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  1. iAMTemple

  2. iAMTemple

    Always brings the feels..
  3. iAMTemple

    Yeah - It looks amazing on NaturalVision tbh. IMHO it's the best one out right now.
  4. iAMTemple

    Why is it such a pain in the butt to find the proper attributes to port your character?! 😭
  5. U P D A T E S APR/16/2019 | Version 1.0 Added new website UI & Navigation Fixed multiple numbers of bugs R O A D M A P APR/20/2019 | Web Version 1.1 We aim to fix responsive-ness with mobile phones by then APR/30/2019 | CP Version 0.5B Testing for "Online Orders" will begin with Control Panel version 0.5 Beta MAY/28/2019 | CP Version 0.9PB We hope to have the Control Panel available for public testing by May 28th
  6. iAMTemple

    (( @Yung Bango Mad jelly! Better hire me to DJ bruh 😉 - BTW - Pics aren't working! ))
  7. iAMTemple

  8. I am looking to contract an experienced and credible business attorney for my companies. Looking for a consultation as soon as possible! Please give me, Tony, a call at 8-531-2005 Thank you, Anthony Debowe
  9. iAMTemple

    What you're failing to understand is that the Teamspeak LSPD uses is strictly for IC ONLY. You literally get bitched out if you talk bs that's not pertaining to LSPD guidelines. The TS is used as a /RADIOCOM/ not just to "speak to each other". You might as well suggest for GTAW to be a VRP server at this point.