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  1. Gall

    @liew @Bandit1 Wang Liu-Chu, and Cam Chau, among the best roleplayers I have seen in this community. A touch of levity and phenomenal character portrayal.
  2. Gall

    Then again, the chunk of players you're losing are those who are too fond of their money and assets, over their character development. I don't see that as a bad thing. And how do you suggest we "give them ample time to adjust" to this system? We'll have to start somewhere, no?
  3. Gall

    hahahahahahahhhaahahahaahahahaahahaahahahahaahhahahahaahahahah guess barca will win next year...
  4. Gall

    After having read every comment and researching from different perspectives, I'll have to support the idea of deaths leading to CKs only. Reason being, the pros outweigh the cons by a LARGE margin. With this system being deployed, every player out there is going to hold regard for their lives as they would IRL. You wouldn't see cops walking through gang territory on their own, people speeding past city works 150 m/ph, etc. People would genuinely be paranoid when roaming alone during the night. It truly brings adrenaline and personality to your character. People would think twice before being all provacative for the sake of it. It would bring out different varities of roleplay such as extortion, protection, etc. People nowadays would end up being provacative and do their very best to get PKed rather than getting extorted on a weekly basis. I've seen it several times. With that being said, administrators will have more work in place, yes. Regarding CK appeals, all that jazz. I'm certain they'd be willing to take up that burden for the sake of drastically improving roleplay quality. Every character ends up with 300K, to cry about losing your assets is simply absurd. If you've lost millions, so be it. Think twice about your actions next time, develop a new character and hook yourself on to it. To those saying many would get killed over a petty reason, remember, they risk CK too. It goes both ways, in addition, that's what reports and appeals are for. 3 slots for characters to play on as well! The PK system makes no sense, it encourages poor character portrayal, in a sense. Finally, you'd see civilian and business roleplay more often. I'm certain many would pull back from the criminal aspect of roleplay and experiment new genres. This change would be revolutionary, and would filter the community as it should be.
  5. Gall

    About time.
  6. You're Moder Denied Back to 1... Victory denied.
  7. ez clap git gud admienz community: 1 - staff: 0 Restarting back to 1.
  8. Rukka is not considered staff according to the system, and in turn the previous cut would be null. 14 ez clap
  9. Gall

    Personally, I would never go for a real life MC. The simple answer is because it'd be very difficult to portray the IRL equivalent and people may bug you for minor improper portrayals. You'd have to be very cautious, two MCs here failed in attempting to portray a real life MC. I'd always start off original. And as for the patch-over, I find that you'd lose a major stage of your development. You're better off grouping up with your pals in game, and establish a small nomadic chapter. Sew your new patches, etc.
  10. Didn't realize this thread has gotten this far. 10
  11. Gall

    Nice to see another group in Seoul. Look forward to some good interactions.
  12. Gall

  13. Thanks for clearing that up! Was fed the wrong info.
  14. Gall

    Amazing screenshots, top-notch mechanic roleplay. Wouldn't have the patience myself. It would be nice to see more screenshots showcasing Bonnie's personal life and development, rather than vehicle operations though! 👍😊