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  1. You do realize the thread is from 2018, yes?
  2. Rozi

    [BUYING] Oracle

    Looking to buy an Oracle. Leave your offers
  3. Username: Angry German Comment: It's Bürgerfahrzeug not Benefactor.
  4. Looking to sell my full option Oracle XS. Offers down below or email.
  5. I'm just going to say something. Why would we want ANYTHING from a dying server? I has been dying and it is dead for a reason ya know?
  6. I agree with Tseard. I don't want nothing from that hellhole here.
  7. Username: boi Comment: Guy did nothing wrong at all, even frisked her down with the back of his hand. Get your head up your fucking asses and go get a fucking job you leeches. *Comment would be made from a throwaway account, this being the only post, email would be one of those 10 minute emails. IP Would lead to a random location in Europe*
  8. I’d never show my id on the internet and risk ot getting leaked in a databreach or something.
  9. Just have a single thing to say here. Go to any vehicle dealership and try to lease a vehicle as a felon. That being said, everything is fine as it is.
  10. Please yes, I love aliases to commands.
  11. To be honest I would like if people couldn't just say they don't want to give consent. I believe that it should be against the rules to refuse CCTV consent without a VALID reason, since 99% of the times when people refuse CCTV it's because they want to win.
  12. Short description: Add /vw as an alias for /vwindow Detailed description: Add /vw as an alias for /vwindow so it can be written faster Commands to add: /vw Items to add: none How would your suggestion improve the server? Would make you waste less time writing longer commands. Additional information:
  13. You're not making any sense, not everyone is making "millions" in a week, trust me, you are clearly trying to blow the profits out of proportion to put them in a bad light. How is it damaging to the economy? It doesn't inflate it in ANY way, there's no money being spawned and no money being moved out of the server, it's just being transferred from one player to another player. I'm not going to lie, property management gave out unrealistic lots to a lot of other people that just don't make sense to be dealerships/properties. The only dealership that is currently active that I've seen properly roleplay is the Octavian one, but the rest...
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