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  1. Your attitude's fucking atrocious, my guy. .45 and Mitch bring up very valid points, that should definitely be looked into.
  2. JustAnM43

    If interested, contact Samuel Courtland on Facebrowser, or call up/SMS 4130 for an interview! (( On an OOC note, we're trying to portray a realistic company building proper cars, and we're not looking for half assed RP for quick cash. We're about realism and portrayal, not money. ))
  3. JustAnM43

    Tried reaching you, wasn't able to. Ping me at 4130 when you get the chance to, might have an opening for you.
  4. JustAnM43

  5. JustAnM43

  6. JustAnM43

    House in Mirror Park for sale. Quiet neighborhood, low crime rate, good location. The house is a one story with five rooms, previously owned by a non smoking family. House is surrounded by hedges for privacy and has a small space in the back for relaxation. Three to four car parking spot with a cover. Spacious living room, big kitchen with all the appliances you'd need. Decent sized bathroom with a shower and a bath. Property also comes with an office for personal use, can be turned into anything else. Massive master bedroom. Asking price is currently $320.000. Photo gallery.
  7. JustAnM43

    6.2L V8, running out 530 horsepower at 5.500 RPM. Engine and transmission were taken out and given a proper makeover at Autohaven. It runs a full FOX shock kit so you'll have no issues hitting offroad trails and small jumps. The truck was owned by a non smoker, clean interior, leather heated seats. Can throw in spare goodies if needed. Painted metallic blue, small scratches from gravel and rocks, no body damage. Comes equipped with a full Borla exhaust. 96 thousand miles on the chasis, 23 thousand on the engine. Asking price is 90 grand, and I won't be going lower than that. Photo gallery.
  8. JustAnM43

  9. JustAnM43

    Helping a friend out by selling their Benefactor Streiter. The car's a newer model and has been taken good care of. Factory metallic grey, leather heated seats. Alarms, locks and anti theft have all been swapped out for quality parts at Autohaven. Vehicle was inspected and the oil has been changed recently. The transmission was recently taken out and freshened up, so you won't have any issues switching gears. Has some work under the hood, came factory with coilovers that have been adjusted so the vehicle doesn't scrape or have clearance issues. Vehicle is also registered and insured. Price is 85 thousand, non negotiable.
  10. JustAnM43

    I wouldn't really implement it as a rule. I'd simply remove the /call 207 to get your car insured, period. Dialing a number and magically having your car insured in the blink of an eye is stupid and shouldn't even be a thing. /call 207 is easily abused. Simply go back to the system where you had to drive to the DMV to insure your car.
  11. JustAnM43

    /weather is barely used as a command because not many people know of it. Having the current set weather on your HUD and being able to toggle it would be much better. People going to the beach when it's like 2 outside is a big fat meme.
  12. JustAnM43

    I've got one for sale. It's currently insured, registered, and has some work done under the hood. Metallic blue paintjob and fresh tires all over. Let me know if you're interested.
  13. JustAnM43

    Tropos Rallye, GB200 and the Omnis are a no from me. There is absolutely no reason why these should be added. Group B cars were made in extremely small quantities and Group B was never in the USA, so getting your hands on a Group B vehicle is almost next to impossible unless you're stupid rich and connected to import one, which is still next to impossible. The Elegy RH8 is a car that makes me wonder why we have the Elegy Retro instead of that one. R35's are way more common than R32's around the US, so it would make more sense to do that instead. I don't know where you're getting your info from, but you can't get your hands on WRC cars as easy as you think. Hell, the Ford Fiesta WRC, aka the Flash GT that we have (for whatever reason) is upwards of 140 grand plus. You can bet that Group B cars and other WRC class cars are gonna be in the same area, with Group B cars being much much more wanted and much much more expensive. People owning these without being stupid rich would make little to no sense, especially with the fact that your average Joe can't maintain a WRC car.
  14. JustAnM43

  15. JustAnM43

    Lowest I'll go on it is a hundred.