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  1. Ethanol

    You can create that background IG instead. All of those things are easily obtainable through starter paychecks or a bit of work IG, I really don't see the reason to grant transfer permission for basics. Denied on that note.
  2. Ethanol

    Best of luck
  3. Ethanol

    I don't see a reason to refund you atm. You made certain character choices which you'll have to deal with. You may export it or wait for a functional prison instead. Denied on that note.
  4. Ethanol

    Accepted for $63000 (Half the bike's price + registration fees). Report IG in order to finalize the request.
  5. The business should be making some money. It would be best if you actually solve an IC issue ICly. You can also ask for a loan from your faction members or solve this in any other IC manner. Transfer requests are there to help players accomplish unique ideas or clear certain gaps. We don't fill IC voids with OOC transfers for the sake of it though. Denied on that note.
  6. Ethanol

    The request makes little to no sense. The cars are almost worth 300k combined. I dunno about you but I wouldn't give 300k to someone I randomly met at an audition. Denied on that note.
  7. Ethanol

    Unbanned. Stay out of trouble.
  8. I don't see the reason for Kido's clan to send him to the United States. You don't randomly send a person half a globe away for him to become a businessman for w/e reason. Yakuza clans mostly send people to the United States to oversee drug shipments and such. Sending someone to the United States as punishment is a bit off as well, you're sending someone who is Yakuza in Japan (which is legal) to the United States to get acquainted with another Yakuza member and help set up legal bank to cover w/e he's doing. You wouldn't want someone like that to oversee activities for you miles away where being associated to the Yakuza isn't seen as lightly as it does in Japan. I don't see any of that happening. Denied on that note.
  9. Ethanol

    You can earn money for the primo instead of asking for a transfer request. I'm sure you'll manage to get 30k somehow, especially as a new player with starter paychecks. Denied.
  10. You get 200k in starting paychecks. That should cover everything you've requested. The reason for the cash/car transfer are pretty weak imo and we'll never approve weapon/drug transfers unless a bug is involved so that covers the entire request. Denied.
  11. Ethanol

    You need better understanding of what cartels are and how they're represented within the United States. A transfer won't be given for the reasons you've listed, especially if the concept is flawed from the get-go. Denied.
  12. Ethanol

    Your request was denied less than a day ago. You may appeal the decision or accept it. Sending in more requests won't help.
  13. Ethanol

  14. Ethanol

    @FullyCanadian mind confirming?