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    Updated. Added: Chapter "Release", "Same Old, Same Old" and "OG"
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  7. To be honest this does screw up the immersion for me. Maybe I'm too neurotic for that myself but I wouldn't handle RPing a coed county as a male-only county. I'd suggest that if it is a coed jail, also make it a coed jail ICly... I can only see a lot of confusion coming from this. Like just keep them in different cells and don't have them on the yard at the same time and I'm pretty sure we can make everyone happy IC-story wise by saying it's a government budget-cut or something. Anyway, yes people, it's all "speculation" but so is the fact that people think there will not be enough female RPers inside the county jail. Right now it's like you're trying to fix an issue you haven't experienced yet. My main issue is still that I think people are waiting for a long term prison community. And even though your argument is pretty strong: Even though your right and long-term prisoners will be able to go there. I still believe that it's just not the same. County jail is mostly for people with short-term sentences (max 2-5 years) and people who got open/pending court cases. So it will consist of players who are normally RPing on the street and get caught and have to serve (....whatever the new sentences will be) before they get released again, so it's in and out and no such thing as an actual community will form. And yes there's gang prisoners who group up but barely prison gangs. The criminals you're aiming at with your argument is mostly: messengers from prison gangs, snitches, criminals avoiding being locked up with certain people in a correctional facility. I believe there is people who wouldn't mind actually roleplaying (an alt-)character who serves long-term prison sentences. For example the la eMe faction. And white gangs who would like to form the AB. In this case there will be an active community of consistent players. I'm pretty sure it's unavoidable that this will be part of the server as well in the future and people just think the player count is too low for that right now. But me personally would rather see the focus go to that correctional facility than a county jail. Anyway just expressing my personal thoughts, and am still excited for this project though so let's see how this goes and mostly good luck!
  8. Triple-J

    Do you use mods? Maybe you modded the handling file.
  9. Unfortunately my previous post has been deleted, caused by an unnecessary joke about my faction. Apologies for that. But I still want to get my point across and my question answered, so here it is again: I feel like this issue can easily be solved by either: - Having different "yard-time" hours and at least not locking women up with males in one cell. - Having a big fence dividing the cellblock instead of having 2 cell blocks for women and men. Also my question, does this mean we also get a correctional facility/high security prison in time? Props for all the hard work, but I feel people want to develop a long term prison community rather than roleplaying low-lifes serving short term sentences which the police station serves perfectly for.
  10. Honestly, I feel like the server actually doesn't lack in criminal female RPers.. Even if it does JTM dykes will make up for it lol. But for real though, I feel like this issue is still easy to solve by either: - Dividing one cellblock in half by a big fence instead of housing women and men in different cell blocks. - Or at least put females in different cells than men and let them have different "yard-time" hours. Question: Does this mean that the server eventually gets a correctional facility/prison as well in time? I honestly feel like people are really waiting for a place where they can roleplay their Prison gang characters for long term stay, so they can actually create a prison ecosystem with active players rather than low life criminals with short sentences which the police station is perfect for. Don't get me wrong still very excited for this update and props for all of the hardwork!
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    Damnn yea it was.. remember some interactions with 626 as well. He still playin?
  14. Triple-J

    Yessir. I cannot stress this enough. Right now the drugs market which heavily increases how enjoyable criminal RP is, is kind of non existing. I've been told that there are mushrooms And apparently there is MDMA. I've never encountered those in the server even though I try to be involved in as much criminal RP as I can. Right now it's even hard to find heroin.. While playing on my drug-addict alt. character. This shouldn't be so hard to find, but yet I've been to every streetcorner in LS the past week. I guess I'll have to try Paleto and Sandy shores and find meth instead as at least I'm seeing meth being used on screenshots. Anyway either there needs to be more transparency about the drug system or the guide needs to be updated, because it says there is just weed, coke, meth and heroin in the guide: All i could find was this post where it states that new drugs have been added: And that drugs can be renamed in the future of developing the items system. I don't quite see how that works? /rename cocaine crack?? /rename cocaine weed?? Does that mean the newly created item called weed has the same health and visual effects as cocaine? And am glad to see you naming 'Lean'. As this is the second most-used drug roleplay-wise but it isn't even available script-wise (as far as I know). Also would like to add psychadelic drugs such as '2C-B, LSD, PCP and mushrooms'. Even though someone told me they're already there script-wise. And like I stated before I would love it if the visual effect for psychadelic drugs would actually take 20-30 minutes instead of 2-5 minutes. So you can really roleplay tripping hard while walking around Los Santos, seeing the beautiful visual effects. Stated that before in this topic which your suggestion would be a great addition to:
  15. Triple-J

    +1. Or just make it so that when you call for a vehicle insurance, it basically takes 15 minutes before it's activated.