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  1. Sami

    I also want to add, there was a clear bias here. I call one person a faggot as a JOKE which was taken OUT OF CONTEXT (he lied) , I don't many direct insults to anyone at all, yet I get perm banned. He calls me a faggot multiple times, lies to admins, lies to everyone involved, he gets a verbal warning. What about the admins who treated me like I was 5 years old? And even Estes can back that up, because he had fun ripping into eyebrows the other night.
  2. Sami

    Date of ban: 12/03/2019 Ban reason: Long history of toxic attitude, inability to separate IC from OOC. [Forum Report] Explanation: So first of all, I'm not sure where all of these factors are coming from, if it is from the forum report, or from the situation in-game. Forum Report: "Lying to staff" - I have never lied to staff, been banned, warned, or kick for anything similar to it, I did not lie once on that forum report. You claimed that there where multiple points that they brought up where I have lied to staff and I'd really like to hear them. "Ever since you have returned you have caused drama in two factions" - I did not cause drama in two factions, I made one report about a situation that I believed was flawed, my attitude was fine and everything was dealt with IC. They told me to speak to FM if I had an issue, after speaking to Atiku I saw that what they did was not wrong. I was CKed by another faction, whilest there was an OOC rule in the faction where they would need a 50% vote to CK me, as I also was the leader and essentially set-up the faction. In-fact the other faction leader said, and I quote "I am a powerhungry jew, You're not making the faction thread, I am" Concidering there was no faction, the CK was not valid. I argued it, and eventually conversation went from personality to personality, the things I said to Estes on discord where relevent to our friendship, not the situation. "You had a situation where something negative happened to your character and you did everything you could OOC to get out of it." If a situation where, somebody comes to rescue somebody else, however drives over 30mph on a dirt road, running over the person he's trying to protect, not to mention the fact he knew where we where being unknown. Should not result in a report, then alright, however I don't see that as me trying to get out if it OOC, I gave my weapon over ect. If anyone was trying to get out of anything, it was the person who I should be reporting. This happened twice, the second time the person drove into the side of a van going over 30 on a dirt road. Here are the two GIF's of this, just incase I'm lying: https://gyazo.com/a5bc68cae666da7fb1630b215e7f2d50 https://gyazo.com/7e6fe23730a73d49b7fd2f2b40a8f5a3 For the way I spoke ingame, I was told I had a "dire" attitude, I'll post the chat log, because in my opinion I didn't act offensively. Where yes, there have been times where I have brought and IC issue OOC, and I'm not going to deny it, that warranting a full permenent ban, and not one person coming to speak to me, telling me how to actually act, is just not right in my opinion. I guarantee if I CKed someone for the same reason Roberto CKed Miguel (For getting arrested, and shouting), and I did the things Fernando and Cristobal did, I would be banned instantly without saying a word OOC. It's obvious none of the admins like me, and that's fair enough, I can be a prick. But I can't control my anger, and I do try, but when I recieve no support from the people who have signed up to support the community, instead essentially being picked on, it's not fair. Here is the chat log. (he rams the van) I really don't see how my attitude was "dire", yes, I could of been more calm, but I wasn't rude, I wasn't in any way shape or form offensive, I was just stressed out about the situation, when an admin says they're going to watch over a situation, then someone breaks ANOTHER rule and they don't see it? How am I meant to react? That's all I have to say, I know I won't be unbanned but this genuinly isn't fair, an AJail, a warning, even a few weeks ban for it, yes, but this is honestly just not right. You disregard the week long RP I had where I employed more then 15 people, I ran businesses, I created RP opportunities for people, but for this, it's like I've shot a man. Evidence:
  3. So initially, I really don't like the fact Profit has lied through out this whole thing. So, as you can see from the report, I did not know Braylon was going to be there, it was not revolving him. I did not take this OOC, Braylon did. I was CKed at around 10:30pm, so you can see what happened via the time stamps. I found out about the /b he wrote talking shit about me at 6:46, I sent him a message that eyebrows sent to me to let him know about the future of the faction. In my opinion this came out of nowhere, and there was no need for it - I spoke to him once ingame on Angel, and that was complementing his watch. I'm the one who brought him into the cartel because I liked him, and I liked his RP. I thought we where friends all the way up to this situation. The WHOLE situation was taking OOC because I was extremely confused as to why I was CKed. I've spoken to eyebrows, and I've reported the staff member that was directly involved for allowing the CK to take place. I messaged Estes, and he continued to play the high horse, narcissistic card, which frustrated me. Estes is aware of my anger management issues, and I believe he did this to bring that out of me. Every word exchanged between me and Estes where separate to this, for me, it was more about him as a person then it was his actions IC. I felt betrayed as anyone would, and I was very confused into the situation. He was my friend yet he broke our own faction rules to remove me from the Cartel which is something that I took OOC because the rule was set OOC. I knew I couldn't trust Estes from when it was Manuel Montez and Sami Zubani, due to his constant degrading remarks about multiple people on the server, including the admins that he loves now because he's trying to become a genuine faction. I reported Profit Prophet on the actions of which occurred out of the blue today, for the /b, and the discord messages. He's lied 3 times, saying that I have constantly messaged him for 24 hours, when we can see I messaged him 3 times between the CK and the situation that happened today. One of the messages was a compliment, and the other two I sent to actually try and help him. The Jayden Hernandez message was a message I sent when I was still the leader and it was an IC document on a hit I wanted him to perform. I understand I said somethings yeah, but I said these things not so much to do with the CK, but to do with Estes as a person and throughout our brief friendship. I honestly just don't think lying in a report is the best way to go huh?
  4. Like I said @Estes You're not involved in the situation, I don't understand why you think you're needed AND wanted in every situtation? Take a chill pill and don't get involved in something for once.
  5. You've made this about the CK and the faction, when in reality it is about what happened not even an hour ago. I let it go, you try now, or are you all upset that you made a woopsy by CKing your two most active members and now you only have 2?
  6. Okay, so you've provided screenshots that are taken out of context to mislead. @Estes You're trying to revolve it around yourself again, but this time it's not working. I told two people I didn't trust you, I told Sarah about the times you talked absolute shit about her, I don't give a fuck about anyone else. Also claiming I told someone to pick their name is also very stupid, she used a name generator. @MrDanzo3000 I came to the store to apply for a job, and go from there, I didn't come to the store to start on anyone, otherwise I fucking would of maybe? Saying that I came to provoke anyone is absolutely stupid, the screenshots of the events are shown. @Profit Prophet First of all, you've used that screenshot completely out of context, it was a joke and we all know it was a joke, screenshot the previous and after messages please. I started the faction with Estes, I recruited the first people. I was also the leader. We made a rule, that it also requires a 50% vote to CK me, however he disregarded that, therefore breaking my trust. Two out of three people are not involved in this report, and honestly the whole situation is flawed. You CKed me for a terrible reason, ending my character's development, I know for a fact that Estes is powerhungry, as he has said it to me multiple times.
  7. Sorry to keep spamming the replies, but I want to add: Angel has only seen Braylon twice. One time briefly just now, where he didn't say one word. Another time at the gun store, where Angel commented on his watch, saying it was nice. Both times a coincidence, there was no way for me to even know he was there.
  8. Date of incident: 12/03/2019 Rules broken: 1.0 Your ingame name: Angel Guemez Names of witnesses (if applicable): Isabela Quesada Explanation of the incident (250 word limit): Not sure how this will be looked at, but in my opinion it's fucking wrong. So yesterday I was the leader of a cartel with another guy, Braylon's alt Rey was in this. They made a poor decision, and decided to CK me, but that's a story for another day - regardless, I got CKed, made a new character all was good. This new character is a petty thief, and comes from a gang culture, however doesn't directly affiliate with anyone. His girlfriend Isabela Quesada got an interview for a job at Vangelico, so Angel went there aswell, to try and get a job so he would rob the place from the inside, filling a van and then selling either to a buyer, or to people on the street. So I set it all up, it was all going well, until Braylon came into Vangelico (after I entered) and decided to say nothing, I was rejected the job so I left and in OOC started to talk about my previously CKed character. He's convinced it was revolving him, however it wasn't, and he decided to make several homophobic remarks over discord to my friend. Again, I'm not sure if this will actually be valid, but I still think it's a fucked up thing and it's defiantly being rude and slandering my name for absolutely no reason. Evidence:
  9. Sami

