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  1. Rozi

    It would be very helpful if you could paste this thread on top of yours so it gets more recognition, since your post is basically the first on that page and everyone goes to it if they need help. Also people don't need to worry about guys with bad intentions destroying it, there are multiple backups of it made at all times and it's easy to restore.
  2. Rozi

    I've also had no help, I just experimented, I failed I succeeded. I had a coffee shop, airline (Lost a lot of money on that airline), trucking company, a lot.
  3. Rozi

    Think of this, 1000 hours for 2 million. Doesn't seem a lot? But in 4-5 years the number of players that reached 1000 hours will be very big. That is a HUGE influx of cash into the server out of nowhere. The server is working to get rid of things that are spawning money in the community. Right now if I understand correctly all money for PD comes from the government from fines, taxes and other things. Spawning in 2 million in the economy for every player that reaches 2 million is not okay in any way you look at all. If you roleplay a company and earning money you don't need 1000 hours to make 2 millions. You just need to roleplay. Roleplay roleplay roleplay and you will get rid of all your money problems, if you wish to take your character that way. Let's not forget that the money in IRL savings doesn't just materialise from thin air. Imagine what would happen if all the money in savings IRL would be printed for that specific method. Big inflation.
  4. Rozi

    I'm just going to say a single thing. I didn't grind a single hour on GTA World and made millions.
  5. Rozi

    No, that was one of the parts of LSRP that I hated. Everyone had money because of that and everyone was buying sport cars and shit.
  6. Rozi

    Yes, vehicle spawn logs would also be nice.
  7. A problem with dealership guides in GTA world is that, one player creates them, and then it's a total hassle to update in case prices get changed, new vehicles get added and so on. I thought, instead of putting all that work on a single person or on some admins which can edit the thread themselves, why not let the community handle everything? When a new vehicle gets added, anyone can write it in. When a price gets changed, anyone can update it. Also, this new dealership guide also includes monthly insurance (Again, will need to be filled by players). More details on how to add entries is posted in the spreadsheet. Thank you @Hawken/Moscropp for creating the last GTA World Dealership Price Guide which I used to complete the initial vehicles in the new guide. Any admins that want full edit permissions (Formulas/introduction page) leave me a PM (Also please pin this kthx) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ypKDd5XSo9qEn9NvmaKdiRm6jfPgKCexWzqLiEbu02M/edit#gid=0
  8. Rozi

    Don't have it at the moment but at around 700 infected, Romania went int lockdown. From tomorrow you are only allowed to leave your residence if you either go to work or to buy essential foods.
  9. Rozi

    I'm also having very big FPS problems, I can reach 50 FPS if I'm standing still in an area and there is not much going on. But as soon as I try to drive somewhere, it drops to around 5 FPS. The laptop I'm currently is a clean install of windows with only GTA V installed and in the past it was able to run it just fine. (By the past I mean a couple of years ago, it's my old laptop).