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  1. FOR SALE 3224 West Mirror Drive Interior: Price Starting: 300 000$ Buyout: 600 000$ Both MP included))
  2. Up. Will sell it next week.
  3. Info -10miles!!! -Registred Upgrades -HKS GT3-RS Sports Turbine Kit -Koni Sport Suspension Kit -Tarox F2000 Grooved Bespoke Brake Discs & Tarox Strada Performance Brake Pads -Piper Cams Performance Camshaft Kit -MR 5 Speed Dog Engagement Group N Gear Kit ((Turbo:Yes, Suspension 5/4(?),Brakes 3/3,Engine 4/4,transmission 3/3), Alarm 3, lock 3)) Price Buyout:190 000$ Starting price:160 000$ Also looking for trades (Trucks, vans, offroad vehicles, choppers) Contact Mail: [email protected] ((PM))
  4. Hiro*

    You mean this? https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/forum/348-mods-showcase/
  5. Hiro*

    Started with the yard and added "the pit"
  6. Started mapping in GTA over 10 years ago (MTA,SAMP,Map editor and LS-RP furniture system) and now decided to try it in GTA V. Prison Holding cells and control room. 16 cells with 2 beds Hours:36 Objects: under 400 Video: To Do List: [*]Yard [*]Hospital [*]Job area [*]Visitor area [*]Isolation [*] ... Next project: Hospital
  7. Hiro*

  8. Hiro*

    Still going hard after everything? Keep going!
  9. Did my small part. Hopefully it helps.
  10. Hiro*

    //Didn't want to post blank screens today.
  11. Hiro*

    What would stop me transfering money to my alt then?
  12. Hiro*