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  1. JustAnM43

  2. JustAnM43

    Lowest I'll go on it is a hundred.
  3. JustAnM43

    Pretty neato. Any news on the weapon attachments? People have been pretty hyped for it for a while now.
  4. JustAnM43

    Price went down to $110.000. Need it gone ASAP.
  5. JustAnM43

    1970 Bravado Gauntlet for sale. Third owner, comes with all the paperwork. Re-worked suspension, restored and repainted. Comes equipped with an original 426 HEMI that has had work done to it. Interior's clean and refurbished to give it the original 70's look. Original wheels on new tires. 43 thousand miles on the clock. Car has no rust and has been completely restored at Autohaven. Asking price is $110.000 OBO. Image gallery.
  6. No, they don't. People shouldn't get their applications fucked off just because someone races on that road. By that logic if I requested to do a drag racing event on the road in front of my shop and someone drag races there once or twice, they have the right to deny it? No, not really. Not really, especially when something like this wouldn't have been fucked off for a petty reason in the first place. Saying how "there will without a doubt be accidents, , the latter part of the track is very dangerous, as is the initial part of the track." is actually hilarious. Have you seen any hillclimb events? Search up Pikes Peak, and you'll see how often that's used for hillclimbs, and what they even allow there. Motorcycles, cars, even quads. This actually made me laugh. Yes, let me just get my character that wrenches on cars into politics. Can I run for presidency next? People shouldn't have to bust their ass off and drag themselves into politics and establish political parties to get a simple event going. That's not how that goes.
  7. JustAnM43

    Better off running meth and dragging Coyote 5.0's down the highway 😉 I always loved Pontiac but anything not in the US and they cost an arm and a leg. I've considered importing a G8 with an LS2 but that shit would still drain my wallet.
  8. JustAnM43

    You running meth on that thing? It's fucking gorgeous.
  9. Please? The county's been active for the past few months, from bikers to moonshiners and everything else. Paleto's filled with people and I think a Sheriff's Department would be a great thing to do.
  10. JustAnM43

    As the title says, I'm interested in buying a Declasse Tulip. Engine doesn't matter, only in the market for a 1971-1972 model. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  11. JustAnM43

    Pretty much what Rybyn said. The houses in the hills fit absolutely nobody on GTA:W that I know of, and I have yet to see anyone properly roleplay rich other than just rolling around in high end cars and flexing with little to no backstory. I suggest we focus on Morningwood to bring players more decent properties in middle class areas such as the plentiful apartments that surround Morningwood. Would also be nice to see more roleplay around that area as it has next to nothing in it.
  12. JustAnM43

    Or start enforcing rules how people ride motorcycles. I can name you countless "gangbangers" on crotch rockets that are going into turns 100+MPH like they're Valentino Rossi, cause they know they can abuse the bike and it's physics to lose the cops. I see no issue with someone being beanbagged off the bike at low speeds.
  13. JustAnM43

    Pretty much the GTA:W character redone in Menyoo. It's the GTA:O ped. No interior. Tried it with another model, had no luck. Recording for 5-10 seconds, TPP. Edit: Fixed it. Remade it from scratch and now it works.
  14. JustAnM43

    Character is visible in GTA V, then becomes invisible in the Rockstar Editor. Anyone know what's up with that?
  15. JustAnM43

    Any news on gun attachments and all? That still happening?