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  1. ThatDutchPerson

    First video: The Beginnings.
  2. Hey everyone! So as many propably know (or don't know), I am a YouTube content creator. As of today, I started a GTA World Roleplay series! I really hope you will enjoy it. I will update this thread each Friday, as each Friday will have a different video 🙂 Join my DISCORD here: https://discord.gg/PA9GEFh Subscribe to my YOUTBE channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/ThatDutchPerson PC SPECS CPU: Intel Core i9-9900k @ 4.9Ghz GPU: ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce RTX 2080ti OC 11GB RAM: 32gb of DDR4-3200 (4x8) STORAGE: 2TB HDD 7200RPM, 250gb NVMe, 500GB SSD, 500GB HDD
  3. ThatDutchPerson

    If created by himself, kudo's for the effort, teach me Senpai! 9/10
  4. ThatDutchPerson

    My daily driver. i9-9900k RTX 2080ti OC 32gb of DDR4-3200 Mhz
  5. Yesterday I had a guy that overtook me on an off-ramp going 120 miles per hour, flying over the off-ramp, down into a factory parking lot against the wall and a gas container. Luckly he wasnt injured.
  6. People should drive realisticly. I have an unrealistic amount of car crashes because other's drive as idiots and maniacs. There are speed limits in place, and there are speed laws in place. Sure, someone speeds, its IC. If 2/3th of the server drives this idiotic, its an OOC problem. I am fully supporting the introduction of speedcams. And to just make sure people actually roleplay the consequences of their actions, I never void the crash unless its a clear lag/desync issue. If they refuse to roleplay, I report them. And I firmly encourage people to start reporting bad drivers who refuse to roleplay aswell. Keep your recording on, and make a report when they dont roleplay the crash. Easly done and it will teach them a lesson.
  7. ThatDutchPerson

    So my question is how many people have multiple characters, and why do they have multiple? And how many do you have? Sounds like a fun discussion we can have. I have (had) a total of 7 characters so far. Reason for this is to have diverse gameplay to not get bored too fast. When I feel like its boring for one character at the moment with nothing on hand to do, I switch to a different one. I made a chart to keep it all straight, red names are dead or gone.
  8. ThatDutchPerson

    And thats completely fine, Im not debating the issue. Its just that I’d like to see business owners adapt their hours to this.
  9. Hi all, so as we all know, recently the time rolled back one hour for an unknown reason (propably summer/winter time switch), and the administration team didn’t seem interested in reversing this action. I am not going to make a topic asking/begging/demanding to reverse it as the administration already made up its mind about that. I do have a few concerns and I was hoping our business owners could answer these. This timezone change has a bigger impact than just a number of players that dont see sunlight anymore. Most of the DJs were already barely able to make it to the openings of nightclubs. Bars open somewhat late aswell, which is now even later in real life time. So my question is actually, will business owners (mainly nightclub owners and bar owners) adjust their opening times because of this issue? Otherwise I could see this “minor” timezone change could have a big impact on the economy.
  10. ThatDutchPerson

  11. ThatDutchPerson

    Wouldnt this be a good time to upgrade server hardware to accomodate for the script additions and increased amount of players?
  12. ThatDutchPerson

    I came from a lot of places, one of those indeed being LSRP. My main character and most developed one there is Kayleigh Prescott, who is already CKed here. LSRP had a great roleplaying environment and Im actually glad I found GTA:World over any other server as it does a good job and replicating that environment, if not improving it. However, just like any server, GTA:World has its flaws too. I stumbled acros these multiple times but luckly they get resolved pretty quickly sometimes. All and all its fun to see familiar faces here. Not only from LSRP, but from other servers aswell that I played on SAMP! Like PR-RP (Katherine Reid was my name there, among others) and CO:RP (Katherine Reid aswell).
  13. ThatDutchPerson

    Landlords should be given more tighter regulations in my opinion. I rented a property, excluvie rent (so no one else could rent it), and for some reason while I was at Bahama Mamas I got the red message that I was evicted. No contact with him, no response to PM's. Abusing the script system like this should be forbidden.
  14. ThatDutchPerson

    Also against the idea. Not only because of the mentioned “quarentine rp”, but also because of this; There are 8 confirmed cases in my city (which isnt very big, you can cross it in 30 minutes with a bike), and 20 in the nearest other city. Working at a company that is now actively splitting people their shift so Shift A doesnt get in contact with Shift B purely to protect the business, Im actually starting to get afraid. I might be in my early 20s and easly survive, but my mother is in her 50’s and has a weak immune system aswell as being a lung patient. Knowing I could carry a disease in that could very likely kill her, I wouldnt feel comfortable roleplaying this. As someone else said, I would outright refuse to, even if mandated by the administration. This isnt a roleplay theme. The elders are dying. Have some respect.
  15. ThatDutchPerson

    Okay break it up you two! It has been wel established that the government activity is up to standards, the main concern remains that there are no actual elections to take part of; there is no legislature, which is both unconstitutional and unrealistic in government factions.