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  1. Username: jesusislove Comment: them biker boys are super sweethearts
  2. Critchalee

  3. Critchalee

    Credit to eyebrows for the last screenshots 🙂
  4. Critchalee

    San Chianski
  5. Critchalee

  6. Critchalee

    Busy @ work
  7. Critchalee

  8. Critchalee

  9. Critchalee

    in game cash is just a means to have a good roleplay experience I really dont care if I sell my car for 10k-20k value as long as I know it's going to someone who isnt just going to sell it on.
  10. Critchalee

  11. Critchalee

  12. Critchalee

    Club members gathered
  13. Critchalee

    Disclaimer: I never claimed to be an expert editor I used basic shit so if you get triggered by this, don't watch it. It's just a mash up of random shit we have gotten up to.
  14. Critchalee

  15. I have pd experience on this server. I truly believe this rule will change diddly squat. AND hinder other peoples roleplay.