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  1. I like it! And like @Tr1bal said I did have a tribe going but had it archived due to me being inactive due to my work schedule but I plan on bringing out my RP for my native character again now that I'm not so busy. Hopefully we run into each other! We need more native RP!
  2. Jam

    Glad you like it, also we had discussed a casino once before lmao. Maybe in due time when someone else decides to be apart of this they'll open up something, possibilities are endless. ???
  3. Jam

    Ron Interrogates a SUSPECTED Lizard!
  4. Jam

    Further Investigation Into The Lizard Lair...
  5. Jam

    Hunting For The Lizard Lord
  6. Jam

    Video is now up on main thread post. ?
  7. Jam

    Updated main thread post. Patrick Doink's story is now up! ?