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  1. https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/forum/17-player-reports/
  2. Hunting licenses and hunting zones have been brought up icly many times. I believe that will be a thing after the upcoming mayor votes. It creates interesting rp even if you fully npc the animal.
  3. Couldn't agree with Keane more. My character has been trying to work on events such as three gunning for quite a while now. I also like the idea of having legal FM taking over the applications for a rifle. It's essential for any full on legal gun owner who could use it for home defense or hunting. Not like we would carry it around with us outside to fend off robbers.
  4. best of luck to my day 1 homie @LordThaher
  5. Take it far oaks you got this ?
  6. Hands down best interior designer out there much love
  7. Suarez

    Cops turf camping

    I wish people would take it more serious going against PD imo. And this is not me bashing anyone. Being a South LS resident you hear a lot of gunfire coming from street gangs fighting the entire PD. Of course they are gonna lock that hood down.
  8. Suarez

    Cops turf camping

    Idk maybe don't shoot at them every night and they won't camp hoods.
  9. By far the best african american faction on this server, hope to see y'all back soon lads
  10. Meanwhile outside of La Vida.. (credits to @ch0lo for the video editting)
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