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  1. Ted

    As someone who has experience with dealing with situations that could always escalate into CK's; it seems like a good idea, but the execution is almost always flawed and leads to a degradation of RP. People will always when presented this option choose to immediately go to shooting and CK's rather than negotiations and proper escalation. People almost always become far more rash in their decisions as it can be sorted out afterward. In other situations, it leads to war essentially becoming a fight of who can strike first. It degrades the RP quality as situations can then become far more easily solved with a bullet rather than having to go through bureaucratic channels.
  2. Ted

    I'm just here for the legal weed
  3. Ted

    |Cleaning Up|
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    |High Times|
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    | Karma |
  6. Ted

    I can't wait to see you guys on the server. Good shit.
  7. Ted

    The terminology is interchangeable. A kutte is just slang for a cut-off, and a cut is the same slang. Kuttes isn't a word exclusive to punk and metal subcultures, and in those sub-cultures, you'll likely find the word "Battle-vest" or something of the like said rather than cut. I speak with authority on that as I used to play underground metal venues. When you talk about these garments, Cut-Off, Cut, or Kutte works to describe the same thing. Though to address the guide, very good shit. I would love to see a section added to the guide about proper Protocol for starting up any kind of MC or RC.
  8. I feel like a lot of people use cannabis because it's a substance their character cannot get physically addicted to. At least that is the reason I smoke marijuana on Ted Aukerman, but I've never smoked cannabis on him for the health buff. Ironically, $200 for a gram of weed, while inflated, isn't the most inflated thing on the server. I get a gram of cannabis IRL for about $10-20, and that's in an area where it's very inexpensive. In large cities and in areas where there is no medical marijuana the price of a gram can be a lot more. Though roleplay regarding the consumption of cannabis could be improved because currently, the only supported mode of consumption is plain old bud. While in real life there's butane hash oil (Dabs), regular hash oil (Also dabs but not as high in THC content and not as unhealthy), edibles, and if you just really don't care about your health, cartridges. Furthermore, all cannabis is just simply cannabis; there aren't different strains with higher THC contents or high CBD contents, so on and so forth. There aren't script items for drug paraphernalia, such as pipes, bongs, rolling paper, grinders, etc. Though if you're a smart boy you could purchase a cigar, or a cigarillo and use the tobacco leaf around it to roll your bud. Furthermore, if you want a way to grind your cannabis IC, you could put it in a prescription bottle with some pennies and shake it up. However, regarding hard drugs, I feel like they are either abused by characters for the benefits or people do not understand how that addiction works, or people to some level do understand and that's why they aren't used. If you regularly use cocaine and heroin you are going to become physically addicted to the substance, and it will register as one of the highest if not the highest survival needs in the body. If you smoke meth then you should understand that while heroin and cocaine may be described as being about 3-5 times better than sex, meth is about 20-100 times better than sex. When someone smokes meth it releases so many endorphins--specifically dopamine--that not only is it immediately registered as something the body needs to survive, it is registered as the only thing the body needs to survive. It's for those reasons I feel that not many people use hard drugs on the server. The RP to properly play an addict like that is tasking, and likely not very fun. So there's a bunch of non-pertinent stuff about drugs.
  9. Ted

    |Wish You Were Here|
  10. Ted

    |Last Caress| (NSFW) (Seriously a guy gets his dick cut off. I warned ya.)
  11. Ted

    |Clean-Up Crew|
  12. Ted

    Love this post, not enough love for the Hangarounds and Prospects of the GDMC. Now we got some of us in pose, hell yeah.
  13. Ted

    |A Day In The Life|
  14. Ted

    Miles ≈ 200 Insurance Status: Uninsured Cargo Capacity = 100kgs Asking Price: $75,000 Price is negotiable. Call/SMS 58248440 with offers.