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Chargeback scammer
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  1. Aye! respect my boy... im from Lil Havana myself. stay up king. Miami shit.

  2. iAMTemple

    Try opening the game without anything else running in the background.
  3. iAMTemple

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  5. iAMTemple

    This show is 100% THE SHIT. Watched the whole season all in one. I suggest some PD officials on this server to watch this show. 😛
  6. iAMTemple

    You're not FORCED to pay, therefore, you're not paying for a service. You get "extras" based on donations, but you're not forced to pay anything. Might want to brush up on your economics there. xD
  7. iAMTemple

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  9. iAMTemple

  10. Dear RAVERS, Groove Productions (formerly R.A.V.E Events) is reaching out to the electronic music lovers of Los Santos to voice their opinion! We are curious to what our fellow party goers and patrons are mostly into within the spectrum of Electronic Dance Music! We ask you to please cast your vote to which genre/subgenre you prefer to hear for future events! oops... Did that just leak out? ?? Cheers my fellow ravers! Party hard, live it fully! - Tony Tone ** COMMENTS WOULD BE DISABLED FOR THIS POST ** (( Any comments made IC will be ignored and should not be a source of discussion based on the nature of an enclosed poll. ))
  11. iAMTemple

    HOW TO USE THE NOTE SYSTEM So it took me a minute to figure out how the note system worked since there was no official guide for it aside from Nervous's video - So I decided I'd help out those who don't know how they work. In this guide, I will walk you through where to buy notes (this is obvious, though) - and how to utilize them to your advantage. 1) BUY A NOTE Walk up to any 24/7 and buy a note by pressing Y in the shop. ** 1 Note costs $50 and the weight is 50 Grams per. ** 2) GIVE THE NOTE A NAME Once you have the note in your inventory, the first step would be to give it a name with the following command. /note ID name ID is the ID number that the note is within your inventory. ( /inv to view your inventory ) Name is the name to be given to the note. You can add spaces. (Screenshot w/ Examples) | THIS IS THE COMMAND . . . (Make sure to keep "name" all lowercase) | IF YOU DID IT RIGHT YOU WILL GET THIS MESSAGE . . . | THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE AFTER YOU NAME THE NOTE . . . 3a) CREATE A TEXT NOTE /note ID content YOUR TEXT HERE | THIS IS THE COMMAND . . . (Make sure to keep "content" all lowercase) | IF DONE RIGHT . . . | USE COMMAND /useitem [noteid] . . . Remember it's the ID of the inventory item 3b) CREATE A IMAGE NOTE (FLYER) The process you go through with the text notes will be the same for the images, The only difference is you will post an Imgur link instead of text. /note ID content imgurl THIS IS THE COMMAND . . . (Make sure to keep "content" all lowercase) +++++++ AN IMAGE SHOULD APPEAR LIKE THIS +++++++ TO EXIT FROM THE FLYER/NOTE VIEWER, PRESS F4 ---------------------------------------------------- And that's pretty much it. Any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  12. iAMTemple

  13. iAMTemple

    Half of what you said is true. Pawnshop is actually VERY profitable, and I've made a good profit myself. However, the pawn loans were never used because everyone just wants to cash in and sell everything they have for quick cash. And if they don't want to sell, just like you said.. "Let's add this to our list of chain robberies and rob the pawnshop because people rob pawnshops all the time in real life, bro!"
  14. iAMTemple

    230 players online *I advertise Capital Pawnshop* [90% of people who walk in want to rob me] Good game.
  15. iAMTemple

    Offering 170