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  1. if door fees were gotten rid of and products priced according to their relative value in relation to the server's economy, people would probably get used to things. it would be like living in a city with currency like zimbabwe dollars, but people would get used to the numbers. If businesses were held to profitability, things would eventually stabilize as products and services would reveal their true value, like how much players were willing to pay to get them. Something about door fees though, they could be considered a fee for service. The bar owner provides the bar and doesn't' force people to buy drinks, but there's a cover charge. maybe the door fee could be the price of a two drink minimum or something. the trouble is that food and drinks are not inherently valuable, since they're really just nonessential accessories to rp and have no important ingame effect. It would be important for most people to rp like food and drink items are important. Here's an example. i use the smoking anim a lot, so cigs have a real ingame value to me. maybe do the same with anims like beerhold, wineglasshold, and so on. require the script item to do the anim. if people are standing around in a bar not drinking, the bartender can say hey, are you going to buy something buddy? here's an idea. how about eliminating the business bonus and requiring businesses to be profitable on their own. if a business is unprofitable, a business owner can get a grant or something from the city. if the business fails to turn a profit in a real time month (maybe because the business is selling items below cost), then the city won't give the business owner another grant for that business. the business owner has to get the funding on his own, by raising prices, paying staff less, etc., or the business fails. This would hopefully motivate businesses to turn a profit relative to the economy of the server. anyway, it's just an idea, i don't think i'm an expert. the city grant would be there just to keep businesses from failing all at once since keeping something profitable isn't easy in an rp server. too few customers, etc. the grant would be contingent on being profitable at least some of the time, you know?
  2. Well, it is a big issue, but changing the economy would be a pretty big to-do.
  3. 24/7 is all out of toilet paper.
  4. jcat

    how do i get into mapping?
  5. Car rentals are relatively expensive, especially when you're starting out. That's why I mentioned bicycles. As a new player you'll want to save your new player payments for what you really want.
  6. jcat

  7. jcat

  8. This is true, just cruise around on a bicycle so you can get right to exploring and rping, get your character sculpted and get some good outfits, and in a little while you'll have enough money from starter paychecks to get a cheap car or motorcycle from one of the dealers marked on the map. Go to them all to get a feel for the interface. Give the pictures time to load. Then when you've seen everything that's available, pick a car that suits your character concept and your budget. If you're having trouble with outfits, send me a pm and I'll try to meet you in game.
  9. Sometimes all the software gets all jungle-ish, and bits and bobs can interfere with each other.
  10. Down on Vespucci Beach, right by the outdoor gym there is a bicycle shop.
  11. Bicycles are very cheap and they're better than scooters.
  12. I have the exact same issue. This method works for me: Start everything as admin. As soon as it downloads packages and says, "Download complete, compiling client scripts" hit the HOME key to bring up the Rockstar social club window. Let it wait for 5 minutes or more. I read something on my phone. Press ESC to close the Rockstar window. The game will freeze for 30 seconds while it is starting. The GTAW login screen comes up as it should. I do this every time I play, sometimes a couple of times, but the longer I leave the Rockstar window up the more likely it works right off the bat. This method is pretty much the same as what Giles, Henning, and RapatKung are recommending.
  13. jcat

    Not enough people playing under 18s or who have an interest in school rp. If there's a few people who want to rp this, Pick a building to be the school. RP the things happening after school. Abstract the rp involving regular school stuff, like sitting in boring classes and all that shit. Talk about the abstract stuff during real rp, as if it happened that day or in the past.