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    Interested in Texas Hold'em? We are hosting private poker games with various buy-ins! Send us an e-mail if you'd like to participate ((forum PM)).
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    Nightlife, Reimagined. WELCOME There are many things to be said about La Puerta Del Sol Casino, there is a sense of refinement which comes from it. Where once you step through that door, your dreams are not too far from the corner. Your chance to become a king or queen within a single roll of the dice is a chance for everyone of all walks of life. A friendly smile from our staff is a welcoming sight as each one is as enthusiastic as the next to greet you and care for you on your own personal level. There is a feeling like no other like La Puerta Del Sol Casino, where our decor is as grand as the games which we offer you. With our games like Roulette and Blackjack, you will never find yourself unsure of what to do. Not only that, but with our professional staff and quality items, everything is ready-made for your enjoyment. Our bar is open for you to savor, sit back and enjoy your earnings over the finest drinks in Los Santos, after all, you are the winner here and you deserve to treat yourself as such. A chance to meet face to face with the heart and soul of Los Santos, new friends at every-table, new lovers waiting at the bar. The only thing which is missing, is you. LOCATED GAMING La Puerta Del Sol will be opening its doors with brand new games never before had live in Los Santos, classics such as blackjack, and roulette, and potentially, poker and slots. All our games are regulated with generous payouts and some of the finest and well trained dealers in all of Los Santos. Here to support you hand to hand if need be. ROULETTE BLACKJACK VIP Interested in higher stakes games and a private helicopter ride straight to the casino? We have partnered with Los Santos Aviation to offer you private helicopter rides! With further access to a whole private floor with higher staked blackjack games and on demand drinks you are sure to get your moneys worth and be treated like royalty! Our rates start at $7,500 with everything listed there! E-mail us for further inquiries ((forum PM))
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    Some of the problems faced by businesses in Los Santos can be blamed on the economy sure, people don't have as much of a disposable income as they do on a server like LS-RP, however, blaming your business shortcomings solely on the economy is silly. While the economy could in some ways be improved, the current economy is still very business friendly, and most of the blame can be put on mismanagement of the businesses. The goal of every businesses is to monetize their customers, to ask, how can we extract more and more money from our customers? How do we build brand recognition of our club over all the other clubs that litter Los Santos? All these questions improve your revenue stream and aren't tied to the economy in anyway. Host different events, encourage people to spend more at the bar, VIP packages, build a social media presence, cut spending, etc are all things you can do to increase the revenue from the customer. In my opinion entrance fees alone shouldn't cover the cost of opening a club or bar, Throwing the blame of bad revenue on the economy alone is just a cop out excuse on looking deeper into the problems of someones business. The truth is, the clubs that can't answer the questions above fail in real life as-well, as they do in Los Santos.
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    New bets for tonight and this weekend!
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    Part I: Personal Information: Character Name (and thread if one exists): Michael Browman Faction Name (and thread if one exists): N/A Discord Name: Patrick#4648 Scripts Wanted? (Yes/No): No Part II: Property Information: Property Name: La Puerta Del Sol Casino Location of your request: La Puerta Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): Property Interior 200 Exterior screenshots of the requested property: Reason for this request (You may go in detail): Michael has been involved in Los Santos gambling for quite a while with his bookmaking business, Lucky7. It's been a good earner for him and Michael has been established as a trustworthy pillar in the LS gambling/gaming community. One of his many ambitious plans was to go ahead and open Los Santos' first casino. For a while it seemed like a pipe dream, he'd bounced around some leads for potential investors, but they were either not committed to the project or lied about their wealth. It would take Michael years to amass the capital needed to open a flagship casino, and it's a shame, because Michael has noticed the lack of diversity in night-life that Los Santos desperately needs, something different from the bar, nightclub or strip-club, something that would also give the city an air of class to it. However, Michael caught a lucky break. In a series of talks with the city government and after presenting the business plan to mayor Rockford, the city agreed to partially finance the construction and some running costs of the casino. After the talks were done Michael started hiring multiple people who would be key in helping the casino run smoothly. A casino manager, a head of security and then he started individually vetting the card dealers the casino would need, ensuring that they can entertain and socialize with players at a table. The hope & plan for La Puerta Del Sol Casino is to become one of Los Santos' main attractions and landmarks. We'll be doing this through carefully curating our dealers and games and giving our customers unique experiences and quality games We plan to completely revamp the current crisis Los Santos has with it's gambling, to bring citizens of Los Santos to a safe and legal place where they can gamble their money without predatory practices. We also hope to add new casino games never before seen in Los Santos, roulette and potentially private Texas Hold'em. In an effort to re-imagine card games in Los Santos, we'll be bringing six players per table at once blackjack, with the same unadulterated blackjack experience they'd have in somewhere like Las Vegas, with the classic hit & stand, but with adding an extra layer of complexity with double-downs, with six players at once. We also have plans to utilize the convenient helicopter pad right beside the casino in hopes to attract higher class visitors and high-rollers. We have kept in touch with LS Aviation in hopes that they can use their pilots and fleet to pick up and land passengers near our casino, once we get the initial money rolling in this would expand further to come bundled in a VIP package which could include private games at higher stakes. With a property of this scope there are many possibilities for events outside of just a casino, such as a fight night. We'd have a flexible interior, able to be adapted for such a thing like a fight night. Replacing the main floor with a ring and seats all around. I also believe that we need the interior that I've requested above, as none of the interiors currently in the game fit the buildings shape / size, nor serve the purpose of a casino properly. Part III: Business Script: Script(s) Wanted (if none, do not include Part III): N/A Character Backstory: N/A Why your character suits this business: N/A Long Term Plans: N/A Reason for wanting the script, why you deserve it, and how it would aid benefit the server: N/A
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    New bets on the Premier League & Copa Del Rey!
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    Updated games on the Champions League
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    New games on the UEFA Champions League!
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    New games on the Copa Del Rey, La Liga & Premier League!
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    New games for this coming week!