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  1. No one is against it. Its just that we don't decide who wants to join the server. No one has any control of making new female players show up.
  2. Wisci

    Ban ERP

    As much as I hate to admit it, players with characters and focus oriented towards sexual roleplay support this server and keep it populated. Facebrowser promotions are a perfect example of it. You have to pay real money to boost your account just to show off a photograph you spent a moderate to significant amount of time tailoring in Menyoo and with mods just to fish for likes in a digital medium and maybe draw in other erotic characters. Punishing this portion of the community could have negative impacts on the server population and income, not that I think Nervous is going to go broke anytime soon. However, discouraging using the server itself as a medium (Discord or other chat options) could be more beneficial. While I'm not actively against erotic roleplay, there's always a chance someone is unintentionally exposed to it on server. Discord resolves that issue.
  3. Wisci

    The recent riots

    You think riots stop the Los Santos Police Department Traffic Division? You're sorely mistaken.
  4. Wisci

    The recent riots

    I don't know where the 'police shooting unarmed' keeps coming from. The 'innocents' on covenant attempted to kill LEOs with hammers. As far as I'm aware as someone who has been keeping up with the kills and deaths, only one person unarmed was shot by PD/SD and it was voided. Maybe it's not as obvious to the players but most LEOs don't shoot unless there's a deadly weapon involved (vehicles count). The last time we had such happen I know about the character was investigated and fired. The dead people whipped out melee weapons to instigate more riots, plain and simple.
  5. Wisci

    The recent riots

    Hammers can easily cripple, maim, and break bones. Imagine you hit a rib and it stabs their lug. Its a sensitive topic. We don't want that kind of environment especially for affected persons. Also, its one of those things that can easily spill into ooc political discussions and be poorly portrayed.
  6. Wisci

    The recent riots

    It performs from a list of animations at random, but I think anytime you 'lunge' with a short, blunt weapon it is extremely likely to go for the head. In my experience gang members do try to 'finish off' cops in the downed state more often than not.
  7. Wisci

    The recent riots

    pardon my failure to use multiquote correctly on mobile if this is a double post. I'm going to be honest, use of lethal force against hammers in a script fight is a game concession. If you came at me with a /me and didn't actually swing the script I'd be happy to return the favor by not turning to my gun. The way the sync is, what tools we have at our disposal it's one of the only solutions. I'd love to see improvements to the sync and script to improve our toolset. Maybe nerfing melee weapons so they're not basically an instant kill as well. I wouldn't like to see it happen in real life either, but I understand some situations their options are limited especially at close range.
  8. Wisci

    The recent riots

    I was only trying to clear this up OOC. People are using the fact they were unarmed OOC and the ones shot initially were actively swinging lethal melee weapons at LEOs. I don't want people looking negatively at what happened due to a misunderstanding IC, OOC. That said, IC is IC. People are misinformed, that's not an OOC issue.
  9. Wisci

    The recent riots

    As far as my response goes, I for the most part enjoyed the event and the character deleopment, but I saw more examples of poor roleplay than positive roleplay. A riot was started over a justified shooting when someone was stupid enough to pull a hammer in a fight with law enforcement. Before any real news was out, you had people jumping in on the action and violence that were lawful characters from wealthy areas. I also didn't like how many people borrowed slogans from the real life riots. But that's just my opinion I guess, asking for originality is difficult universally on the server. That said, yes for more server wide events even if admins have to be involved. I just hope we can learn from mistakes here and improve in the future.
  10. Wisci

    The recent riots

    The people shot on Covenant were not unarmed. Maybe there was someone struck in crossfire not included in the footage I reviewed, but the two people shot (including Jamal) during the catalyst event were swinging hammers at the SD/PD. I want to clear this up OOC. I even could see officers with guns drawn dodging punches to avoid shooting an unarmed suspect.
  11. Wisci

    The recent riots

    Unsure if this was responded to, but most of the voided situations were due to poor roleplay / admin punishments. For example, the two shootings at City Hall voided were due to someone intentionally instigated a fight by pulling a lethal melee weapon, changing character and coming back for round two. I don't know if this was to try to instigate more riots, just for fun with poor judgement or what.
  12. If anything, if someone wants to sue for damages, they should be required to have proof of using /charity prior to submitting the case. Maybe this is the average cost, but does that take into any consideration someone's insurance? Would at least make people consider being more reasonable rather than just trying to pick a big number just to take someone's script cash. Then if you lose the case, you're out the lawyer fees and the money you put into /charity. It's a risk versus reward. That or we need to set in stone expected medical costs and some sort of ooc 'maximum' to prevent abuse. And still probably enforce the rule I said above.
  13. People don't take license suspensions seriously. Especially people who impoundment isn't effective because they have seven sports cars.
  14. Additionally, installing any mod that modifies the handling line is a big no-no. Other than performance differences, modded vehicles will cause visual bugs when other players see you driving said vehicle, and the same will happen to you when someone else drives the vehicle. If the vehicle has identical handling to ours, it'll work but you may have client side visual bugs still such as wonky suspension.
  15. With this in mind, when it is possible to sync damage I'd like to see a drastic increase in the cost of repair for vehicles that are not listed as 'exempt' or currently insured. So, going to the repair shop costs a few thousand (maybe $2,000 to $5,000) for uninsured vehicles, and significantly less for insured or insurance exempt $250 or $500. This would add tangible benefit to insurance rather than us just paying it 'because we have to by law'. Not only would it encourage paying insurance by providing these tangible benefits that make you find value in the payment, but it would also discourage poor driving due to the excessive cost to get repairs done every time a mistake was made. The other solution I suppose would have to be to have admins destroy a vehicle when it is involved in a crash and uninsured. Not literally remove it from the player, but destroy it so they have to pay the 5% of car value to have it returned to them as if it were scrapped without insurance.
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