limits on what we can RP, what we can't RP, what is "realistic" (I put this between quotation marks because realistic is such a subjective thing that differs from one person's knowledge and cultural/social experiences from the others.I.e an american would have a much better idea at how americans act in real life than a european). I haven't participated in Gang RP since 2018 but I know that if done correctly it can be one of the best RP experiences someone can ever have. You shouldn't get banned because you killed somebody that was resisting or not following commands during a mug, you shouldn't get banned for falsely killing someone you thought was the enemy (this happens all the time IRL and it is embraced in the areas where this happens). I also don't like the fact that Resident (who I am very familiar with and know his antics) is being let back after what he has done while some other RPers who have done far less than him are being told to shut up and wait their ban time out. What I also don't like is the discouragement towards new players who simply get banned because they never RP'd before, I mean how else is a new player supposed to be introduced to RP? If this was done to me when I first came into the scene it would have immediately put me off RP in general and think of it as something not that fun. I suggest Admins host RP schools on a weekly basis with the help of experienced communities to actually help teach these people the basics, and maybe we can have different more specific RP schools like gang RP, LEO RP, business RP, Gov RP etc... The fact that sooo many limits on what you can RP and how you can RP it are being put is leaving a very bad taste in every creative RPer's mouthes. Pedophiles should get banned yes, but don't make an entire section of the community that never engaged in such acticlvities take the fall for it as well. Gang RP os as crucial to the illegal scene as the employee base for the legal scene. They are the ones that it boils all down to, the ones that fight in the trenches and what do they get met with? The OOC hard end of the stick. Come on you mallrats give these guys a break, you all run around in your highly modified rally race cars at 20 years old owning what should be a multi-million dollar club and 16 properties and cars with no financial repercussions at all, the gang RPers are just trying to RP what they like the most, you will be hypocrites to say that gang RP is the worst aspect of the server and most unrealistic because a lot of you mallrats are actually some of the shittiest RPers I have ever seen, you just don't post it on a platform like gang RPers do in the illegal thread section.
  3. What I don't get is the common misconception that GTA:W's San Andreas is based off of a fantasy land United States instead of the real thing. It is properly documented that San Andreas is considered an extension of the real life U.S and everything that follows suit, a 51st state if you wish. The issues that get raised is with people's backstories. Some RP Liberty City some RP New York, it's a matter of preference but it really is interchangeable. As we may all know, it is universally agreed upon that vehicle brands should be strictly based off of GTA V brands rather than IRL one's (mainly because of scripting limitations and how the economy was set up). As for clothing brands, it does not hurt for somebody to be wearing Nike, Jordans, Gucci etc... All of this are already RP'd by people not just with clothes, but with accessories such as Jewelry (necklaces, watches, rings...), so I don't see a need to change that up with clothes.
  4. Radhwan


    My thoughts on this suggest the addition of a script-wise inaccessible property until efforts towards reparations were made. Basically upon finishing the act of arson, the admin in charge would have to determine the damages caused to the property and make a decision on how much of the furniture inside would be destroyed (leaving only floors and walls, if even). The admin would then have to set the entrance of the property as inaccessible/deactivated, meaning it's locked out and nobody can enter it without admins activating it again. Meanwhile the owner, considering if he wants his property back, has to show he has made the effort to consult a construction agency to work on his property, at this point the construction agency would quote him a price for re-construction. If his attempts have succumbed to failure, an admin or preferably Property Management would quote him a price to /charity, this is only to have the property activated and be made accessible again. Now he will choose to either leave it be, hire an interior designer to refurnish it or sell it. I think this could be the optimal option for this kind of activity as it mimics how it goes in real life (minus insrunce) and raises massive monetary inconveniences for the owner, enough to actually make him fear the extorters committing the arson.
  5. Radhwan

