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  1. Lance

    You're trying to buy an apartment, not a bag of chips. Leave a serious offer.
  2. Lance

  3. Go drive originals on Forza Horizon 4 then. Maybe engine can handle rendering, but have you even played on the server? It crashes like 20x/day and adding some useless mods of real cars would be the dumbest thing to do. Anyway, not sure what this poll is for, it's not happening, simply not. nice pics btw, loving the originals. Literally this.
  4. Because it is immersion breaking. All you talk about is cars, there's much more to it than the cars, there's the whole virtual world at your disposal and you just want to drive a Mercedez. Once again, if you want a Mercedez that bad, just find a server that RPs as LA not LS. Here, this is a tiny part of what you're given and it's still not enough:
  5. I am sorry but I lose brain cells reading your comments and this post itself. It's similar to the original so what? It's Baller, only acceptable vehicle mods are lore friendly ones and they do ruin immersion, adding real cars is literally what ruining immersion means. If you want to have real life cars, go ahead, change Los Santos to Los Angeles, drive your beloved Mercedez, stop using Facebrowser and go create a Facebook account for your character, easy. But if you start mixing gta lore with real life brands you need to change EVERYTHING, then it's not immersion breaking, it would be a real life roleplay, we live in LA, drive Mercedez, work in idk Fedex or whatever. I was like you, I loved servers that had a lot of real life mods, but then I tried to use my brain and realized that having real cars in virtual gta v is pissing on immersion and ruining everything. Once again, you're given everything so use it, if you don't like it go play FiveM, they have a lot of servers with real cars you'll like it.
  6. Lol of course not real cars? You change the cars you completely ruin the immersion and the whole server, this is GTAW, R* gave us whole world with street names, restaurants, clubs, cars, different firms, banks, insurance companies even details like phone brands and drinks even fucking bread and mayo are in the game, so bringing REAL LIFE stuff into the game is simply idiotic, yes I think adding REAL phones was very dumb, there's no damn OnePlus there's Badger, there's no iPhone there's iFruit, there's no Corona there's Cerveza Barracho. R* gave you everything on a plate and using real life stuff is just a big no no. Don't think why it's even ever discussed but that's the big downside of gtaw, mixing real life with gta v lore a lot and not using gta v lore to its full potential. Edit: There's no damn Mercedes its Benefactor.
  7. Lance

    ((Press F7 when you take screenshots damn and would be nice if you took some time to take a better screen from each side of the car and not at night because buyer can't see shit.))
  8. DJ RoE killed it on his Dungeon Crawler debut and it showed on the dancefloor! For the first time #thedungeon opened its door on Tuesday. Should we make it permanent?
  9. Lance

    Finished, it's very short, but damn it was super cool. Loved it.
  10. Lance

    Odometer would be a good start, at least it would show that the car has been used if there's a good amount of miles on it. At this point I'd literally just take odometer and be happy.
  11. Lance

    Once again, has been suggested millions of times, by me, by other members, has also been ignored millions of times. Suggesting odometer or vehicle systems is like asking a dead dog to do tricks. Ofcourse I support it and want it to happen, but at this point I don't think it will.
  12. Lance

    akari lowkey hot tbh
  13. Lance

    100% - Showcasing your faction should not be limited, system is extremely flawed. Reason why we miss out on many great factions, there's no variety at all, in 6 years we had like 25% Bikers, 25% Italians, 40% generic black gangs and 10% of Asian. Random percentages but that's what it seems like to me. This is frequent and it applies to a good amount of people, at least the ones I interact with, it's normal, add myself to the list as well, that happened SO often, when I log on, either drive around, realize there's nothing and log of or I log on, crash after 3 minutes and quit. Ratio should be 70% legal 30% illegal or something around that, legal RP should be normal and illegal RP should be quite rare or happen in certain parts of the city. But legal RP is boring, I've heard ''Damn imma ck and make illegal char its so boring'' more often than I should've. And at this point, even legal RP is leaning towards illegal side of things since everyone owns a gun nowadays.
  14. Lance

    220, what's the market price of those nowadays?
  15. Lance

    There's a lot of illegal RP, but it's so bad. From my experience, 50% of illegal RP is half-assed robbing where if robber fails, the victim gets reported. 25% is people trying to steal cars and other 25% is trigger-happy gangs who sell drugs and shoot whoever walks by.