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  1. Jam

    Grand Opening of Seaside Spirits
  2. big streamers are naughty!!
  3. Jam

    older photo with me and them g*59 boisssss back when i had more hair on my head look mom!!! am i edgy!?!?! (for those that ain't know from left to right... scrim, me, ruby, and the mawfuckin gray gorilla RAMIREZ.)
  4. Jam

    ____________________________________________________________ Later that night...
  5. Jam

    (Female Outfits Coming Soon...) _____________________________________________________________________________ Tribal Hierarchy Paleto Chieftain: Cole Paleto Paleto Tribal Council Board of Finances: TBA Responsible for handling tribal money and distributing tribal benefits to all tribe members every week. Board of Tribal Relations: Peyton Paleto [Interim] TBA In charge of gathering feedback from tribal members and to see what they currently like or what they want to vote on for change. Tribal Relations then reports to the Election Board to put up votes among the council. Board of Tribal Security and Community Services: Dakota Peyote In charge of doing neighborhood watch within Paleto Bay and keeping the peace. Will work directly with local law enforcement. Board of Enrollment: TBA Responsible for enrolling people into the tribe that are either from another tribe and have Native American blood and/or former tribe members who had left the tribe. Election Board: Peyton Paleto Responsible for organizing tribal council votes and gathering feedback from Tribal Relations. Nature Preservation Board: TBA Responsible for preserving/maintaining the wildlife within the local areas. Will work directly with Tribal Security in case of wildlife disturbances such as poaching, illegal logging, wildfires, etc.
  6. Jam

    Backstory: The natives of Paleto lived a comfortable life in the early days before European contact, having an abundance of resources and no rival tribes they lived a quiet and prosperous life, having plenty of food raging from the fish that inhabited the local rivers and ocean waters to deer and rabbits frolicking within the surrounding forests. The native people of Paleto would then come into first contact with the Europeans who happened to be from Spain in the year 1542, life as they know it would soon change drastically. With the incoming Spaniards the local natives would take a blow to their way of life and culture, having the first Spanish settlement established in 1770, this settlement would become known as "Paleto Bay". After contact with outsiders the natives would end up with a foul disease that claimed the lives of most of the tribe, in reparation to the horrendous event the colonizers would name the settlement after the main chieftain who was known as chief Paleto. As the years grew on the Europeans would eventually push their religious ideas upon the local people, forcing them into a life of Christianity. In the year of 1824 the natives of Paleto have had enough and would then begin the "Paleto Revolt of 1824". The native people would attack numerous missions and would occupy them from the Spaniards, the Paleto native warriors would hold their ground for as long as possible until the Spanish military ended up killing off many of their tribe people ranging from men, women, and even children. This would force the tribe of Paleto to surrender, making it a victory for the "white devil" Europeans. Current Day Paleto: Now fast forward to current day Paleto, the local tribe's numbers have significantly dwindled, leaving some of the neo-Paleto natives in distrust towards the government of San Andreas due to past mistreatment and social pressures, though some current day natives have completely conformed to the new ways. On top of all these past issues the native people have had, their lands have been completely taken from them and majority of the tribe have had enough. Through various protests and talks with the San Andreas government through their tribal council the native people of Paleto seek to regain their sacred tribal lands within the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. Behind The Flag: The Paleto Tribe flag, bearing the colors of white, red, and black dawns a single footprint as their emblem. The story behind the footprint goes that in the early days before the European conquest the local tribes people believed in a hairy beast, one with great power to protect and guard the natural environment and wildlife from the aggressors. To the natives they see him as a guardian, one who posses powers to disappear within a blink of an eye. The tribe calls him by the name of "Skookum" and they encourage people not from the tribe to go out looking for him for this hairy beast only wishes to be left alone. In the outside world everyone knows this hairy creature as Bigfoot. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC Information: The aim of this faction is to bring about dynamic RP, for this faction is neither legal or illegal it is as I'd like to call it "human". We seek to realistically portray a native tribe within the region of Paleto Bay where each individual member of the tribe may do whatever legel/illegal activities that they wish. If you are interested in being apart of the tribe please feel free to PM me on the forums or on Discord. Things to note before joining the tribe is that obviously you need to be a native person from Paleto (aka a Native American) and be willing to provide RP within the area of Paleto Bay, when it comes to age ranges and or being male or female that choice is completely up to you. There are no strict themes other than the things listed above, you are free to portray your character however you may choose.
  7. Jam

    Very well written, you make me proud. 👏
  8. Jam

    i wish i could sad react this
  9. Jam

    Well if we are going to talk in the terms of being a heavy RP server wouldn't opening up a hospital be up to the local town government/people instead of the Los Santos government which is its own city? Also as for funding it would come through taxes and if we are being realistic a town such as Paleto would have people living there to fund it, even if we got to RP them as NPC's. All this above 100%. All I really want is a place to spawn at that is nearby because whenever I die no one is online to actually RP it and take me to the hospital. Last time I RP'ed an injury the PD had to take me to a hospital and all I did was RP NPC's taking care of me.
  10. So a fella such as myself has been thinking, instead of only having one hospital why don't we have multiple? Reason being is that if I'm RPing in Paleto Bay (which I am) and I end dying I don't got to spawn all the way back in Los Santos. I really think that for us simple country folk that we can get a hospital in Paleto Bay at this location... And if possible maybe even add a hospital in Sandy Shores? That way no one is struggling having to return to their beautiful country side properties on foot due to lack of Uber/Taxi services at the time. Now I can see this working in one of two ways, we can either have it so that you spawn at the nearest hospital (which would be more realistic) OR you can spawn at the hospital of your preference? Either way I think we need more hospital locations.