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  1. JoeWarner

    I have indeed left for a while now, I recommend you contact @Everett and the web development team for any issues.
  2. JoeWarner

    Thank you for the support! it should be back and more active pretty soon!
  3. JoeWarner

    Starting bid here.
  4. JoeWarner

    @Rukka Sorted buddy
  5. JoeWarner

    The way we store /fbank transactions in our logs will take time to actually modify to work with UCP, but this is definitely in the to-do list, thanks for suggesting!
  6. JoeWarner

    You make your choice about which donation package to go for, a stand alone like the number change? or a package like Brozne, Gold..etc it's all a matter of your needs as a player. Also remember one thing, this is called "donation" it's not a premium subscription or a sort of a paid account. People who donate mainly do so to support a server they enjoy playing, and we appreciate their contributions by offering some perks in return, however none of the donator features is essential, and you can still have a great experience here without donating. However, donating is encouraged to help us cover the operational fees of the server. I hope this covers your inquiries!
  7. JoeWarner

    Glad you could sort it out mate!
  8. JoeWarner

    The Calculator is already included in both the laptop (Live in the game now) and the smartphone (coming soon). However, a command calculator isn't included yet, we might as well include that as an alternative for people with CEF issues, thanks for the suggestion!
  9. JoeWarner

    More of a debate for you to have with @norrig, @Ingram. Moving to archive.
  10. JoeWarner

    Multiple themes isn't going to be a thing here sadly, and even though we're planning to change forum theme soon, black won't be the new color as black isn't part of our brand. Archived.
  11. JoeWarner

    I'll add it to upcoming version of UCP, forwarded.
  12. JoeWarner

    While CEF impacts performance, it's no different than having a browser open while GTA V is also open, if you chose to disable CEF it's totally your choice not to use the features that depend on it. CEF is an important part of GT-MP and allows for a lot of cool stuff. It's not recommend to disable CEF, it's more of a choice and it's being improved with every new GT-MP update. I personally have a very mid-rangish laptop with only 8 GB or RAM and a 7th Gen i5 and a very standard Radeon R7 card and I can more than have a smooth experience with my CEF enabled, I have never even tried to deactivate it. Most people who have issues with it are people with a lot of overlay stuff, so discord/ts/overwolf ...etc overlays or people who play the game with a chrome browser open with a 100 tabs, that's not CEF fault, but more on the end of the player. CEF is just a web browser, nothing more, if a PC can't handle a web browser that's an issue for that PC. Native Single player TV channels are already included in the xTV and the Cinema update, also using CEF. As for making native only TV, that's not something we have planned but to answer you question it is doable, yes.
  13. JoeWarner

    All chat stuff will work, but you can't move without existing the TV/Cinema window.
  14. JoeWarner

    I'll do it that way then, and have the cinema screen not covering the text so it'll be bottom right so you can keep chatting on top left.
  15. JoeWarner

    I can indeed keep the chat active while watching the cinema, but you won't be able to move around or do anything else, just chat.