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  1. Ethanol

    You'll have to apply for a faction like everyone else: https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/7710-must-read-information-on-creating-a-faction/
  2. Well, it's no surprise you made this entire thread over the looting thing which you went out of your way to complain about earlier in PMs. 1. It technically falls under PLM rules: 2. An announcement can easily be ignored or simply forgotten. If it keeps escalating, we'll deal with it. At the moment, it's a problem but it doesn't warrant constant announcements. This thread has clearly been made specifically in order to complain about weapon looting and not about admins not seeing eye to eye so I'll be locking the thread. I'd appreciate it if you stopped confusing people by making mistitled threads about issues which you don't care about just so you can rant about looting.
  3. I don't think you understand what you're asking for. 1. There are basic guidelines 2. There's potentially an infinite amount of scenarios. 3. Each situation is different. I'm not telling an admin he should always revive someone who died in a fistfight when in certain situations people are hit over 40 times by a group of people as I mentioned above. Each situation is unique, some of them require an admin to go beyond the obvious course of action, put together all of the pieces which led to the outcome of the scene and then change their verdict. You'll simply have to accept that. P.S: As mentioned before, admins aren't always right so simply talk to them directly or report them if that doesn't work out.
  4. Certainly not by throwing empty accusations around instead of making a proper report. If you have then simply wait for a verdict, if not that's purely on you.
  5. Things aren't always black and white, admins need to make a fair judgement based on what happened during the scene, need just a flat rule. To cover your examples: 1. You can die in a fistfight from four punches which would warrant a revive. Then again you can die from a bunch of people kicking you down in a circle in which case you shouldn't be revived. 2. If you gun down someone in the middle of the street during daylight and then randomly dash towards him instantly typing in /b something along the lines of "GIVE ME YOUR GUN DON'T STALL" then I think the intention of him grabbing the person's gun due to OOC reasons is pretty clear. Then again, if you kill someone in a secluded place and you find a weapon while searching the person before getting rid of the body? That's perfectly fine. You're confusing rules with general admin situations. We cannot make a rule for every single encounter. Admins need to make a fair judgement based on what happened AND what led to that situation.
  6. Ethanol

    It'll be made clear once we wrap up continuity. Treat it as an island around the West Coast area for now.
  7. Ethanol

    Apps are now closed. The goal was to fill in 2-3 slots within the team so don't get disappointed if you don't receive an answer by tomorrow.
  8. Ethanol

    Find better people to RP with. Some players will naturally not talk to you but others should because of how they SHOULD be portraying their characters. You'll find the right people, it just takes time.
  9. Ethanol

    Well, you don't have the tester role you simply have a description text saying "tester". It can be literally changed to anything and does not affect anything beyond a single text field on your profile. I will remove it if people are bothering you over it though.
  10. It's been way less than a year (or even half a year really) but yes, it's something continuity management is going to tackle. Considering we now have mod support, we're aiming towards IG brands for cars. While some cars are practically replicas of real life counterparts, other vehicles are a mix of 3-4 real life models which is where player A might define the car as X and player B might define it as Y, the car is based on both so neither of them are wrong,which is why I prefer going for IG brands. I'll keep the discussion going but know that continuity management is heavily leaning towards IG brands for cars.
  11. That's 100 percent made up. Stop confusing fresh community members.
  12. GTA WORLD - MAPPER APPLICATION The mapping team is looking for players to help with both large scale projects which are integral to the server's progress and smaller interiors which could make a nice addition to the world we've created. All projects will be contributed to the server and will be used publicly. As a mapper, you'll have to work on both private and mixed projects with the rest of the mapping team, as well as work closely with both FM and PM who will be assigning new projects to all mappers on a regular basis. Simply send me a PM with your work portfolio (GTA V exclusive) and your availability in order to apply. Requirements: Mapping experience (GTA V exclusive) Optional: Meynoo knowledge Optional: Guadmaz knowledge Regards, Ethanol