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  1. VisioningHail

    I feel like a stock exchange for a small city is a bit unrealistic (the west coast only had one between 2001-2006) and I imagine the amount of coding, background research and implementation is hundreds of hours worth for something quite niche. Its a nice idea in theory but there's so many more things to get done (like server stability...). Plus as others said I don't think there is even much need as most companies can easily get their financing either via their owners or lenders without the need of going public.
  2. VisioningHail

    cheating bastard Los Santos' best Canadian lawyer!
  3. VisioningHail

    To be fair most businesses are either started with little money or with investors, as people mentioned there are many people keen to invest in start-ups on this server. As Big Smokes also chimed, not everybody should initially have the money to start up. While 2 million for one person after 1,000 hours doesn't sound like a lot, imagine what 200 people with 2 million after one thousand hours would do to the server economy, 400 million in new money that's been unaccounted for will just lead up to the inflation of things like entry fees and property prices.
  4. VisioningHail

    Character name: Michael Browman UCP name: VisioningHail (Discord name?): Patrick#4648 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 4669 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): https://i.imgur.com/M9vrOIX.png NOTE - If applicable, please detail which room and floor. Screenshot of teleport entrance: https://imgur.com/a/D7oxYYy Screenshot of teleport exit: https://i.imgur.com/jdFlCfk.png Teleport type (balcony, backdoor, business TP, etc): Business TP (helipad access)
  5. Username: L33tyologamer Comment: nerd
  6. VisioningHail

    My main bone to pick with RPing running a multinational or huge corporation is that there isn't enough of a player-base or an advanced enough economy to support such a company existing unless you gloss over a bunch of details or NPC them. The demand isn't there, the money isn't there, the manpower isn't there and the scale isn't there. And by extension I don't think there is enough money to RP super-filthy rich.
  7. VisioningHail

    Current Vacancies: The Diamonds Casino and Resort is currently in need of blackjack & roulette dealers and bartenders. Forward your e-mails to [email protected] ((forum PM myself)) with a brief outline of yourself and/or resume.
  8. VisioningHail

    Name: Anonymous Email: Anonymous Amount Donated: $50 Message: N/A
  9. VisioningHail

    Licenses are not hard to get, they were much harder to get a year ago. When I applied for the Diamonds licenses we had them sorted in an hour from application. When I ran my old bookies and old casino I made damn well sure all my licenses were up to date. IRL gambling is so messy and touchy that you don't wanna ever mess with licenses.
  10. VisioningHail

    Buyout price, reach me via e-mail so we can schedule this, please. Thanks.
  11. VisioningHail

  12. VisioningHail

    Current Vacancies: Croupiers, Bar-staff and hosts, apply now!
  13. VisioningHail

  14. VisioningHail