    Fixing insurance

    Just /call 207
  6. What is Capitol Investments LLC? Capitol Investments LLC is a United States based Investment Bank. Being a limited liability company, Capitol Investments does not identify itself with one or multiple individuals or its investors exclusively. It is a grand organization where all its parts identify it. As one of the few financial institutions in San Andreas, Capitol Investments provides various services to individuals and businesses alike with the goal of providing a better financial foundation and keeping all financials in check. Such services have one goal, cutting losses and maximizing profits. What are our services? Our main goal is to put more money in our clients' pockets, therefore we must provide services of the highest quality. We can manage portfolios by exercising with the appropriate securities that will capitalize on the gains and bring reasonable returns within a reasonable time frame. Capitol Investments also offers Venture as an alternative to traditional loaning to provide capital for your businesses with the ability to set the conditions of the contract as you would like. Venture Capital Venture Capital is the financing of early-stage businesses and corporations that have future growth potential, provided by us in exchange for a percentage of the business or corporation. If you're looking to open a business but you're lacking the funds then Capitol Investments' own Venture Capital option is a very profitable and historically successful one, it is better than loans because you have no deadlines, no interest rates, no inflation compensations and no collaterals. It is a risk that is well calculated by the Risk-Assessment department of Capitol Investments LLC that valuates the future value of an existing early-stage or pre-existing business or corporation. The United States economy was built on debts and loans, but on Venture Capitalism proved to be the proper option for a sustained growth in your business. Financial Counseling Capitol Investments LLC's financial couseling department is staffed by well educated, talented and experienced individuals that will provide private or corporate clients with counseling as to what the best financial decisions and options will be to avoid unnecessary losses and missed opportunities. The purpose of Financial counseling it to help clients organize and plan for their personal or corporate future. Capitol Investments will provide professional and calculated counseling to the highest degree, ensuring the satisfaction of its clients. PORTMAN Accounts Capitol Investment's own PORTMAN (Portfolio Management) Accounts program is a personal and corporate portfolio management program where clients can essentially withdraw and deposit money similar to any other bank and our team of educated managers will work towards exercising with securities, futures or other means of income in order to provide stable and healthy monthly returns. Different options are available for clients to ensure these accounts meet their demands. This includes compounding interest accounts, fixed interest accounts, low or high risk accounts, short, mid and long-term accounts and other minor details, all tailored to the client's needs. Commercial Loans As a financial institution of San Andreas, providing commercial loans is among our most important and sophisticated service that we provide to the ambitious business men and women of San Andreas. With a proper business plan anybody can realize their dream of being a business owner and generating generational wealth. The interest rates on these commercials loans is at a comfortable 17.5%. A collateral with a book value matching that of the loan (Capital and Interest included) is expected to be presented. The payment schedule is variable and determined on a case to case basis. Careers in Capitol Investments LLC Are you looking to start a career in the most lucrative and busy industry in the United States? Look no further than Capitol Investments LLC, the leading financial institution of the state of San Andreas. We have a variety of careers in which criteria differs from task to task. We aim for academic excellence and any sort of past-experience to ensure the quality of our services are Outstanding to provide the best results for all of our clients. We have a variety of career paths in our firm that fit your goals in the financial world: Investments Manager Risk-Assessment Manager Financial Counselor Portfolio/Wealth Manager Corporate Legal Counselor (Law degree and S.A. Civil/Corporate Law practice permit required) Get in contact with us Our main business telephone number: 2112 Our e-mail: [email protected] (( @Radhwan ))
  7. As it currently stands, inflation is heavily controlled by the different teams within the GTA:W staff organization. Limits on flip prices of properties have been placed, most vehicles do not inflate in price because the dealership prices of a fresh cars are always static, equity is.. well.. a rarity to be practiced on the server. As I have understood from reading previous threads the total amount of money that exists on the server is limited and defined. No money printing (spawning) will occur without proper reasoning. Although I would highly recommend the introduction of a sophisticated taxing system and a tax regulation/supervising entity like the IRS. Luxury taxes can be introduced for luxury products (defined as products that are not considered a necessity for a person's/family's well being. e.g jewelry, designer products, luxury vehicles and air crafts, etc...). A value-added tax can also be introduced, which will require business owners to do more than just hire employees, /openbusiness, /closebusiness and deposit the profits. It will require people to keep track of their sales so that they pay the value-added taxes to the government. I think the latter would create a lot of activity for a tax related government entity and we might see some cases of tax fraud rise up here and there. Other taxes have been suggested here which I think are all great to see. I am definitely biased because I am in the financial RP side of the server, but I believe most people would not mind introducing new taxes OOCly (although ICly it would be an inconvenience which is understandable and somewhat realistic). As for other financial means of creating inconveniences for people, that will be decided by the proper parties.
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