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  1. JustAnM43

    Thing is, if someone strafes which is often done on GTA V, you have to adjust your aim to it during a gunfight and there's a big chance you'll miss. Using a controller, that shit's on lock and all shots are on point. See what I'm getting at here?
  2. JustAnM43

    Except it is. The range is pretty solid and it turns your shit into a laser beam. I've done enough GTA shooting on consoles to realize it's fucking ridiculous. If people use keyboard and mouse to shoot, so should other people. No assists should be given.
  3. "Visual look of guards and their armed status." I'm sorry, is this a security agency or a fucking PMC? I've also done my research, and I can assure you, the majority of "California companies" do not blouse their boots like paratroopers, nor do they wear tac vests and combat gloves paired up with cowboy hats like they're ready for the Boogaloo. Y'all are doing a mighty fine job. Keep at it. :^)
  4. Which is the best way to go about it. Unfortunately these "tacticool" companies attract all the attention for whatever reason. This also hooks into the whole PF thing. If you let people dress tacticool and make them think they're something they're not, of course they'll jump the gun on sits. I mean who doesn't want to be a tacticool security guard taking down a gangbanger with a gun, right?? The whole security guard thing on here is pretty "meh." Too much of a PMC vibe, not enough rent-a-cop vibe which is what it should be.
  5. If you're gonna wear a cowboy hat, a tac vest, and blouse your boots on a regular 9-5 guarding a 24/7 or something else in the middle of Mirror Park, I'm absolutely going to laugh at you. Problem isn't PF or abuse, the problem is letting them think they're something super cool and super tactical when in reality they're just rent-a-cops. Don't consider this as bashing either, but the majority of security guards IRL wear regular uniforms and don't deck out in tactical gear to look amazing and ready for war while they guard a 24/7 or a clothing store somewhere in a decent area.
  6. JustAnM43

    People that lose properties due to inactivity lose their properties and they're not eligible for a refund. It's put back into circulation once it's taken away.
  7. JustAnM43

    Vehicle has been sold.
  8. JustAnM43

    For sale is my 1968 Vapid Dominator. This car was rescued from a barn out in Blaine County. I'm the second owner, as the vehicle's been sitting in a barn since 1971, proven by the past owner. Car was originally red but the paint faded and it had some rust spots that needed fixing. Car was stripped down completely and redone. It had some rust to it which got fixed. Interior got taken apart and fitted with a new dashboard out of a '69 Dominator. Suspension got stripped out and it received brand new parts from QA1 motorsports. This car's a classic with modern handling. The 550 CUI V8 was taken out and replaced with a 427 SOHC V8, infamously known as the Cammer. Vehicle dynoed at 680 horsepower and 590 lb⋅ft of torque. It's paired up with a four speed manual. Finished off in a metallic bronze respray and sitting on original 68 Dominator wheels. It's loud, it kicks the tail end out easy, but if you can control it, it'll grip up like a monster. Available for more inquiries. Plates are NOT included. Looking to get $190,000 for it, negotiable. I'm not interested in trades. Lowballers will be strapped to the hood of an Emperor and paraded around town.
  9. JustAnM43

    Vehicle has been sold.
  10. JustAnM43

    They go for that amount unregistered and uninsured. This thing's got the full performance package, fresh plates and insurance. I'll have to pass on 180, thank you for the offer.
  11. JustAnM43

    For sale is a 2014 Bravado Banshee. 8.4l V10. This thing's insane. Not recommended for amateur drivers. It's a dedicated factory deathtrap. Currently pushing 650 horsepower and 600 Lb-Ft torque. It chugs gas, so you'll be stopping by gas stations often. It gets about 10 MPG in the city and around 14 on highways. But who cares about that. Not like you're buying the Banshee to save the economy. It's got fresh paint, registration, insurance and brakes all around, aswell as fresh fluids. It starts and goes, no current maintenance is needed. If you're looking for a fun weekend warrior, this thing's for you. Asking price is $260,000, negotiable.
  12. Wouldn't make a difference. People would still be doing 100MPH.
  13. Are you seriously telling me driving 130MPH through a curved residential area is IC? I'm sorry, am I playing on a roleplay server on GTA or am I playing Need for Speed? The majority of sports car owners don't RP their driving ability worth shit. Are you gonna tell me everyone's a racecar driver nowadays? Dudes do top speed through Mirror Park in broad daylight not worried about taking anyone out or getting booked. There's no fear in it and it's piss poor RP.
  14. You can report the vehicle. Admins can find the vehicle with little to no issue from what I was told. Simply report the color and name of the vehicle and admins can take care of the rest, I'm pretty sure. Driving's definitely become a massive problem on GTA:W, and has been since late 2019. Mirror Park used to be a street racing hotspot for no reason, and while it's definitely stopped, I feel like it needs more work as a lot of the street racers have no RP job. People fail to realize the majority of street racers IRL have 9-5 jobs to support their habits. They don't get in their car, drive all day and hit mach 1.
  15. JustAnM43

    Street racing happens often and everywhere, and you don't need special permissions for doing this. If you plan on making it a legal sanctioned event, you'd need permissions from the government, and the assistance of PD/FD. Street racing is illegal on the other hand, even if it's at a secluded spot.