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Benny Black

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  1. Benny Black

  2. Benny Black

    Rudolph "Smokey" Guerrez
  3. Benny Black

  4. I mean yeah that's the problem really. It's not a lack of scripts, it's a lack of quality roleplayer that know how to properly progress a character and how to roleplay realistically. That's why I think we need to teach more people to live up to the standard of roleplay that's expected of a serious rp server.
  5. Benny Black

    Big bad south side Chamberlain Tortilla Flats gang homey! We sum norcaca killas!
  6. Personally, i'm not sure. I just know it is. I've been on this server for over a year and when I started I came on and was like, "HOLY FUCK, THIS SHIT IS KINDA DOPE!" Now, were the factions that were on the server at the time realistic? No. Did their roleplay still have good quality and was there character progression? Yes. Now, when I get on the server I drive around to bars and I just cringe in my seat. I get genuinely uncomfortable by how poor some of the roleplay is. There appears to be no character progression whatsoever in alot of factions. People don't accurately roleplay the criminal lifestyle they roleplay these Tony Montana-esque characters. I think if more people focused on making their characters more three dimensional, and more complex the roleplay quality would improve greatly. I think a good example would be @varrio bangin his characters are complex. They have depth, they have personalities. They come off as real people not these one dimensional gangsters that currently fester on the server. I also wanna see people take more time to actually research the faction they intend to roleplay. There's a long list of poorly researched factions on this server that simply aren't accurate portrayals of the real life versions of these groups. If people took a couple more hours to research what they're trying to do I think that would also help to improve the roleplay on the server. Finally, i'd like to see a new faction management team that is both knowledgeable on criminal roleplay and legal roleplay. Not to say, Knoxville isn't doing a good job, but i'd like to see more members of FM than the 1-2 that currently reside on the team. These are my ideas to improve the illegal roleplay on the server.
  7. I've noticed the quality of illegal roleplay on the server diminishing in recent times and as someone that's only roleplayed criminal characters on this server. I find that rather troubling. I'm not looking for the usual, "Oh fuck this server man! ITS TRASH AND WILL NEVER GET BETTER!" I hear that 24/7 from dozens of different people. I wanna hear genuine ideas on how to improve the illegal roleplay scene. My goal with this thread is for staff and upper management to read it then possibly consider some of these ideas for implementation on the server. The purpose of this thread is not to bash staff like alot of these general discussion threads quickly turn into. I wanna see actual realistic ideas.
  8. Benny Black

    Good political rp? Holy fuck, it only took two years. Jokes aside it's nice to finally see some political roleplay screenshots. Keep this up.
  9. Benny Black

    RIP Sling. The streets just got to her....
  10. Benny Black

  11. Benny Black

    Aces out here like clockwork posting screenshots every seven days. Keep it up tho, shits fire.