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  1. Wallaby007

    Banned for being a turbo nonce.
  2. Wallaby007

    Don't call people dumb asses for it haha! 😛 Its force of habit to make more space on the road and avoid your car getting scratched!
  3. Wallaby007

    I can't help half parking on the curb! Thats what we do in the UK 🙂 Usually
  4. Comment: Whats the next race? I want to bid the max!
  5. Wallaby007

    Short description: Allow players to add sirens to their vehicles, perhaps imitating police or something else such as yellow or red strobes? Detailed description: Allowing players to add custom sirens to their vehicles at illegal garages. I'm not sure if this is even possible to add sirens and strobes on cars that don't already have them, but it'd be really unique and interesting to see what people can come up with. Commands to add: None! Items to add: Custom strobes and sirens to cars/motorcycles How would your suggestion improve the server? I feel that adding custom sirens and strobes could make some really interesting RP. Such as a group of people imitating police, or perhaps even an illegal policing militia such as a group combing around outer city areas, enforcing their own (perhaps very unfair!) version of the law. Additional information: If this isn't at all possible, or it is but people are against it, I'd love to know 🙂
  6. Wallaby007

    Not sure but me and a friend of mine purchased a 9 pin safe. We've looked on the safe thread, got the pins, and we simply cannot open the safe. We are lucky to get three pins deep before it resets us. It can't just be us having this issue. (maybe it is just us!) Perhaps having a combination lock or something? That way those who know the safes pin have a fighting chance of opening it 😛 If it is just me, then please let me know how you do it with such ease!
  7. Full Name: Charlie Quick Phone Number: 329-2777 Horse Color & Name: Green Happy Hoofs Wager: $4,000 Method of Payment: Cash in person (not yet paid)
  8. Wallaby007