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  1. ThatDutchPerson

    I love every aspect of the game! Currently still with the campaign because I dont play it without streaming (that would spoil the surprised looks!). But the fact that you see these every day problems in this game, tells me Infinity Ward did its best to bring the horrors of modern-dat warfare to the players. Spoilers below, dont click if you dont want. The best of Call of Duty so far, please make this a trilogy.
  2. ThatDutchPerson

    You say it doesnt belong here but can you give me a reason that it doesnt? There is nothing stopping it, if properly executed it could become a huge succes and we have enough players to pull it off. I genuinely think people are just afraid of the old days where “Army RP” was so cringe that it was one big troll, well, we came a long way and we should give it an other shot.
  3. ThatDutchPerson

    Hi everyone, recently Ive been involved in the discussion on what factions we would like to see ingame. My take was a militairy style faction, like a state navy. The idea behind it that it would mostly roleplay drills is somewhat outdated lately. Such a faction would perform sea patrols around its flagship (that aircraft carrier) and acros the state (literal coastguard duties), and they would administer the state’s Airspace (although thats more for the airforce). It does roleplay drills, but it could also heavly assist the LSPD/Government Agencies with cases of domestic terrorism and times of civil unrest (think of the LA Riots). Scenarios such as natural disasters, calling for Search and Rescue help in hard to reach spots and a new perspective in roleplay would come available. Many people said that such a faction doesnt belong in a roleplay server. I do however, with strict OOC and IC guidelines and clear communication in a strong leadership it could become a huge succes. What are your thoughts?
  4. ThatDutchPerson

    Agreed obviously. This is simply abuse, and admins should take actions against this poor portrayal of roleplay.
  5. ThatDutchPerson

    I could do that IF there was a way to know these people their names. Which there isnt.
  6. ThatDutchPerson

    People posting this shit on facebrowser is an OOC issue as its a very poor portrayal of character development and roleplay in general.
  7. ThatDutchPerson

    Hey everyone, so it has been grinding my gears lately, posts that show pictures of cocaine packages with stashes of weed and an AK in the middle with the text in full CAPS, bunny emojis and some weird language no one can understand. Im talking about drug dealers using the site to sell their product. Isnt this not allowed by actually the server rules? Allow me to explain how unrealistic this is; do you ever see people selling their illegal contraband on facebook and twitter openly? No. If you do, then you’re lying. Facebook, twitter, etc... are being actively moderated by teams of expert and they work closely together with local authorities. But on facebrowser the players actually dont care about this, aslong as the money flows in right? People told me to call the LSPD. But I am more convinced this is an OOC issues which requires an OOC resolution. Thoughts?
  8. ThatDutchPerson

