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  1. The problem they might run into is that textures for chain locations such as Cool Beans might just be reused at multiple locations. I'm not sure how flexible map modding is to change that in a reasonable amount of time (as these sort of changes should be quick, due to the volume of businesses and how often they change hands). I personally feel like the GTA map doesn't match the dynamic the server builds, there aren't enough marked or sizable unmarked locations of certain types, and some business types don't exist at all. I'm willing to give plausible deniability for businesses as long as the exterior is moderately appropriate. I also don't consider Pipeline a iconic location, iconic locations to me are ones that have interiors designed for them in single player or Online or are visited to get missions from NPCs in the main quest line. That said, I wish there was more variety among businesses.
  2. Wisci

    I use Menyoo personally to recreate photographs from the server in higher quality. This has nothing to do with hating on Menyoo users or stopping the mod from being used, just preventing abuse and powergaming.
  3. Wisci

    That's not even an issue. If someone wants to make a Menyoo screenshot or video of something that happened on server, so they can be more cinematic about it, that's not an issue. The problem comes when people reflect significant events that didn't happen, like parties in a construction site. Mundane things like basic life in your house or working a desk job are fine in my opinion, stuff that your character would be doing when you're not playing. Guidelines could go something like: - No photos or videos using assets the character doesn't possess, if provided by another character said character must possess them as well. - If a scene occurs in public, it must be a recreation of an event that occurred on the server and should be accurate to the best of the creator's ability. - Events in a private location must be owned by the character or receive permission from a character who owns such property. - No NPCs or assets provided by a NPC. Any player characters used should have permission from their respective owners.
  4. Wisci

    This. I don't really have a problem with making your world feel alive, but using NPCs causes trouble if someone needs to scrutinize it IC. Saying OOC that they're NPCs is unacceptable. Same goes for cars you don't own. If the LSPD confronts you about it being stolen, you aren't excused from it on OOC grounds. You have no entity on the server to prove you're innocent by saying it was rented from them, aside from the three rental vehicles.
  5. I disagree. I've never seen a promoted selfie on Facebook, only shared ones. Instagram is a different site entirely. I'd be much more preferential to having a more Instagram site, or even a separate 'section' of Facebrowser where people can take their underwear selfies and other garbage. It's a hassle to have to keep blocking people across more than one character's accounts to not deal with this. Make boosted posts event/business/job postings only, please. I want to use social media but the state of FB is pushing me away. Also +1 to automating cleaning old boost posts. Weekly is probably fine. Facebrowser used to be an in-game 'faction' I recall. I'd personally be interested in working for some sort of support team, to try to keep things under wraps and off the actual staff's plates.
  6. Wisci

    Do note you can't appeal a CK that is the result of your own hand (self-CK) as well as CKs enforced by your faction.
  7. Wisci

    Has Red Dead Online been fixed yet on consoles? I passed it up when it was just 'more of the same'.
  8. Wisci

    they're referring to their LSPD forum name. The solution is to post a request here: https://lspd.gta.world/viewtopic.php?f=261&t=408 @Aiomi
  9. This, into addition that the sync for fighting is hit or miss, as with so many things. There's always a level of dissonance to script fights, guns or otherwise, as they only really take into account player skill and who moves first. I understand some people will still react like they're a superhero - but I'll give the same answer to people who prefer script fights as to people who prefer rp fights - if there's issues, just report it. Either side of the tracks you're going to have situations where someone tries to abuse game mechanics or the time and advantage of reacting to a /me.
  10. Wisci

    Character name: Qhoci Chue UCP name: Wisci (Discord name?): Wisci#9001 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 1244 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): 2129 East Mirror Park Drive Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Backdoor
  11. Updated. Looking for offers in the mid two hundred thousand range.
  12. Full Virtual Tour (CLICK HERE!) Recently Renovated Luxury 2bed/2bath Apartment in Little Seoul, Ground Floor Private Laundry, Shared Pool, Garage Spaces Available, Pet Friendly, Disability Accessible Market Price: $240,000 Estimated Renovations: $26,000 Taking offers.
  13. Wisci

    Additionally, making the inactivity timer shared among characters would prevent people from using another character in the meantime just to try to get the 100% sale. Arguably it might keep properties on some inactive characters (where other character slots are played), but would also remove the confusion of tracking your last login across all property-holding characters.
  14. Wisci

    Selling a property is a chore, especially with apartments being introduced. If you think it's fair to make someone take a 50% hit to their bank and lose hours (a 70k property probably takes 70 hours of passive income to recuperate if they sell it to market, considering car insurance and other expenses) then I think you need to take a look on the other side. Someone shouldn't be punished because they decide to take a vacation, get deployed, have a medical or family emergency or just need a break. If you don't have a desirable property you need to start selling well in advance, or pay for gold donation, which is sort of an unfair request. Tldr people don't need to feel like real life is going to punish their in game progression. Cut them some slack.