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  1. A mouse is a laser beam too. If you put a skilled PC player versus a skilled Console player, who wins? The PC player.
  2. No, the controller’s aim assist actually makes sense and isn’t an instant headshottan infinirange cheat.
  3. It’s not an advantage if the K+M ‘Marksman’ doesn’t suck.
  4. Call me a heretic or a dirty play-to-winner but I think the controller’s aim assist is perfectly fine. It’s a universal equalizer: just because you’re not skilled enough for Counter Strike with a K+M combo doesn’t mean your character should be as totally defenseless in a gunfight against someone who is. Plus the controller’s aim assist isn’t good at all for ranged fights.
  5. Dusty tenants evicted, not many left at all that have been around in the last few days. Mostly emptied out.
  6. Currently closed. Will update if there's a change.
  7. Info: 803 Hawick Avenue, Downtown Vinewood. Los Santos, San Andreas. 2 bedroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room and 1 bathroom. This property is for EXCLUSIVE renters only. Once someone is renting, it is no longer available. If you want a room-mate, it can be negotiated. Renter should have good credit. Preferably a job with long hours. Your own furniture allowed. $1000/cycle. Contact: 84142187, FaceBrowser, e-mail.
  8. After some finangling with the state and a previous owner, the garage is now fully open to renters at an extra cost of $50/cycle. You must first rent from the home to be able to have keys to the garage. Pictures added to primary post.
  9. Jain

    The 'temporary manager' position has now officially closed. Now there is simply a 'head manager' position available, details are the same albeit without the time restriction.
  10. Jain

    Job opportunity with Star Light! Temporary manager. While I prefer to run this place hands-on, I'm going to be out of the country for a full week. Rather than let the place collect dust, I'd be happy to have someone run it in my stead. Your earnings will be percentage based and collected upon my return. More than likely a lion's share of the coffers depending on: Your qualifications. Your personality and drive. Praise or criticism from the clientele. And how much you made for the business. Training will be provided. Contact me with one of the methods in the original post. If your performance is exceptional, it may even become a full time position if you're interested.
  11. Star Light Vinewood Community Center GPS available as "Star Light" Entry fee: $250 Though we are a community center, Vinewood does not host us for free. Minors, get a parent or guardian's money for entry and snacks - but you can play activities for free with a barista-given golden coin. All others must use their own coins for machine activities. Pictured: basketball arcade machine, ping pong table (ask barista for paddle and ball), karaoke machine/jukebox. Pictured: equally stocked alcoholic and non-alcoholic bar, equipped with candy, courtesy potato chips, available trail mix and jelly beans. Fountain drinks, slushies and coffees are on tap - energy drinks are in stock along with locally sourced soft drinks and juices. Dining area with snacks, vending machines, paper plates, napkins, toaster, microwave and a 'true kitchen' area beyond on the left. Through the right set of doors in the previous picture leads to a locker area where guests can place away any belongings while they stay, ask barista for key. Bathrooms. Left is ladies, right for lads. If non-conforming, use whichever you're more comfortable with. Upstairs from the main foyer we have a billiards table, air hockey table, another seating arrangement (with hackey-sack ball visible, jump-rope underneath) as well as two true arcade machines - House of the Dead IV and Mortal Kombat II - minors: parental advisory required for both games, rated M by ESRB. Computer lab with access to internet, filter enabled, no pornography or terroristic web-sites allowed, also a community center intranet chatroom with LAN capabilities as well as several installed, optimized games: Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike 1.6, Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament 2004, StarCraft, Worms Armageddon. If you have requests for new games, take them to management. Both above and below are pictures of the activities room, more info to follow below. The activities room is sound-proofed from the foyer, leading to a closed space of creativity or recreation. Included are several movies picked for crowd enjoyment, comedies, action, and horror - as well as a four-player split-screen capable game console (no screen-looking please). However the better activities are the available hands-on arts and crafts - we have coloring books, watercolors, sketchpads, paint easels and appropriate canvas. Last but not least the community round-table. Schedule meetings, discussions or just talk amongst yourselves in our relaxing lounge. We hope to see you soon. Contact: 84142187, FaceBrowser, e-mail.
  12. New tenants who used the e-lease option should contact me at their earliest convenience to set up a meet & greet.
  13. Info: 109 Amarillo Vista, El Burro. Los Santos, San Andreas. 2 bedroom, 1 kitchen, 1 living room, 1 dining room, 1 bathroom and 1 store-room. Has back-door and small back-yard, patio. XMR radio. Your own furniture allowed. $150/cycle. Contact: 84142187, FaceBrowser, e-mail.