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  1. Clean af but incase y'all didn't know, upload.ee deletes your screens after a while so careful. Following this
  2. WEST SIDE CAPITAL CRIPS The West Side Capital Crips 3X (W/S CC, WSCC 3X), also known as the Capital Boulevard Crips, Capital Gangster Crips or the Capital Crip Gang, are predominantly, though not necessarily exclusively, an African-American street gang based in South Los Santos, San Andreas. The gang initially started back in the early 1980's as a group of teenage residents from the Capital Boulevard neighborhood due to the rise in gangs and gang violence in Los Santos. Originally, they went by the "Capital Hustlers" and claimed Gangster Crip after dropping the "Hustler" label a few years later. It has since evolved into an additional factor in the current rates of gang violence and narcotics trafficking in the area. HISTORY AND DESCRIPTION Founded in the summer of 1982, the then-Capital Hustlers were a much smaller group residing in the Capital Boulevard Apartment Complex, formed mainly to protect themselves from rival groups that encroached upon their area. The group began claiming Gangster Crip after a rapper and fellow gang member named Kaleem “Bluebaby” Barnes was set up and shot in front of a recording studio by a member of the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips. W/S Capital Crips is predominantly made up of young African-American males from the Capital Boulevard neighborhood, with most of its more senior members either being dead or serving time in the Los Santos justice system, which factors into the more loose organization of their ranks and how business is conducted amongst its members. After living in a gang-infested area, it's only natural that all the exposure and risk factors, from anti-social attitudes to early delinquencies, that young locals could potentially be manipulated into joining the gang. In some cases, younger relatives of existing members are also put on. When a new member is brought in, an older member takes them under their wing. Young locals are usually tasked with doing smaller crimes such as selling drugs and seeing how they fair in the day to day dealings and risks the gang is stacked up against. Once they have proven themselves, they get put on by other members. CLIQUES The West Side Capital Crips has a number of cliques within its ranks, each representing themselves with different clothes, clothing, and gang signs. However, authorities have only managed to extensively document one of these cliques, with others either unable to be researched at the time or hard to find in the modern day Capital Crip Gang. 16 RIVAL CRUSADER LOCS: The 1600 Blocc clique, also known as the 16 Rival Crusader Locs is a clique of the Capital Gangster Crips located on Crusade Road. Its members are often seen sporting Las Venturas Raider apparel to identify themselves, and their culture is noticeably dissimilar to the other cliques of the Capital Crip Gang. They have been actively involved in pushing marijuana and crack cocaine over the years, with the goal of achieving dominant market control in the area. The 1600 Blocc clique is considered one of the oldest and most respected cliques within the gang, with its members usually being hardened veterans of the Capital Crip Gang and respected "pushers", i.e drug dealers. Authorities believe the clique was formed during the height of the crack cocaine epidemic in Los Santos by teenagers who felt under represented within the Capital Crip Gang. ((OOC Section)) We are aiming to portray a fictional Crip set inspired by multiple gangs in the real-life area around Capital Boulevard (Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles). Over time, the thread will be updated with timelines to represent each period of the faction's history for ease of access. If you plan on following this thread, please be aware that formatting is subject to change as in-character events occur. Recruitment, as per usual, is done completely in-character. If you want to roleplay in/with our faction, we are approachable around the Capital Boulevard and Crusade Road area. Leadership within the faction reserves the right to character-kill any character that is engrossed in faction activities if deemed necessary. Finally, all of us here want to enhance the experience of other existing groups and other players around the area by providing quality gang roleplay and creating a community in a little known area of the GTA:World map. This means we want your constructive criticism whenever you see something wrong. So, if you have any concerns, questions, or problems, please do not hesitate to message @qcumber or @Centi.
  3. You don't need a weapons dealer for that. Say you want to set a house on fire, get arson/property destruction approval from the administration team then simply roleplay making the bottle bomp and emote throwing it in and there you go!
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