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  1. Suarez

    best of luck to my day 1 homie @LordThaher
  2. Suarez

    Take it far oaks you got this 😚
  3. Hands down best interior designer out there much love
  4. Suarez

  5. Suarez

  6. Suarez

    I wish people would take it more serious going against PD imo. And this is not me bashing anyone. Being a South LS resident you hear a lot of gunfire coming from street gangs fighting the entire PD. Of course they are gonna lock that hood down.
  7. Suarez

    Idk maybe don't shoot at them every night and they won't camp hoods.
  8. Suarez

  9. Suarez

    By far the best african american faction on this server, hope to see y'all back soon lads
  10. Suarez

    Meanwhile outside of La Vida.. (credits to @ch0lo for the video editting)
  11. Suarez

    You know it 🙂
  12. Suarez

    Good to see y'all being finally official 🙂
  13. Suarez

  14. Suarez

  15. Suarez

    La Vida