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  1. Lance

    So you are trying to say gtaw economy is realistic? It's anything but that you don't buy beer for 30 bucks you don't buy a cigarette for 20, if server had a proper economy in terms of numbers we wouldn't need that 60((6000)) stuff. So since gtaw does not have the real life economy, i think that we should just say 6k for whatever you're selling without any ((6000)) shit. Or we can just sell beer 3$((30)).
  2. Lance

    buy me a game and im in bro sitting on a pirated version rn
  3. Lance

    Finally someone did it. Wonder why they can't be just named IG and thrown into other categories like everything else.
  4. Lance

    I meant stuff like walk styles and moods(which are bugged I'm not sure), this is a massive upgrade on generic stuff non donators get. /bad is a massive help to open a business cause even damn taxi drivers don't know the map. I personally donated for /bad and furniture amount, walk style is a great little bonus. But from now on I'll stop donating.
  5. Lance

    Agreed. FM exists and it's their job to prevent such situations. People send their threads and all the faction info privately to FM to review it. So if there's several official factions claiming one turf for years it's FMs fault. If people just create a faction out of nowhere it should be reported to FM.
  6. Lance

    Tbh looks like a trailer about gtaw gang activity
  7. Lance

    To be honest gtaw will most likely die by that time. If not it would stay on gta v. But it's really to early to even discuss such stuff haha.
  8. Lance

    Would you accept 193001?
  9. Face? Yeah it's quite good, but body size and height is still the copy of everyone else haha. Best possible option visually would be a Ped skin. But as I said, face looks good, just don't forget /description and hope that people actually look at it.
  10. Sad that you don't actually look like 15 yo lol. But I appreciate a nice hood char!
  11. Lance

    Been working on The Dungeon Crawler Nightclub, every single poster was created by me. I do this for fun, thought I'd share some stuff.