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Benny Black

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  1. Benny Black

    Looks nice bro.
  2. Benny Black

    Henry's ruthless hitmen. Loved the rp boys!
  3. Benny Black

  4. Benny Black

    I fuck with Nicholas Trisano heavily. Very interesting character. Love the rp bro! Keep it coming.
  5. Benny Black

    Looks tight homie 👀
  6. Benny Black

    Awww, shit. She's back at it.
  7. Benny Black

    Henry's business partner. Love this shit, dog.
  8. Benny Black

    Nice rp boys. You'll get 'em next time! https://streamable.com/w11fc
  9. Benny Black

    Good run, bro. I can't wait for your next project! Have fun.
  10. Benny Black

    Yeah, a hundred percent. In South Central, if someone gets popped police don't tend to pull up for another thirty minutes after the shooting happens. Police response time is poor because these are low income communities. The government doesn't value these communities because they aren't big tax payers, they don't help boost the economy etc. I can show you videos of gang members walking the streets with guns in hand and nothing happens to them because police presence is so low in these communities. Realistically, there should be at maximum 1-2 patrol cars assigned to South Central and the rest should be focused on high income neighborhoods like Vinewood and Rockford Hills because those are the communities police would realistically care more about. I'm for this idea a hundred percent. Shit's ridiculous at this point.
  11. Benny Black

    (( Note: I accidentally said "Go." in /b instead of in the in-game chat which is my fuck-up. Sorry bout that. ))
  12. Benny Black

    Banned for having too much drip.
  13. Benny Black

    Dope roleplay. I love it.
  14. Benny Black