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  1. Great opening, thanks to everyone who attended! See you next weekend! www.clubfusion.cf for bookings or private parties!
  2. Serpico

    There is literally rules against people not role playing fear, so its a non issue. I do not support a CK for every kill, I support trusting people and allowing admins to do their jobs. LEO's would have nothing to do and probably quit because nothing exciting will happen and lets be real, we're all here to have fun and do things we wouldn't do or be able to do in real life for fun. There has to be a balance between fun and realism, PK's are considered them dying in that particular scene. No need to give griefers tools to have more of an impact. Its not hard for trolls, ban evaders or players who play GTA RP to grief others to join this server just to CK people for fun. In an ideal world yes CKs could be fun and exciting, but this is not an ideal world and it will be abused / cause more issues.
  3. If anyone needs help with their project, interior locations, ids or tips, feel free to send me a PM, ill be happy to help.
  4. Yes! Thanks everyone who helped + gtaw!, can't wait for Menyoo imports and the rage update to sort streaming objects!
  5. Menyoo was used to test the layout / location, but this interior was 100% done with in-game furniture. Furniture cost: Roughly $350,000 to $400,000+, 580 objects! Images Video while the club was closed: Fusion Business Page Fusion Website
  6. Serpico

    81 never give up
  7. Hey, Is there anyway to make the UCP Property applications say 'Awaiting Admin Response' instead of 'Awaiting User Response' after you post a reply. It says 'Awaiting Users Response' after you post a reply to your application. It would be more clear if it could say 'Awaiting Admin Response' once the applicant responds, I and others thought the applications were bugged since it still said awaiting user response after we responded. The system still works and admins can see our replies, so its not too important, but it would be more clear if it can be changed, please and thanks. PS, great job with UCP applications, keep up the good work! ? Kind regards
  8. Serpico

    Speak to me or be banned
  9. Serpico

    Friendly guy, always willing to help, good luck, legend!
  10. Serpico

  11. Serpico

  12. Serpico

    Vespucci Johnny meets with an under boss of the Luppinos at Vespucci to discuss current and future business opportunities in the area.
  13. Serpico

    Great idea, interior RP needs music for some sort of atmosphere. If its possible, definitely do it, a lot of people don't have CEF turned on.
  14. Serpico

    Kick Ups Johnny collects the weekly kick ups and meets with the Luppinos consigliere, to deliver the money.
  15. Serpico

    Publicity Auto Exotic garage, one of the Luppinos fronts, host a car show and drag racing event at an abandoned airstrip in the Grand Senora Desert. The garage sponsored the event and paid out a, $20,000 prize pool, they also hired a food truck for the event. Patron, a mechanic at the garage took first place in the drag racing event, winning $10,000. A yellow Sentinel took first place, for best car at show. Auto Exotic congratulated the winners and thanked everyone who participated. The garage is planning to host a rally event next weekend, where drivers will use the same vehicle and be timed around Alamo lake.