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  1. Well hot damn. I stand corrected then!
  2. No, he really doesn't. Not until the continuity thing comes out. I'd understand people being forced to stick to lore friendly cars and I'm all for that. GTA V's car lore is plentiful and there's no reason why we shouldn't use that, but R* lore for other things such as firearms, food brands etcetera lack heavily. There's simply not enough lore brands for anything other than vehicles that's usable.
  3. JustAnM43

    This was suggested in the past and I think either Ethanol or Maca Rukka and Ethanol said that it won't be happening. Can't say I disagree with the decision. English speaking community, keep it that way. Having sub-forums for other nationalities is not needed and if they implement a few sub forums for nationalities, you'll get everyone else going "WhY dIDnT mY cOuNTry Get One" and before you know, everyone from LA to Tinbuktu will be asking for a sub forum. EDIT: Went digging in the archives, found this.
  4. JustAnM43

  5. JustAnM43

  6. JustAnM43

    More interaction with speeders and reckless drivers. While I understand that in the past there have been lots of people that drove past PD doing mach one hoping for pursuits and all that, not everyone's got the same plans. I can list off countless encounters where I've seen people run an intersection or do 20-25 over because they didn't see the police unit, only for the police unit to shrug it off because the person drove a sporty looking car. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate PD roleplay. My character got carried away more than once with speeding. This wasn't to provoke anyone or anything, it's just the way he is. And he ended up going past a PD Interceptor that he spotted too late. Now comes the "ohshitimfucked.png" from my character, but the Interceptor simply shrugged it off cause the car's fast by default and I can only assume they thought I was hoping for a pursuit. Lately I've seen a lot of PD units just not pull people over because they automatically assume that the person's gonna evade. There's a lot of car enthusiasts out there that sometimes speed and run red lights, and to be honest, RP with law enforcement is a massive part of car enthusiast RP. From being pulled over to having shit impounded, checks, or just random talks. To sum it up, I'm not talking shit about PD or saying how provoking's fun. Hell, if someone kept driving around me hoping for a pursuit, I wouldn't chase them either. But just because a few bad apples beg for pursuits doesn't mean PD should give up pulling over sports cars and all. We're not all here to evade. Like I said, PD RP is vital to car enthusiast roleplay, and it sucks when my character fucks up only for a cop to shrug it off because he thought I'd evade. Long story short, a lot of cops hesitate pulling sports cars over because they assume they'll just evade.
  7. Congratulations. The rest of us wouldn't. Done deal, Bye Felicia!
  8. I mean. This has been a discussion for ages, before you even made the post and I'm pretty sure the answer was no, so do with that as you will.
  9. To sum it up, real life car mods won't be added to GTA:W. Pretty sure Nervous touched up on that, but you can also tell it won't be happening since he's been adding lore friendly cars in lately.
  10. No, since on GTA:W, 90% of things we use are from lore. Lore cars, lore stores, the majority of the server uses lore. How exactly would you add IRL cars in? Let's say you want a Dodge Charger SRT8, but GTA V also has one but it's called a Bravado Buffalo S. See where the issue comes up? They'd be almost identical, except one's lore and one's an IRL car mod. IRL car mods have no reason to be on this server, plus I think Nervous said that the only cars that GTA:W will be getting that are modded are lore friendly ones, so there's that.
  11. JustAnM43

    This was an incredible read and it provides people with much needed info. This is one of the few guides that really deserve to be pinned. This is brilliant, thank you for it.
  12. GTA V lore is plentiful. There's no reason why we'd need to use IRL cars instead of lore friendly ones. I fail to see how any IRL car mod can give anyone immersion aside from sticking out like a sore thumb. IRL car mods are also usually full HD and can cause lag on certain systems especially low/mid end, multiply that by the amount of cars we'd have of IRL cars and you'd have loads of people getting 30-40 FPS, if that. Salary of a Mercedes designer has nothing to do with R* modelers. That's just stupid.
  13. JustAnM43

  14. JustAnM43

    Leading bid.
  15. JustAnM43

    Noted, current bid.