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  1. JustAnM43

    Ah yes, pile more work up for admins and bring discussions regard CK's. No reason to change it, it's decent as it is. People that want to CK someone can request so via application. No reason to change that.
  2. JustAnM43

    Cops are supposed to be overpowered. They've got numerous advantages IRL, as they do here. Forcing CK's on cops solves nothing but DM squads going out to shoot at cops and CK-ing them at first sight for petty reasons. I can see this going nowhere. Cops can get CK'd if a CK application was put in or throughout different sectors. No from me.
  3. JustAnM43

    The male/female clothes bugged after an update was introduced, if I recall correctly. Not too sure if staff was made aware of it, but yeah, it's not an MPLimit issue, it's just bugged. You can find more info here.
  4. JustAnM43

    I've genuinely seen more people evade than I've seen stop, and I'm not even in the PD. Surprisingly, it's always the "street racing" groups that lack the portrayal of actual "street racers". Having their cars crushed would be very sweet to see.
  5. JustAnM43

    Oh yeah, I'm totally jealous my character has a realistic property that fits his budget and work and that you don't have a mansion. Boo-hoo. Nobody properly roleplays rich. No to mansions.
  6. JustAnM43

    Well, I got my holiday Inn, and you don't have your mansion. A two week old character roleplaying a celeb sounds like a PLM problem to me.
  7. JustAnM43

    No, you're not. You're a Facebrowser poster that rips off songs and posts them as their own with little to no RP. Get real.
  8. JustAnM43

    Are you roleplaying someone rich like Lebron James? No. Lil Kim? No. Ciara? No? Didn't think so. You don't need a mansion.
  9. JustAnM43

    One person properly roleplaying rich doesn't mean we should put up mansions for sale. I don't see the issue in the current housing problem. I'd add more houses somewhere, just not mansions.
  10. JustAnM43

    And realistically, we have tonnes of apartments that are available for purchase. Nobody properly roleplays rich so there's no need for Richman/Vinewood houses, hence they're not available.
  11. Your attitude's fucking atrocious, my guy. .45 and Mitch bring up very valid points, that should definitely be looked into.
  12. JustAnM43

    If interested, contact Samuel Courtland on Facebrowser, or call up/SMS 4130 for an interview! (( On an OOC note, we're trying to portray a realistic company building proper cars, and we're not looking for half assed RP for quick cash. We're about realism and portrayal, not money. ))
  13. JustAnM43

    Tried reaching you, wasn't able to. Ping me at 4130 when you get the chance to, might have an opening for you.
  14. JustAnM43

  15. JustAnM43