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  1. Critchalee

  2. I am a lead member of the three word /me movement and I say to hell with your 100 word emotes
  3. Waiting for people to respond to RP in a rule would be dumb and this seems more like a rant than a suggestion. Unless there's an admin there to enforce it, hardly anyone will accept the results of a /me fist fight because nobody wants to lose. Script removes the grey area of /me in fights completely as when you punch someone they have the opportunity punch back, dodge it or run away I think this is the best way to handle fights. I'm not a fan of reading 100 word emotes of how your fist will break my face, just left click at me dude.
  4. Critchalee

    Username: beanernation Comment: man i hate these guiys
  5. Critchalee

    I'll take it
  6. Critchalee

  7. Critchalee

  8. Username: jesusislove Comment: them biker boys are super sweethearts
  9. Critchalee

  10. Critchalee

    Credit to eyebrows for the last screenshots 🙂
  11. Critchalee

    San Chianski
  12. Critchalee

  13. Critchalee

    Busy @ work
  14. Critchalee