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Chuck Lee

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  1. **This poster would be mounted up on the billboard that is placed in the entrance of IMEX Logistics depot** and their trucks can be seen with this poster below driving around Edited just now by Chuck Lee
  2. **This poster would be mounted up on the billboard that is placed at the entrance of IMEX Logistics depot**
  3. Yeah this could totally help me less get it!
  4. Legitimate corporate and financial Roleplay. That shit is hard.
  5. Link for Careers : https://buschharlandinc.weebly.com/careers.html Link for Internships : https://buschharlandinc.weebly.com/internships.html ((The default pay is OOCly for $4,000 an hour, IC pay is for $4,000 a day.)) To contact about employments feel free to contact either: @AIR @Chuck Lee @Newfield @Michael Beck
  6. WEBSITE HAS BEEN UPDATED. FEEL FREE TO VISIT https://buschharlandinc.weebly.com/
  7. I'm keeping it jusst waiting on this to be locked.
  8. NEWS REBRAND for IMEX - 07/26/2020 We are pleased to announce that we'll be entering a rebranding stage. With that being said, Busch Transport Group is now being renamed to IMEX Logistics. IMEX stands for Import and Export. The name represents the logistical operations of the company, and will derivate to easing the marketability going forward.
  10. Will surely be contacting you soon!
  11. Greetings to you all, This might appear to be a random recruitment for some random job. However I am looking for a certain individual with high capabilities to resolve problems. Must think critically and analytically since this future job will ask you to attain information or make arrangements for me. If you pass this simple recruitment application you will move onto the next step which consist of a rigorous and lengthy interbiew which will give me a clear view of your intelligence and over physical abilities. You should be aware that by attaining this position you will be recieving highly confidential information. Only one person is going to be selected out of all the applicants. Job Requirements - Driving - Flying (Rotor) - Critical Thinker - Intelligent - Carrying W Job Description - If you pass to the following stage information will be provided. Payment - Provided once passed second stage. You are to choose the format of your application. And of course provide what you think is important for me to know about you. CONTACT ([email protected])
  12. This was some great competition, nothing comes from one day to another in this server. Gotta give everything time, just like we did with Busch Harland.
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