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  1. Jam

    Hangaround Travis and Dennis make themselves known...
  2. Jam

    Travis gets himself involved with the local Paleto Bay motorcycle club...
  3. Jam

    Not dead, just haven't been posting much RP screens as of late.
  4. Jam

    Board of Tribal Relations going door to door.
  5. Jam

    Sorry about the lack of RP recently, out on vacation in Hawai'i so won't be back until around Tuesday.
  6. Jam

    Grand Opening of Seaside Spirits
  7. big streamers are naughty!!
  8. Jam

    older photo with me and them g*59 boisssss back when i had more hair on my head look mom!!! am i edgy!?!?! (for those that ain't know from left to right... scrim, me, ruby, and the mawfuckin gray gorilla RAMIREZ.)