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  1. VisioningHail

    Username: Joshua1999 Comment: down with the capital owners freedom for the proletariat!
  2. VisioningHail

    Dude, take a step back from this lmao, for one I don't think you completely got what I wrote and second of all you are getting super heated over this
  3. VisioningHail

    The intentions behind this suggestion are good, but as pretty much everybody has said, I think this is really futile, if you can't separate yourself from your character, I don't think a name-tag above their head is going to help.
  4. VisioningHail

    Looking to buy a house in the Nikola Circle, budget of around $650,000. E-mail me if you've got a house for sale. Thank you!
  5. VisioningHail

    I'm offering 130.
  6. VisioningHail

    Well I don't think there is much that hasn't been covered in this thread, the way the poll was done though was kinda deceptive lol
  7. VisioningHail

    Really well written guide! I think a lot of us fall into the pitfall of confusing wall of text /me's as quality roleplay
  8. VisioningHail

    We are back with a great kicker, and we've also opened our Facebrowser page! https://face.gta.world/Lucky7
  9. VisioningHail

  10. VisioningHail

    This thread has surprisingly not become a trainwreck yet lmao. The scales seem a tad bit off tbqh
  11. VisioningHail

    Open tonight!
  12. VisioningHail

    Opening tonight!
  13. VisioningHail

    Opening tonight, continuing our raffle with the Couqette.
  14. VisioningHail

    Shady logbook aside, I'm offering $160,000.
  15. VisioningHail

    Brand new car about to get raffled tomorrow night!