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  1. Gio DeLuca, Don of the DeLuca Crime Family.
  2. https://streamable.com/anpvxc
  3. Southside Records is deeply saddened tonight to announce the death of one of it's own, Skitz 800. Skitz 800's legal name was Arturo Torres and Arturo was sadly a victim of gun violence yesterday evening in Chamberlain Hills. He was placed on life support and succumbed to his bullet wounds later that night. We send our sincerest respects and condolences out to Arturo's loved one as they cope with this loss. More updates will come in time as more is revealed about the matter now. R.I.P SKITZ 800
  4. I don't really think you should be posting a general discussion thread because of that. There's much more efficient and less public methods of getting such issues revolved. Perhaps, call the police ingame or speak to the management of the faction who you're complaining about OOCly? It seems @SOLID24 is more than willing to cooperate with you. This whole thread was a major waste of everyone's time, in my opinion.
  5. Have you ever been to LA? I'm very serious. Your character lives in a gangland.
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