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  2. Ahead of its' time. Such a beautiful story, that I keep coming back to! ❤️
  3. Amazing! Much love to it all, such a unique concept ❤️❤️
  4. Hello. Hi. Hey. These type of topics, discussions, and all are like a broken record. As of recent months, it is known knowledge of the increasing popularity of menyoo, and its use upon the site that is Facebrowser. Say, months ago, menyoo was taboo to a majority of ones, with the additional help of the guide of lovely @jessicawhich raised awareness regarding the mod. Now, in my opinion, Menyoo does not hinder GTAW. It is more so the players and how they make use of the mod itself. Myself personally, I openly admit to using menyoo, however I limit myself. I use it for a creative aspect, to say create an act of my character's backstory, to take pictures of my character, selfies that are normal and basic, a picture that my character would deem pretty, yet she posts on a blue moon, and then finally; Nithercott Cosmetics is a cosmetics company, and with that, there is limitations on the server in regards to poses, and such for photoshoots. Therefore, to further better the marketing, and show off the quality of the products, I use menyoo to capture screens of models wearing the lipstick, or clothing. It is incredibly useful for brands, to capture that right shot, that they cannot in game, however it should be discussed, and planned IC. There has been many of meetings with regard to Nithercott Cosmetics on the concepts, ideas and such, that we then input into menyoo, and try our best to mimic the style that we want. Menyoo is overly time consuming. Just yesterday, on my day off, I spent about five hours, trying to sort out concepts, ideas, animations, poses, clothing, angles, and of course models for the upcoming release of Nithercott Cosmetics. It takes away time from roleplay, I completely agree - I'd much rather be RPing out my character's feelings for that day. Cleaning around the house, going for a walk, cooking a homemade meal. Anything. Menyoo is time consuming, yet rewarding in the end, especially for us that are perfectionists, and want to approach in a sense of creative angles in relation to the whole mod itself. I'm rambling, forgive me; Of course, there is those who use menyoo with extremely modded games. I won't call out names, but using a Sims PED overhaul is just a big no no. With menyoo, take pictures all you desire, but look similar to your character in game. And if you desire to edit the picture, feel free, yet keep the similarity of the face IG within the picture. Like real life, social media is full of people who airbrush their stuff - I'm no stranger to it, as in certain lightings, the texture of the model can look weird, or out of place, therefore a little retouching is required, otherwise it'd draw the attention away from the picture you've worked hard on creating. There has been numerous times that I've met people IG, and they look different. Nowhere similar to what they portray themselves on facebrowser. Whereas there is those who edit beautiful pictures, yet still look identical in game. In reference to what @Smonksaid about the lack of meeting up on facebrowser, I completely agree. People make themselves best buds on facebrowser, yet never find the time to meet up IG, perhaps cause they fail to log on, or perhaps because they don't exist as a character. It is irritating for us that go on the server to meet up with these people, to find radio silence when you want them to meet you at a certain place. Menyoo is an extremely good mod, however we shouldn't be blaming it, rather the people who have put a sour taste in all our mouths with their misusage. Facebrowser has a greater impact than the mod itself. Perhaps look at the countless trolls upon the site? The use of menyoo, I can see that it does have an effect in the way people are more drawn to go upon it than to get IG, and to roleplay. However, in no way, does it hinder roleplay at all. We joined GTAW knowing it was a roleplay server. We all came here to establish stories, build characters and because we love to roleplay. Your roleplay and menyoo are two different things. Yes, there are those who take it the extreme and take unrealistic pictures, yet fail to RP anything in relation. I can understand this as a hinder, however I've known many amazing people on this server who use Menyoo, and still roleplay with such detail and amazing quality. It is the rotton apples that shine the wrong light. In regard to clothing, and mods that aren't available to others; Commissions. That is how people chose to spend their money. They have the freedom to do what they desire with their money. If you want a crop top? Buy it. It isn't their fault that Rockstar has limitations in regard to actual decent clothing. In conclusion, I feel that Menyoo shouldn't be looked at as the decline, rather how it is used, and more so Facebrowser. People seem to care more about Facebrowser likes than the establishment and creation of a story. My ted talk is done!
  5. Ratta

    Ariana Davis

  6. ? Thank you, means a lot! ❤️ I love that song ? Go raibh maith agat ❤️ Zaaam.
  7. ❤️ Thank you! ? Thankssssssss. ? Appreciated!
  8. Act One (Inactivity due to personal reasons on both ends. Time to get this kicking.)
  9. Basic Information: Name: Sana Raiza Palau Age: Twenty-Four DOB: 10th of May 1995 Home Town: Los Santos Neighborhood: Rancho Birth-Place: Cotuí, Dominican Republic Gender: F Height: 5'6" Weight: 135lbs Occupation: Student Eye Colour: Brown Ethnic: Hispanic Fluent Languages: English, Spanish Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Martial Status: In a relationship
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