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  1. What's the difference between that and an external aimbot set to shoot at body only then?
  2. Lucky

    Small weapons such as pistols and melees shouldn't be roleplayed but if someone pulls out an AK or anything they should have to RP it.
  3. Lucky

    This too.
  4. Lucky

    bofshit qef 😉
  5. I doubt it's going to happen if we let them on their hands.
  6. That's where the administration should come into place for poor RP.
  7. Yeah noticed. Fair enough but the guy did not have a full mask on his face so they'd probably rat on him. As for ingame, people usually have masks, they commit the murder or a kidnapping they can change clothes etc. My concern is, someone sees me kill someone (not in broad daylight and not in front of many people but let's just say I'm seen somehow) and I notice them seeing it was me. I believe that should be a reason to get rid of him before he talks no?
  8. I do believe that the rules should be adjusted a bit regarding a few stuff. What about witnesses? Are we allowed to clap someone who saw us do a murder or a kidnap let's say?
  9. If you play rival music at a rival gang's territory and you get shot at, it's a clear provoking and I believe it should be considered a valid cause for a shooting. (Depending on development of course)
  10. Lucky

    What about weapon deals above 75k?
  11. Lucky

    Basically, so far you can scam weapons or drugs, but I assume you cannot scam someone's money if they're participating in this illegal weapon/drug deal. I suggest that the rule is changed regarding this, and whoever participates in an illegal deal gets scammed his money as well. This balances both sides of the field, because currently the person with the drugs/weapons is able to be scammed and the guy with the money protected by the OOC rule. What do you guys think?
  12. Lucky

    Been following this thread for a while now, easily one of the best factions in this server and I enjoy your screens.