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  1. Radhwan

    I second this
  2. Radhwan

    banned 4 bee-ing a smartass
  3. Also the homicide division in PD must be entitled to pursue every single murder no matter what, which calls for a big-scale forensics script that introduces crime scene prints, bullet casings matching with murder weapon, bullet casings' serial (if they have any), DNA traces on the crime scene, surrounding CCTV footage, witnesses etc.. If all of what I mentioned doesn't get added it's impossible to create the balance needed for a CK-Only environment.
  4. If CKs become the only option after RPly dying, completely removing PKs, I think the qualifications for a CK should be upped and Life Sentences should be added for murder as to instill fear of going to jail for life in case you kill someone, there should defenitely be a balance, because a CK through murder renders the victim not playable ever, it completely finishes their story so why should the murderer get like a few days/weeks in prison instead of a life sentence? Those are my 2 cents.
  5. Radhwan

    Our newest addition to the Counter Strike Airsoft Competitive League
  6. Radhwan

    (( @Zoezoegigantic just wanted to say all bids must be public, including buy-out))
  7. Radhwan

    Counter Strike Airsoft is being introduced in the city of Los Santos as one of the most unique and adrenaline-pumping experiences in the entire country. We have one of the best designed internal airsoft fields in the country adapted with all details in mind. Our main and most common event will be a 5v5 Red vs Blue match where two teams are chosen and deployed on the field through different entrances. We have a wide range of classes and loadouts that you can choose, and you can actually receive an upgrade for those loadouts after you accumulate enough victories. We will be hosting other occasional events such as Battle Royale, Capture the Flag, Hostage Situation and more. We also have a competitive branch where you can start your own professional team that consists of a total of 5 members with your proper logo and team name and compete against enemy teams in order to claim the 1st place trophy. The schedule will be all Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year. If you want to reserve for a private session with some of your friends, you will have to get in contact with Counter Strike Airsoft management and give them all the appropriate details as they will provide an application format for you to fill out. Special events will be held occasionally either bi-weekly or monthly. There will always be new and unique events held so be sure to not miss any of them. The main gear for the RvB sessions will be provided upon entry to the loadout area and will consist of: -Blue or Red shirt -Blue or Red pants -Blue or Red helmet -Eye protection goggles -Tactical Gloves -Mounted communications earpiece After you have worn all of your protection and team equipment, you will have to choose your class and weapon loadout. These are the availble classes and their proper loadouts: -Infantry: Assault Rifle or Carbine Rifle, Pistol. -Marksman: Marksman Rifle, Combat Pistol -Tactical: Combat PDW, Vintage Pistol -Support: Combat MG, SNS Pistol -Breacher: Pump Shotgun, Pistol .50 A team can only have up to one Marksman on each session, the rest of the classes don't have any restrictions or limits. The main event that will be usually availble for everyone is Red vs Blue, two teams made out of five players each will be deployed on the field in different areas where they plan their strategies before the match commences. The team may decide to have a tactical approach to defeating its opponent, or maybe go on full rampage without a plan and with just total chaos, this is the team members' choice, every person has his role and every person has his abilities. Battle Royale is one of the special events that will happen either bi-weekly or monthly, as the name indicates, everyone goes in all alone, usually 15 people, and the last fighter standing wins a prize. Sniper's Heaven is an event where only scoped sniper rifles will be used, this can come in the form of Player vs Everyone, Duos, or Squads of 4. The last person or team to survive gets to win a prize at the end. Lazer games is a rare event where we bring in our Lazer guns section, we will give out appropriate gear to mimic a futuristic and dark environment and add the ambiance to the arena. Capture the flag is another event that involves Red vs Blue teams with the same numbers, but this time there will be a central point where players of each team have to capture it for as much time as possible, to win this you have to have control over the flag area(which will have a circle to indicate where its limits are) until the time limit has passed. We will have much more events than the last ones that were indicated to keep the taste for action on your tongue at all times without the games being too repetitive. Counter Strike Airsoft is happy to announce that a competitive league will be put in order for several teams to play against each other and qualify for the finals and win the ultimate prize that will be set. In order to join the competitive league, you have to send us a formal email with the form below filled out with all the information, do note that your team will need its own Logo(which has to not exceed a 1:1 width to height ratio) and code names for the team members. Your team may have its own custom gear, as in you can choose your own team's color and clothes as long as all members of the team have matching clothes in order to not create confusion. Application Formula: ((Forum PM @Radhwan))
  8. Radhwan

