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  1. Late

    Nothing, wish there was a way to by-pass it for RAGEMP
  2. Username: HabeebTaxiBestTaxi Comments: Racist fake news. You photographed my employees and taxi and put it into a story that didn't happen! Had this been real journalism you would have been able to discover who taxi belong too. I will sue you! Fake western media news bull shit
  3. Don't be surprised if you get rear ended by Rafi who would be most surprised at your decision to stop abruptly at the intersection!
  4. Just as a side note since lockdown there is no cars on the road here hardly, you should see how people speed now. Easily 70mph in 30 zones since there is no traffic IRL Now back to the game enforcing speed limits is silly. There is hardly any traffic anyway
  5. Am the only one that thinks you're all exaggerating the issue? To my surprise I actually see most people drive somewhat carefully through populated areas.
  6. Late

    I never have trouble putting my ads out, why is this a problem?
  7. I think everyone thought the market would stabilize with the house request system being added. If anything I think it's just going to create a higher demand for player owned houses instead, especially when people who have been roleplaying for 10 years and committed to a single character for the last 4 get told their roleplay isn't up to standard and get denied on the most obscure reasons. I don't think I am going to write another 1,800 words to request a house. Instead I shall focus my efforts on daily openings of my businesses and continue to provide people with roleplay whilst saving up the cash and just buy a player owned house instead. [/salt] So I wouldn't actually be against all the houses being added to the free market but maybe just a little bit of policing involved so if someone is seen to be fishing all day grinding then buying a mansion PM reserves the right to question them on how their character got their wealth and can force them to sell it rather than going through an overly complicated and scrutinized application that PM will have to sort through one by one. This way most players will be allowed to own the house they want but the small minority of people who are buying houses that definitely wouldn't be fit for the characters will be policed out. It's a bit fairer that way to the general player base who spend so many hours roleplaying and contributing to the server. With that said the amount of houses available will outstrip demand once again (for a while at least) leading to prices deflating back to normal because as it stands unless you add almost every building as an apartment building with many apartments to each floor you're for ever going to have house prices inflate as the server population grows. We will hit a dramatic housing crisis very quickly with the rate the server is growing.
  8. Late

    I agree with this as long as you recieve the alert from outside of your taxi as well. Will give you enough time to run inside and accept the call.
  9. Late

    Le sigh What roleplay do you need to do that 500 an hour for free doesn't cover. I want to roleplay a business owner, so i set about making money to do it. I also didn't grind script iobs, i bought a taxi and a kebab van through the new player stimulus, and provided roleplay for people and thus made money. I leased a government business to make further money to buy a house and more cars and more businesses all through non script jobs (unless you count the taxi job as a script iob but i charge my own prices and not use the fair counter).. i bought a bus and did a mount chilliad tour and it ended in disaster and 3peoples died. There is also a guy Mubarak(?) That sold pies on the street corner literally creating roleplay from nothing and you bet a lot of people tipped him and paid him will I think I gave him like 10k. So no I don't think you or anyone else needs anymore money for free. And besides if you want to just visit businesses and roleplay in them the normal entrance fee is like 300, do you intend on visiting more than one business an hour?
  10. Late

    Also in my country i don't think an hour of minimum wage pays for a packet of cigarettes here either... If people have more money to spend I will certainly increase my kebab shop price but people buy my kebabs for the superior unique roleplay created in my kebab shop not because they have extra money they want to burn. Still a no from me.
  11. Late

    If you do this i will have to start charging more for kebabs and further inflate the economy. Economy is balanced now don't ruin it, no from me.
  12. Late

    I approve of this suggestion.
  13. Character name: Rafi Habeeb UCP name: Late (Discord name?): Late#5281 Property ID (/pinfo at the door): 5474 Location of property (address or screenshot of map): Screenshot of teleport entrance: Screenshot of teleport exit: Teleport type (balcony,backdoor, business TP, etc): Backdoor entrance to business Thanks!
  14. Late

    I thought it was here
  15. Late

    It's basically players and devs vs admins. I don't fully understand the argument against as we've established that it does on a very rare occasion snow in LA, if it was to snow for one week it wouldn't be completely unrealistic. We haven't even really decided exactly where LS is, just it's "on the west coast." Wildfires can and do occur in regions that are hot and dry in summer and are covered in snow in winter. IE, Reading, Paradise anywhere in Tahoe. Would people use it as a week of fun and non-rp? No, I doubt. And if yes, that's what /report is for. How much RP would it even bring? Besides people putting on winter jackets and hats probably just a few non immersion breaking lines such as "oh hey Rafi, it's cold out today huh?" or "Wow it reminds me of the one year we got snow in Syria in the mountains." In all it's just a bit of fun and variety.