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  1. Hal

    Had a fucking blast being apart of this faction, going from a hangaround and putting the work and effort in which eventually led to my character being the VP of the entire club. All in all I've met some top lads in this faction and I can honestly say I'd trust every single one of them and without a doubt the chillest group of people I've ever had the pleasure of roleplaying with. This was pretty much my last thread to the server and I'll feel quite lost playing here without this faction. I won't be losing contact with the boys, we're staying together as a group for a long time whether it's on RP or another game entirely. Bottom line, had a fucking amazing time and we've achieved mad things, the faction development and we became something nobody quite expected. My Gs.
  2. Hal

    edit i never cheated i dont have tv license
  3. Hal

    I cheated on my A Levels
  4. Hal

    Saints News pengting.
  5. Hal

    Pretty solid guide, well made.