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  1. For sale is a 1969 Declasse Vamos. 396 CUI big block, new Holley carburetor, engine runs perfectly fine, holds idle. Factory color used to be light blue but due to the paint chipping off due to old age, it's been taken and repainted. Fresh paint, restored chrome trim with no dents/scratches in it and a set of factory wheels on fresh tires. Fresh oil and diff fluid, recently swapped brakes, also been bled properly. Undercarriage and quarter panels hold no rust either. Car's 100% rust free and kept in a garage when not driven. Very slight wear to the driver seat, but otherwise the interior's in decent condition. Radio, A/C and a clock, all work. This car's been driven to work and back sometimes so it's got a bit of miles to it but it's still in it's prime condition. Asking price is $120,000, very slightly negotiable. No, I won't take $100,000 flat or trades. Low ballers will be strapped to the roof of a Rhapsody and paraded around town. Plates are not included. It's also registered and insured for a full month.
  2. That's exactly what they're suggesting. This won't be readily available to everyone with a PF, and it's gonna be via special license probably through Legal FM as it's their best bet to make sure only proper roleplayers get access to it. I doubt you'll ever see an Elegy driver hop out with a rifle over a few thrown words.
  3. I think a lot of you are overthinking this. If this goes in, there's no way staff's gonna make them available as PF's or something. They're going to be heavily restricted for specific people only on an application based system. Best bet would be making them application based like a property request or something similar where a person describes their development and other necessary info. I highly doubt it you're ever going to see a Pariah driver with pink hair hop out on anyone with a legal rifle without getting ajailed/banned, IF they get a license either way, cause like I said, making them app based eliminates every moron with shit tier RP from owning them, and if that DOES happen which if you ask me would be stupid rare, an easy report fixes that almost instantly. Legal rifles open a ton of doors for roleplay opportunities. Outdoor gun ranges (Please. I've been wanting these for two years now), gun competitions, three gun shoots, home defense and overall rifle roleplay. By making these restricted and app based, you're allowing solid roleplayers that won't drift Elegies into Davis and then hop out with rifles after pissing a gangbanger off own rifles. A lot of yall are quick to judge civ RP thanks to the sometimes seen special cases in their fancy ass cars drawing PF's for no good reason, but yall need to understand there's a ton of good civ legal RPers that outnumber the shit ones. It's easy to taint a group's reputation but I feel like this needs to be given a shot, at least application based. Restricting everyone over a few shitters isn't exactly fair or normal. There's a lot of experienced RPers that would love to get into legal rifle RP, gun shop wise or just personal.
  4. Preach. Keane's suggestion works perfectly fine, honestly. Heavily regulated and only for strictly legal roleplayers.
  5. This is why legal rifles should be handled by Legal FM. Don't give it to people that are bartender slash car enthusiasts and instead give it to properly made characters fairly portrayed. Not only would it cut back on forum reports, it would also improve the whole outlook of gun toting legal rpers.
  6. AR-15 stands for Assault Rifle 15, which means it shoots 15 bullets per trigger pull with no recoil. Included with it come attachments, such as the chainsaw attachment, the straw bayonet, a Corgi and in some cases, the USS Kitty Hawk.
  7. I wasn't aware of the shotgun being that incredibly synced, appreciate the heads up. Also, the AR-15 isn't an assault rifle. If you've read what I said, heavily restricting it for people that won't dump it into the wrong hangs is a possibility, same as Keane said. I never said they should be allowed in PF's. Special licenses handled by Legal FM would be perfect, that way it's monitored who has access to legal rifles and who doesn't.
  8. I've been wanting this for almost two years. As a character that was built to mess around with firearms, be it quartermaster, gun shop owner and such, the lack of legal support for firearms is massively disappointing. I'm still not sure why I can't legally own a Mk. 2 twelve gauge but an illegal can, it makes no sense to me. If there's no other way since management is scared it would go into the hands of shit tier RPers, make them go through Legal FM, and make it application based. Good application, detailed background and other info and off you go. I feel it's unfair to restrict legal RPers massively thanks to a few bad apples in the community that don't care for proper RP. People don't seem to understand that a rifle is just as powerful as a shotgun in home defense, so you can't really pull the argument that a "rifle is more OP". Making it application based, I highly doubt you'll ever see someone hop out of a Pariah with an AR-15 shooting at someone over insults. Overall, I'd love to see rifles up for ownership and I don't think that a few shit tier RPers should restrict an entire gun community over it. Believe it or not, there's a lot of legal players that properly roleplay and develop, and not don purple hair, drive an Elegy Retro and drift around town.
  9. /me pulls up on a foo lacking in broad daylight with 150 witnesses /me aims his glawk fawty problem solver at foo number 1 /b rp gun fear /s dont move bruh or imma air u out nahmean /me pats foo number 1 down quickly while aiming his glawk fawty problem solver at him /do where is everything gimme ur shit Hard pass. In two years of being on this server, I could count on my fingers the amount of properly roleplayed robberies.
  10. Looking to purchase a 1969-1971 Declasse Vamos. Preferably with a 350 small block and a 4 speed manual, but will consider other offers. Leave your contact details if you have one for sale.
  11. Can't wait to shoot AK's at people, steal cars, smoke weed and race around like a retard. And then turn on the PC.
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