    Banned for not being the original Max
  9. Radhwan

  10. Radhwan

    Due to the lack of any material inside the highschool(nobody will teach or stay in a virtual class to be taught for the sake of RP) and the fact that other than sports and extra-curriculars schools are about as boring and stale as anything really, I don't see much use of this to be honest with you, the idea might be good if we had a playerbase of 1000 and a high school diploma was necessary for some jobs to actually not over-saturate the job market, then I can understan it, but the server is filled with already academically established(or not) characters that are in the middle of their adulthood, for teenage gang RPers it doesn't seem that realistic to be attending all of your classes due to peer pressure and influence from your higher-ups, they usually drop-out or skip all their classes throughout the year, the only exception is a teenagd RPer in a rough neighborhood trying to be kept away from the dirt of the street by attending school and hoping sports can help him, otherwise I can't see it having any use or activity.
  11. We updated our website to provide further information on Capitol Investments LLC. Be sure to check out what's new. For any inquiries, questions or otherwise, use the email in the contact information provided above. -Capitol Investments LLC Web Development team.
  12. What is Capitol Investments LLC? Capitol Investments LLC is a United States based Wealth Management and Venture Investments company. We provide capital for businesses that our clients require to properly run their business, we also manage financial portfolios and our clients' wealth to capitalize on the gains and marginalize the losses. Our job is to make YOU richer. What are our services? Our main goal is to put more money in our clients' pockets, therefore we must provide services of the highest quality. We can manage your portfolio by adding the appropriate securities that will capitalize on the gains and bring massive returns by a deadline that is set by you. We also offer Venture investing as an alternative to traditional loaning to provide capital for your businesses with the ability to set the conditions of the contract as you would like. Venture Capital Venture Capital is the financing of early-stage businesses and corporations that have future growth potential, provided by us in exchange for a percentage of the business or corporation. If you're looking to open a business but you're lacking the funds then Capitol Investments' own Venture Capital option is a very profitable and historically successful one, it is better than loans because you have no deadlines, no interest rates, no inflation compensations and no collaterals. It is a risk that is well calculated by the Risk-Assessment department of Capitol Investments LLC that valuates the future value of an existing early-stage or pre-existing business or corporation. The United States economy was built on debts and loans, but on Venture Capitalism proved to be the proper option for a sustained growth in your business. Financial Counseling Capitol Investments LLC's financial couseling department is staffed by well educated, talented and experienced individuals that will provide you with private or corporate counseling as to what your best economic options were, are and will be in the future. The purpose of Financial counseling it to help you organise and plan for yours and your children's future, aswell as your company or business. We help you avoid wrong choices and divert you towards the right path into financial independence and growing wealth. Wealth Management Wealth Management is the careful assessment and application of the best choices you can make for a profitable outcome, our Wealth Managers at Capitol Investments LLC will make sure that your money grows consistently as the days go by and plan for your future, pre and post-retirement. We give you educated and calculated advice that will benefit your personal wealth and help you stay a step ahead of the economic system. Careers in Capitol Investments LLC Are you looking to start a career in the most lucrative and busy industry in the United States? Look no further than Capitol Investments LLC, the leading financial institution of the state of San Andreas. We have a variety of careers in which criteria differs from task to task. We aim for academic excellence and any sort of past-experience to ensure the quality of our services are Outstanding to provide the best results for all of our clients. We have a variety of career paths in our firm that fit your goals in the financial world: Investments Manager Risk-Assessment Manager Financial Counselor Portfolio/Wealth Manager Private Company Lawyer(Law degree and S.A. Civil Law practice permit required) How to get in contact with us? Our main business phone number: 2112 Our e-mail: [email protected]