    I support this idea so much. I actually discussed this idea elsewhere on a GTA World related discord but it was shot down because ''there is no need for it''. Who cares? At this point in our playerbase we can think of ideas like this. I mean, think of it. Every State of the United States (which we roleplay as) has a National Guard. This isn't the US Militairy, nor a seperate militairy faction. As explained by the website of the National Guard Bureau; ''The Army National Guard exists in all 50 states, three territories and the District of Columbia. The state, territory or district leadership are the Commanders in Chief for each Guard. Their Adjutants General are answerable to them for the training and readiness of the units. At the state level, the governors reserve the ability, under the Constitution of the United States, to call up members of the National Guard in time of domestic emergencies or need. The Army National Guard's state mission is perhaps the most visible and well known. Nearly everyone has seen or heard of Guard units responding to battle fires or helping communities deal with floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, snowstorms or other emergency situations. In times of civil unrest, the citizens of a state can rest assured that the Guard will be ready to respond, if needed.'' People shouted out as reasons for not doing this ''Imagine the army patrolling in an empty city''. Who is talking about patrolling? Whenever I see that reasoning I imagine they never understood what a national guard actually is. As stated above, they are ready to be deployed incase of natural disasters, civil unrest, and hostile actions against the well being of the state. They also fall partially under the governance of the Governor, making sure that bullshit reasons of ''Oh they wont listen to the State as its a federal organisation'' are not legitimate, as they /do/ listen to the governor. People often compare such an idea with ''they will take liberties and jurisdiction from PD!'' first off, people should not, ever, compare a police faction with a militairy faction. They are vastely different; One of them serves and protects the people while the other one fights the enemies of the state. If either one of them becomes both, the enemies of the state tend to become the people. Second, hasnt it ever occured that the liberties and jurisdictions taken from PD would literally be those that it shouldn't have in the first place? People often forget one thing; the militairy does not patrol. The militairy does not enforce the law. The militairy is not a Law Enforcement Organisation like the LSPD. The most obvious exemple of this recently would be the two YouTubers cought behind the borders of Area 51; they werent arrested by the Militairy Police. They were arrested by the Clark County Sheriff's Office, who have legal jurisdiction over the outside borders of the militairy installations including Area 51's borders. The Militairy does not enforce the law, to such an extent, that they wont even do that when people are literally trespassing militairy property. And what if there is a situation the LSPD cant handle? They call up SWAT. What if SWAT cant handle the situation? All is lost because there is /no/ next line of defense. A militairy faction could come to aid ''when SWAT calls 911''. I think the addition of a militairy faction, properly monitored by Faction Managed, would be a good inclusion to GTA:World. It opens up the server to roleplay things such as natural disasters, and actually having an active Coast Guard (never seen the LSPD do this, I can literally buy a boat and do all my business on open sea). A strong leadership combined with good and stable communication and coordination are the key to such a faction being a huge succes.
  9. ThatDutchPerson

    I got to agree with this. This is the exact reason why I always refer to my character in the third person when I, the player, am speaking to someone. Because I am not Kayleigh, I am the player ThatDutchPerson referring to my character. I wish more people understood that.
  10. ThatDutchPerson

    (( Last one to be reserved for future use ))
  11. ThatDutchPerson

    (( Reserved for future use ))
  12. ThatDutchPerson

    Prescott Entertainment is an entertainment venture unique in it's kind. Founded by Kayleigh Prescott (a.k.a ''KAYLEIGH.'') on 09.19.19, it is the spirital successor of the radio station Prescott.FM, and official establishment of a dedicated entertainment company within the State for all audiences. Prescott Entertainment focusses on the induvidual rather than the group, ensuring our artists are the center of our operation. As of this moment, Prescott Entertainment offers live performances for nightclubs, of which known exemples are Fusion Nightclub, Velvet and Bahama Mamas. Apart from that, we are always looking to expand with more artists under our wing! Are you a comedian, DJ, or simply an entertainer and you wish to grow? Dont hesitate to call us. It all starts with a conversation, contact us at our facebrowser page; https://face.gta.world/prescottentertainmentofficial Disclaimer: This website is a work in progress. This is not the final draft.
  13. ThatDutchPerson

    Username: NotTheRealKAYLEIGH Comment: Im dying.
  14. ThatDutchPerson

    Okay so here are my two cents; in my opinion, we should look at the facts. Fact number one is, there are a LOT of cars in the carpool of GTA5; 464 including DLC to be exact. That is more than double than GTA San Andreas offered; the GTA game with the second biggest carpool. Fact number two; GTA manufacturers are based off of real life and their cars strongly represent that. Obey is Audi, Ubermacht is BMW, and the list goes on. My honoust and objective opinion is that there are more than enough cars to play with, more than the entire server population can possibly obtain if everyone would get a different vehicle! We dont need vehicle mods and defenitely not those that would break immersion into the game. You talk about the iPhones and such being immersion breaking, but thats just the text in the store and dialogues. The phone basicly remains the same at every model you buy. Thats a bit different than new cars 😉
  15. ThatDutchPerson

    The problem got fixed after restarting my PC and deleting the settings folder in my documents. Topic can be locked. Thanks for everyone who attempted to help.