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  1. VisioningHail

    Just to make sure the game you are betting on is the PHI 76sers vs the MIN Timberwolves, right?
  2. VisioningHail

    New bets on the NBA and NFL.
  3. VisioningHail

    Brand new new bets on the Premier League
  4. VisioningHail

    New bets on the Premier League!
  5. VisioningHail

    Short description: Give some useful hotlines numbers such as the police, the non-emergency number, taxi number and mechanics number from /call. Detailed description: Pretty much as said. Commands to add: /call Items to add: Showing us numbers for things like the non-emergency number, taxi number, mechanics, etc. How would your suggestion improve the server? I'd be way easier to find the number for the mechanics, non-emergency or taxi number, increasing people using those services with basically no downsides Aditionnal information: N/A
  6. VisioningHail

    Still for sale!
  7. VisioningHail

    New games on the Premier League and UEFA Champions League!
  8. VisioningHail

  9. VisioningHail

    Character Name: Michael Browman Forum Name: VisioningHail (Discord Name?): Patrick#4648 Property ID (of your house): 976 Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): ID 26 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 3202 Mirror Park Screenshot of the exterior of your house/garage:
  10. VisioningHail

    Updated bets on the Premier League & La Liga!
  11. VisioningHail

    There used to be a poker script in the server but it was removed early on from what I remember. Probably for the best though since the poker script was in absolute shambles, an updated poker script would be cool though, something like LS-RPs version
  12. VisioningHail

    Yeah nah that is too much of an RPG like feature imo rather than something for a proper RP server