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  1. Gall

    About time. Good luck with this!
  2. Gall

    Best of luck to this, definitely needed more Afro-American groups around!
  3. Gall

    I agree. Team fights are so much more common and engaging than other Mobas. I tend to fall asleep on other Mobas.
  4. Gall

    Naaaaa. Gall, Stukov, Greymane, Zul'jin, Alarak, Garrosh, Tyrael, Sylvanas, Nazeebo and Orphea. Pretty much my 9 mains that I rotate between. If I was to pick two, Gall and Stukov. You? It's still going and being played, updates are being pushed out. They cut E-Sports off. Players still play competitively though.
  5. Gall

    Alright, where my boys at, show your faces and I'll carry you through this game while it's on life support.
  6. Gall

    Great bunch of people, absolutely love their roleplay. About time, Catalyst.
  7. This community has certainly come a long way. I appreciate what you've done for this community, as goes to every other staff member. The server has gone from crashing every 20 minutes to a stable, enjoyable experience with brilliant features. Great job, I look forward to the new update.
  8. Gall

    Banned for having ligma
  9. Gall

    Great stuff, man. Good to see this running.
  10. Gall

    Good luck!
  11. Gall

    Not anymore, sadly. Used to have the crips around for a short while.
  12. fuck off croccer !! 1
  13. Gall