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  1. liew

    good luck my friend take it far
  2. liew

    good luck xx
  3. Will do. I was just told by the person who linked it to me that it was Apophis' guide, but no problem!
  4. liew

    good to see little seoul's going strong still
  5. @eyebrows if you could lock and archive this it'd be much obliged thank you to everyone again xx
  6. This thread will follow and showcase the life and times of Paul Bellini.
  7. I guess you could say the Yee Hing Tong is now Yee Hing Gone With that said, I'll be closing down the faction as I simply can't run it anymore due to lack of motivation to do anything, the faction has come to a standstill and I believe our members have also realised this. It was a fun run whilst it lasted, and I'd like to thank everybody who was apart of it along with the factions who rp'd with us (mainly MS13 and the Vanguard, lots of fun were had together.) Please L&A - maybe in the future I'll bring it back.
  8. I mean the thread is literally called 'what do you want to see more of from FD' so the dude's just voicing what he wants to see.
  9. liew

    Perhaps there could be a compromise? For example, a business run by someone who is not a donator could do an advertisement, and have it's blip invisible and players who wish to find said business can do a command which will make the blip appear clientside for THEM only such as /findbusiness (business name). Whereas /bad will remain the same for donators, and the blip will be visible to everybody without having to do a command to search for it. Just a suggestion, I doubt it'll go anywhere though.