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  1. * Allegra reads the article online, nodding along to herself before clicking through to the link. "More drama" she thinks to herself.
  2. Allegra

    I can’t wait for Reforged, so glad they finally put a date to it. Shame they didn’t make their December deadline though. Just looking forward to playing Sylvanas again.
  3. Actually in a related note, there's some real-life places popping up that do just that. Like the "Convenience Store" in Manchester is actually a bar/nightclub. Have a gand: https://www.conveniencestorenq.com/ I suppose if it happens all the time then it could get confusing, plus if there's signage that clearly states it's a shop or whatever, I get it. Not sure about the modding capabilities on here if I'm honest, so that might be a solution.
  4. I think that so long as there's no major discrepancies in terms of the size of the building vs the interior, people should be allowed to turn it into whatever they want. On LSRP for instance, "Grotti" was a nightclub yet in lore terms, I think Grotti is a car manufacturer. Didn't really bother anyone though.
  5. Allegra

    So many other servers have tried and failed at implementing an effective government system. From what I can see, GTA W is the only one which is determined to get the system right before launching into elections and other layers. I think this is very important because we don't want this house being built on sand, after all. What's been implemented so far is very good, and the direction that Government RP is going in on this server seems to be even better. Back on LSRP, the Government was purely there for appearances. I saw Mayors since 2008 attempt to roleplay a 'realistic' politician and leader figure, only to be shot down by the fact that the system wasn't there to support it. They had no control over taxes and public service budgets - in fact they basically just took the IC abuse for most OOC economy changes. It was only by accepting this that I actually enjoyed the position, for a time, and simply roleplayed for the realism and visibility that so many players seemed to want from the Government. Roleplaying a politician and a Mayor was fun for a time on LSRP, but it got frustrating when you realised that you weren't truly in a position to make any real changes. Whilst I'm not saying that the Government should hold all the power (there should always be a good level of admin and FM involvement for the sake of player enjoyment, imo), it's good to see that there are certain concessions being made over here. It's a shame that some people don't seem to think there's any Government RP at the moment, but I know that this will improve because this is a system that I think will really work in the long term. Very excited to see how everything develops ?
  6. Allegra

    I played for a good while when I was younger, then tried again recently but lost my interest with Legion. I think my favourite was WotLK, but I also liked Mists of Pandaria (which everyone hated, I know). Good memories from it and maybe I'll try it again soon. Sylvanas is badass.
  7. Allegra

    Thanks for your thoughts everyone, it's much appreciated. I've started on my little project now but keep 'em coming if you want to add any more!
  8. Allegra

    Looking forward to doing some ride alongs with you guys (hoping that it’s reviewed soon!)
  9. Name: Allegra N Comment: An interesting article and very well written too. Anything that calls for greater visibility from community leaders has a fair point, I believe, though that doesn’t necessarily have to relate to the Government either. For instance it would be great to see some individuals representing the opinions of - say - businesses or professionals a little more. Like a working group, lobbying group or suchlike. Food for thought indeed.
  10. Allegra

    It's good to see Weazel so active ?
  11. Allegra

    Name: Allegra N Comment: It's nice to see Facebrowser improving. I think the comment about the irrelevant boosted posts is the biggest issue at the moment. So long as it keeps improving from a technical perspective, I think the user base will grow. Time will tell.
  12. Name: Allegra N Comment: Might give it a go, I guess. There's so many clubs out there now though. ((Nice article, moar reviews please))
  13. Allegra

    I have a feeling imma like this character.
  14. Allegra

    This, unfortunately. Amongst several other issues. A fresh start over here looks far more promising than LSRP’s future.
  15. Allegra

    GTA V is such a pretty game so it's not surprising to see a few people roleplaying professional/casual photographers. Do you RP a photographer in any capacity? If you do then what do you like most about it, what do you find challenging, what would make it better etc? If you don't then why not - is it just because it doesn't interest you or do you think that it's just not viable currently? Tell me more pls (it's all for a good reason I promise!) ?