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  1. Username: TheJV Comment: Junk.
  2. Name: Hawk Comment: You can't really compare the San Andreas Egotrippers League to a financial background snack that's trying politics for a change (Friuli). People make mistakes, especially when ones background is not within the racing scene, ricing for some. Unfortunately for her, that mistake cost her 250 large. Friuli, their press release is a scam to cover their tracks in terminating you. Don't buy into it.
  3. Name: TheBelgianSupreme Comment: No. The person was arrested because he was let into the restricted zone, zigzagging through that specific area to reach the paddock. I say zigzagging because the way of driving was deemed reckless. All that because the organisation behind the event failed to properly inform contenders of the route to the staging area.
  4. Name: TheBelgianSupreme Comment: How come your security detail allowed and directed someone to drive though a blocked off SD helipad, resulting in their arrest?
  5. Deuce

    FIFA 20

    Played it for a bit on the PC with the xflops one controller. Story was kinda short though, stopped playing after I completed it.
  6. Username: SUYAL8R Comment: Perfect scenario, what they can't prove is what you can't get charged for if played right.
  7. Can't speak for the rest of the government branches, though as a member of the judiciary faction (DOJ), I can confirm we're alive and kicking. All our cases are open to the public to view, should you ever wish to take some of your time to read through the cases.
  8. Sent you the offer, can consider it sold. (( @sanero12 ))
  9. I use /highlight when I'm in a crowded place. I have nothing against using slang in your RP, I do it with close friends to give it a funny twist, to make it a bit more interesting. However, when people roleplay doing an action, e.g stepping out of the car and waving with their hands, some people incorporate their speech into the /me. E.g /me steps out of the car using his right foot first, whilst waving towards John and saying "Hi". I don't get the logic of why you would need to mix actual IC chat with your IC actions. Is it easier? Only if you're lazy, though it's just as easy to use the actual function to say Hi. Does it bother me? Not really, does it pinch my eyes when I have to snap out of my interaction with others? Yeah. Will I say something about it when I'm playing with them or after? Nah, it's a form of respect and leaving people with their dignity.
  10. Why would you /me what you're saying. You have an IC chat for a reason, it's just like: Hey *smiles* how are you? It's the same thing, you have /me for roleplay actions. Where I come from, and many others, you would get sent back to app stage if you would to that, mixing up your RP between chats.
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