    I can't remember, basically I was at work and I took a picture of me with all of the manafacturing employee's who I've known since I was litteraly about 1 and a half, and I took the piss saying they're my sweatshop workers. I've known them since I was young, I make the joke with them myself. I think it was because they're actually Asian, and no one really knew that I am close to them.
  10. UCP / Login Name: Sami Character Name: Miguel Arango Items & Amount: 1x Empty 5 pin safe Lost Exact time and date: 14:25pm(ST) Reason: I did an interior change request, accepted by @Morning, I didn't realise I had to let you guys know that there was a safe in there. I have a screenshot of the safe here below. Evidence: (Our house was compromised by police so everything in the safe was emptied, there was nothing in the safe, this is just the only evidence I have of actually owning it )
  11. Character Name: Miguel Arango Forum Name: Sami Discord Name: Sami#4180 Property ID: 1871 Property Type (House/Business): House Current interior ID: Apartment 7 Number of Interior You Want on the List: 12 Price of Interior: $20,000 Location of Property: 111B Fudge Ln, El Burro Heights Screenshot of the Exterior of your house: I, SAMI, have the cash on hand and I am ready to receive the property request change. I agree to all the rules and understand that I may be subject to denial/punishment if I disobey the rules.
  12. UCP / Login Name: Sami Character Name: Miguel Arango Items & Amount: 1x Combat Pistol Lost Exact time and date: 7:35pm (ST) Reason: The server timed out, when I logged back in I selected the wrong character, then when I did /changechar it put me onto the new character but in the same location as the old one. I called an admin (FullyCanadian) to TP me to the factory, then I realised it was gone. He asked if it was equipped when it crashed, and it was. Evidence: BOUGHT FROM LEVI PETERSON: 6:35PM (ST) (Bought x2 Combat Pistol) TOOK OUT OF PROPERTY: 7:10PM (ST)
  13. Sami

    Fair enough then, I'll just not RP taking my guns out anymore lmfao