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  1. no one: terrence fogel when he sees his client arrested for federal charges: free blondie (again)
  2. The Schafter LWB is a display, of excellence, opulence and wealth and Germany's finest example of what they can build when they're not at war. This flagship Benefactor is for Benefactors. The long-wheelbase over the normal Schafter V12 pays dividends for rear leg-room for the executive that you are. The Benefactor's air-suspension is built to waft over the potholed roads of Los Santos and the massaged front and rear seats are there to relax you whether you're driving or being driven. The cabin is built like a sound-proof room, the only thing heard inside it is the gentle rumble of the monstrous V12 underneath. The LWB's traction control over the standard V12's makes the car more poised on the road, it doesn't spin its wheels or eat its tires like the regular V12, instead, its civil and mature. The car is currently uninsured and has been barely driven. Four brand new factory tires along with untouched alloy rims. No knocks or rattles, has been carefully serviced and garage kept. Slightly dusty. Asking price of $175,000, negotiable. Contact via e-mails please. The car DOESN'T come with the plates, new ones will be provided on completion of sale. OOC Stats https://i.imgur.com/4fI7IKw.png
  3. Username: Michael Browman Amount Donated: $5 Comment: I am so happy to help the underprivileged people of Los Santos!
  4. I'm also afraid that a less than stellar RPer might get in office but there are ways around that, one could be applying to LFM to get on the ballot (with a plan of RP and policies in office) to secure a spot on it. I'm more afraid if this is going to be an OOC popularity contest or if people are going to vote ICly as their character would, and also how many people would be allowed to vote? One per unique player, one vote per character?
  5. Username: OhGoditsMe Comment: Our mayor leaving us in such trying times, for shame! **This comment was not posted through a VPN lmao you weirdos**
  6. Surely if fashion brands weren't cool (or were aware) with these mods they would've asked GTA-V mods to take down those posts already.
  7. RPing non-lore apparel brands is fine to me since we aren't exactly spoiled for choice on lore brands to RP (unlike cars)
  8. This is literally the problem. The accident had to go through forum reports first so it first of all killed any spontaneity that the Floyd protests had (Floyd wasn't forum reported for powergaming).
  9. What space-ship do we need to get from earth to San Andreas, just curious.
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