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  1. VisioningHail

    Great night tonight, thank you all for coming, we're opening this Sunday as-well, see you there!
  2. VisioningHail

    Tonight at 9PM!
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    Updated bets for Saturday's night matches!
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    New games on the Los Sanots MMA season!
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    Opening tonight at 9PM.
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    We're opening tomorrow night at 9PM! With a chance to win this beautiful Zion!
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    Ready to win big? Tonight at 9PM!
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  11. VisioningHail

    I think it would be best if property management would handle the sales of aircraft instead, like a general request.
  12. Donator features are a point of contention on most roleplay servers. Some people feel like all donator features should be stripped out and free for everybody. While that is a nonsense idea, a server needs money to run, and there needs to be incentives behind donating. However, I and many players now feel like the incentives to donating put non-donators at a heavy disadvantage. We are at the point where there needs to be an open and good faith discourse on what the place of the VIP system is in GTA: World. I myself believe that the VIP system has crossed the line from cool features that are not needed to essential items to succeed with your character and create proper roleplay. The first part of this stems from /bad. Now /bad has been a point of contention in the community for quite some time, and Nervous has laid out reasons why bad is limited to a donator only feature. These points in my opinion aren't very good. For one, Los Santos in GTA: San Andreas is waaay smaller than in GTAV, and had a lot more landmarks to make a business easily identifiable (the mall, Main-street, ASGH), and the districts were far more compact, making it easier to find a business if only the district name was given. Secondly, you don't need to have a blip for your business to work because we've managed all this time on SAMP is a bad point, because everybody on SA-MP was on a level playing field, without /bad. This is the equivalent of only giving street gangs pistols and giving one street gang mini-guns and saying "You've managed to deal drugs and run your gang fine all this time with just pistols!" And thirdly, the administration team will now manage /ad and /cad abuse, so is it much of a stretch to ask administration to curb /bad abuse? However, this isn't my main point of contention, you could potentially skirt around /bad by hiring an advertiser and such, my bigger problem is with the new cooldowns on /ad. This in my opinion completely un-warranted restriction that seems little more than an attempt for more VIP subscriptions. The official reason is to curb spam however the 6 minute cool-down timer was more than enough to curb spam, and we all know that spam wasn't coming from non-donator players, its coming from club and other venue owners with VIP subscriptions. If people truly wanted to curate spam, this will do little to help. As I've said, I do understand the server needs money, and I'm not against premium only features, however we've crossed the line from premium only features to non-premium restrictions. There are many more features that could be added to VIP players that would incentive more people to donate (e.g new VIP only sports/super-cars and such). This thread isn't meant as a slight towards management, I hope that this thread will instead create a meaningful dialogue between the playerbase and the management of the server and hope it won't devolve into mean-spirited or bitter debates.
  13. There needs to be a much deeper discussion on the P2W creep we've been seeing. 20 minutes per ad is incredibly disadvantageous to a business owner or any player that wants to advertise. Its gotten to the point that VIP is mandatory to be have successful entrepreneur character in GTA:World. There are many good ways to incentivise players to donate without this, such as the VIP features LS:RP has.
  14. VisioningHail

    That's a terrible idea. It completely neuters any way of getting a small business or unique event any exposure. Its unfeasible to expect players to check Facebrowser or Discord to see if anything is open. Also I agree with the original post, 20 minutes to post an ad is just ridiculous.