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  1. The screenshots related to the earlier published article.
  2. Brawl in the yard at La Vida MATHIAS VIRAMONTES In the late evening of September 25th, a commotion arose inside La Vida. The detonator of the situation was caused by a guest assaulting another visitor by slapping him over the head! After a brief confrontation, both parties decided to take the action outside, heading to the back of the nightclub. Two men were egged on by a huddle of individuals, they broke out into a fistfight. Just before the emergency services arrived one of the two dropped to the ground. Just as he was assisted onto his feet, the law enforcement arrived and entered La Vida itself to get more information. Once the noise of the sirens hit the scene, the group dispersed, leading to no arrests being made. Some of the crowd were seen huddling together on a porch just across the road from where this incident took place. VISIT OUR WEBSITE - CLICK HERE
  3. Nice, this is looking great! Enjoyed checking the screenshots posted so far.
  4. Hoax Hostage Situation in Textile City MATHIAS VIRAMONTES It was the 5th of September and the sky of Los Santos has just turned dark, when emergency lights and blaring sirens lit it up again. Several units of the Los Santos Police Department's Special Weapons and Tactics team, along with their Crisis Negotiation Team, were called to a scene of an on-going hostage situation up in the small commerce neighborhood Textile City. Inside the building at the parking lot the suspect barricaded himself inside and the negotiations that followed were unsuccessful. This caused the Special Weapons and Tactics team to devise an entry plan. A few moments later, the suspect tore down his own prepared barricades and attempted to flee the scene on foot. Luckily the attempt was unsuccessful and the suspects was tasered and apprehended. The hostage situation turned out to be a bluff as no one was actually inside the residence in question. Given the number of officers that were dispatched to the scene, this was undoubtedly a highly unnecessary drain on the LSPD's resources. In an exclusive statement to LSNN, Lieutenant Armando Rosario commented: "No civilians, officers or suspects were injured during this incident.". VISIT OUR WEBSITE - CLICK HERE
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