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    The unique item script is a great feature.

    I do not believe the players who actively partake in judicial roleplay deserve a special caste over other players simply because it is a niche avenue of roleplay, you have to understand if you limit players in this regard you will be cutting roleplay away from criminals, those who investigate crime scenes, the police department (both of them now), and the lawyers involved as well. There are many paths in roleplay, which is what makes it so fun and entertaining. I understand your argument, you believe that since a lot of work was put into something it should be taken a good look at and followed through with. With that logic, players who develop their characters should not be able to be character killed simply because they have put a lot of work into them. I noticed you mentioned Dean Bell in this passage here, I'd like you to know that I was not involved whatsoever in this situation on Dean Bell, and was actually on hiatus from Dean Bell for a few months to play my other character. In this instance; Daniel Santoro ended up having somebody killed for trying to sue them for an excess amount of cash, he is a member of an illegal faction- there will be repercussions for taking this path, from PD, possibly Klementz' friends, yourself- their 'legal advisor', and likely more.


    John's Jewels

  7. Username: Anarchyboy2005 Comment: Dude Come on Bro. Lol Who needs Security? xD We shuld like just... Defend ourselfes with the Rifles that our Fist amendemnt guaranteyed us. No more need for Guards we gota Hire People who Work For Thsemeselves. Privatge Militia for your bar? Then We will just go crazy!

    Yes, this would make things a lot better. If you drink in absolute excess you stay drunk for a very long time, but it takes a lot of items & cash to get that drunk.
  9. Sales manager position is no longer available, now seeking four sales associates.
  10. UTOPIA

  11. Digital Den West Vinewood is hiring a sales manager and sales associates, must meet the following requirements to be taken seriously: Vast knowledge of electronics, specifically computers, laptops and devices/accessories associated with cellphones. Past experience in a sales environment/sales management environment. Understanding of the sales process and dynamics. A commitment to excellent customer service. Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Experience in generating leads and negotiating contracts with prospective clients. A record of building relationships with clients. We are looking for individuals interested in making money on commission and those who have the drive to pursue business to business and business to consumer leads, if you have taken an interest in this position, please reach out to our franchisee at #1350, or [email protected]
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