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    Poured my milk before the cereal. edit: In a cup. edit: In a plastic cup.
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    Damn, that's crazy.
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    Congratulations everyone!
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    This thread showcases the life and development of two Gravedwellers MC Nomads, Vincent Meadows & Cesar Sifuentes. A nomad is a member of a motorcycle club that does not belong to a particular chapter. They actively travel in hopes to seek a place to settle comfortably or simply remain as free birds. Although nomads are widely respected by clubs and are involved in the brotherhood, they hold no official vote in chapter meetings - they hold their own ground. Nomads typically pay dues to the mother chapter. They are merely "lone wolves" riding through the wind, carrying their own business & operations. A chapter is essentially a "branch" of the Motorcycle Club established in a particular city. They hold their own cabinet (President, Vice President, Sergeant at Arms, etc), their culture & bylaws may vary from chapter to chapter. Vincent "Ace" Meadows, former president of the Gravedwellers MC San Andreas chapter, is well known as one of the five original founders of the chapter and remains as the only flourishing original member. Having taken the chapter under leadership for a prolonged time, Vincent stepped down and transferred to the nomadic charter, given he's served his time and steered the club on the right path to brotherhood. Despite living the nomadic life, his aim stays true. Ace is notoriously known for his diplomatic trait, it's served him well throughout his time as president. The nomadic track awaits. Cesar "CZ" Sifuentes, former patched member of the Gravedwellers MC Tucson chapter, is well known for his judicious mindset and will power. Although hailing from Arizona, Cesar holds deep Mexican roots. CZ transferred to the nomadic charter following several disputes taken place between himself and the chapter members. The chapter followed a trail of sheer violence and aggression and no longer served any interest to CZ. His spun out time as a nomad ushered him to the State of San Andreas, riding and working alongside Ace. His sense of humour and challenging psyche sets out a great dynamic between himself & Ace. Character backstories & thread in progress.
  9. Gall

    Following this, good looks.
  10. Gall

    Great to see some Tong-related roleplay around, take it far.
  11. Gall

    LAST OF THE ORIGINALS Had a blast taking the faction on as a leader, I have absolutely no regrets. It's come to an end for me, I'll be passing leadership down to @Hashdowns. He's certainly capable of taking my position, I hold no doubt in him. Thank you to everyone else who actively participated in making a change, you know who you are.
  12. Gall

    Appreciate it. We do miss your annoying searches!