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  1. Back again? what’s up. More tire iron shenanigans please.
  2. Adding to card...
  3. Somebody who offers / takes over processing so the a/o can go start the paperwork? An unsung hero.
  4. Yass

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    I like the title.
  5. With respect to this new 'points-based system', I've spoken casually with people on both sides (both LEO & illegal RPers). Based on those discussions, those I spoke with that fall under the latter aren't overly pleased with this new system. Some on the LEO side aren't happy either, with the already-strained court system and having to push, potentially a higher volume of work through. I do agree that consequences for some IC criminal behavior were simply lacklustre, particularly when it came to narcotics offenses, and that a change does need to be made. With that context in mind, I began wondering, was an alternative option considered before this points system to achieve the same desired result? Presumably, that result would be more caution used by criminals ICly, less brazen violent crime, etc. One such option I, personally, believe would be worthwhile considering or discussing is changing the penal code itself to make a few improvements on consequences. For instance, creating a felony charge for the unlawful sale of a controlled substance. As per the old/current penal code, the act of selling cocaine to an undercover police officer is a misdemeanor. This seems grossly inadequate in my opinion. Additionally, the highest narcotics charge currently in the penal code, '509. Drug Trafficking', is for possession of 75 grams or more. The volumes of narcotics that have been seized recently are immensely greater than 75 grams. It doesn't seem right that somebody who is in possession of 100 grams of, let's say cocaine, will receive exactly the same treatment as somebody who is caught in possession of 1,000 grams (1 kilogram) or 10 kilograms. Anyhow, my question is, was something like the above considered as an alternative or discussed at any point? If it was and there are reasons it wasn't implemented, I'm happy to listen and more than willing to change my mind. Thanks Obligatory 'the above is purely anecdotal and my opinion'.
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