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  1. I'll offer you 50 bucks and a half-eaten klondike bar cause it got a retarded wing and some stupid ass rims
  2. Username: SadBoi Comment: imagine punching someone then crying because you got rocked
  3. User: Woody68W Comment: The amount of fuckery and backhanded non-sense that I see from the Democratic party gets worse day by day, If this is how they're going to continue then the Republicans have an easy win considering they don't seem to pay respects to the people who give them the free speech to hate on them.
  4. name: StopBreakingThe4thWall comment: what the fuck is brabus
  5. Xiaomi Pocophone F1. Phone was around £320 brand new and I bought it for £240, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 CPU so it's a beefy boi and 6gb of ram, it also has some neat little niche things like dual sim and AI assisted camera etc, but it's been an amazing daily driver at the moment, currently one of the best phones i've owned so far, definitely a bargain.
  6. Name: ShitPostBot2000 Comment: What ❓❔the fuck did you ??just fucking say about me, you little ?nuance?? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the ??‍✈️??‍✈️Navy Seals??‍✈️??‍✈️, and I’ve been involved in numerous ?secret ?raids on over 9 9️⃣✔️nuances, and I have over 300 confirmed dialectics????. I am trained in gorilla ??warfare ??and I’m the top ?tank ⚒?in the entire leftbook ⬅️armed forces. You are nothing ✖️??‍♂️to me but just another nuance. I will wipe ???you the fuck out ?with precision ⭕️?the likes of which has never been seen ??before on this Earth??, mark my fucking words?. You think ??you can get away ??‍♀️??with saying that shit to me over the Internet??? Think ❔?again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting??? my secret network ??of 9 9️⃣spies across leftbook ⬅️??and your nuance is being traced ??right now so you better prepare for the storm⛈??, maggot?. The storm ☄️??that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your ideology??. You’re fucking ☠️?dead??, kid????. I can nuance anywhere?, anytime?, and I can kill ???you in over eight 8️⃣groups, and that’s just with my bare ?nuances. Not only am I ?extensively trained ??‍♀️in unarmed ⛹?dialectical ?materialism?✔️?, but I have access ?️to the entire arsenal of the leftbook t34 ?✈️Corps ??‍♀️and I will use it to its full extent to wipe ?your miserable ??ass ?off the face of the? continent?, you little shit??. If only you could have known what unholy ??retribution your little “clever” ideology ??was about to bring down ⬇️?upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue?????. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price??, you goddamn anarkiddie?⚫️. I will shit ?fury ?all over you and you will drown ??in it. You’re ?fucking ?dead?, anarkiddo.?✔️???
  7. He invited me to practically counter his argument, I did that.
  8. (Numbered the points so I could explain each one.) 1: they wanted to actually allow this via /vrespawn. 2-3-4: /ajail [id/name] [reason] (shadowplay is a thing.) Along with this, Vehicle sync isn't perfect on this game, cars can spawn weirdly and I'm sure Admins would rather have their time more valued by solving reports for people breaking rules rather than people complaining that their car has spawned flipped or damaged pre-maturely before even getting in it. People are sick of it constantly being changed (me especially), it caused server instabilities messing with it and due to Nervous not being there at the time we had to deal with it for ages, /vpark and /vget wasn't broken in the first place, so why try fixing it? The /vpark we have now is rather advantageous for people as it is, vehicles that have items in them need to stay spawned so we don't have miner's abusing burrito inventories by storing Alluminium in the void.
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