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  1. Waterflaps

    No problem, I went to the plastic surgeon and bought the slots one by one, for all slots. I then done the same for the clothing store for the first outfit slot, and then went to the barbers, again buying my hair one slot at a time for all slots. I've played for a while, and after re-logging, I was returned to a bald, default basic character. I've made contact with server staff, and they were stumped, and stated this seems unique. I've been directed to message Nervous, and I'm just waiting to hear back from him for further guidance.
  2. Waterflaps

    Yeah, just tried this and unfortunately still no joy with it.
  3. Waterflaps

    Yeah I'm able to move freely in and out of outfits during a single session, but as soon as I leave and return, I'm basically back to square one. As Wolfie's saying, I'm really hoping that a new character's not my only option - I'm newer to the game, but I've made a fair bit of progress so far, and I've also purchased a name change, which would be wasted if I need to make a new character.
  4. Hi there, every time I log out and log back in, my character resorts to some default looking character, with bog-standard clothing and chequred shoes. This is despite me having Plastic Surgery, buying clothes and haircuts and assigning them to all outfits - The only thing that remains is my tattoos. Has anyone got any ideas how I can keep these purchases at all? It's getting tiring basically re-designing my full character every time I log on. Thanks.