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  1. Ethanol

    We already had this discussion and it was literally over 20 pages long. We follow the weather around LA (with slight adjustments because we're not literally LA). If it snows in that area, we'll consider it. If it doesn't, we won't. There are no signs of snow around that bit so there's not much to talk about.
  2. Don't let the Scorsese family hear you say that.
  3. Ethanol

    That building cannot be used as a school, it's clearly stated that it's a courts building You also can't randomly determine that a certain building is a school and ask FM to make an interior for you to furnish. It needs to go through GOV ICly and through FM OOCly. Randomly creating a school without a staff, any sort of program and no vision for the future isn't something we're going to do. If an actual group of people RPing a board or staff or something along those lines decides to open one, gets perms from GOV and applies for it through FM then it will be considered, otherwise there's really not much to discuss.
  4. Ethanol

    That won't be permitted on this server. Cartels do not operate AS CARTELS in the United States. An entire cartel or even a large group which is part of the cartel wouldn't randomly move to the US. RPing a DTO with ties to one would be the logical thing to RP as opposed to taking a Mexican organization and copying it over to the US.
  5. Ethanol

    You're absolutely nuts if you think having 100 dollar guns would help the server. You also clearly do not understand how the gun circulation works, you twisted what i said on that request completely and selected to ignore what I consider a proper situation for something like that, you managed to throw IC repercussions out the window but worst of all, you suggested a solution which would kill the server. I'm gonna touch on all four for the sake of the community. 1. Guns are not expensive. I'm sure a lot of you got a kick from me saying that but that's mostly due to you buying fifth hand guns from some gang member which inflates the price. Suppliers get guns cheap, whoever they push to also get it cheap and honestly, even the third person who gets the gun doesn't overpay. If you are the eight person buying that gun then I'm sorry but you either needed that gun real badly ICly or you're an idiot for paying x10 its price. Find a better connection or try finding the supplier instead of being coned into buying a gun for fifty grand or some other ridiculous amount. 2. Flooding the server with guns would kill the economy you want to 'fix'. The balance we currently have isn't perfect but it's not bad by any means IF you're capable of establishing proper IC connections. I personally came from a server which permitted me to take 9999 guns from a warehouse. Everyone and their mother got guns over there and what happened? Tons of abusive, tons of DM, fucking OOC trade centers, etc... Whoever is smart enough to get them ICly will. Whoever doesn't? Not our problem from an OOC perspective. If you wanna contribute to this flow, simply apply for supplier. 3. The way circulation works is simple. Each supplier gets x guns every couple of weeks. He then either sells them to a client directly or hands them to an underling who sells it to a client. I personally moderate as many of these transactions as I can and I can safely tell you that none of the clients pay insane amounts, even if they're the third owner of those guns. So the price is fine, the way of obtaining guns isn't out of reach. What's the amount per drop? It depends on the person, what they're RPing and FMs decision. The amount isn't big but it's also enough to sustain several groups of people (assuming they don't go around DMing each other daily). So all in all, if you don't sell to people who think they're rambo you can easily support three factions, if you're a supplier who's in a faction that includes your own organisation. If you do well, the amount is increased but honestly, how many people would a single group sell to on a regular basis? Clearly not every faction out there, which is why you need to be smart and be one of those 3-4 organisations which that particular person supplies. 4. Picking up guns and realism. I'll start off by giving you a counter example of something similar to what you've posted which I've approved. An entire group of people was gunned down in Sandy Shores at night. No people around, middle of nowhere. A known criminal from that are was cruising around and saw the bodies. He scouted the area before taking all of their belongings and fucking off. In the example which you've provided, the person performed a daytime hit in the middle of the city, got out of the car and instantly started demanding that the other person gives up the gun in /b. ICly, if you just killed a person at 4pm in the middle of the fucking street, your concern is to get out as soon as possible. OOCly, people are incapable of making proper connections and are gun hungry so they take the guns without considering what an actual person would do in that situation. So don't come to me and tell me that this type of thing is caused due to gun prices or regulations. It's caused by people who aren't capable of reaching out ICly and buying guns which is OOC thinking which affects an IC decision. To summarise: the prices aren't the problem, the amount isn't the problem, the availability isn't the problem and neither are my regulations as a manager. People who cannot establish IC connections who are driven by an OOC desire to grab as many weapons as possible as opposed to being driven by what their character would do in a given situation is the problem. I'm not rewarding that type of thing. If you cannot keep your IG actions IC over a few guns then switch servers.
  6. Ethanol

    I don't think that came from any FM or staff member, ever. If it did then that makes absolutely no sense. You're mixing up a bunch of unrelated stuff and that's an issue. I do realize we haven't exactly discussed what we're doing or when it's happening but it's important to separate unrelated factors when talking about this huge project we're trying to finish: There's development, there's mapping and then there's setting up everything related to the correctional facility's staff. Most updates are released by Nervous and do not require any mapping or a group of people who need to decide how every procedure within the facility will work. It's easy for an illegal RPer to state he's ready to go inside and create great RP. It's not as simple for mappers to create all of the interiors and the correctional facility's staff to actually make all the manuals, protocols, etc... What Nervous releases on his end and what FM has to coordinate between developers, mappers, correctional staff and all other parties are two vastly different things. It will happen within the next few months. However, rushing it and releasing a half assed correctional facility both in terms of its staff and how it looks is not an option as far as I'm concerned, which is why it's taking awhile. In my opinion about 70 percent of the mapping is done. We have 6 mappers assigned to the facility which is a huge number. We're also working extremely hard on creating everything necessary for the facility's staff to run things properly. There's a specific member who basically pumps out topics day and night to assure everything will work out perfectly. To summarize: Mapping should be finished in about a month, maybe a month and a half. The setup in terms of protocols, staff and procedures should be done in about two months, a bit less if we really step on it. Development should be done about two weeks after mapping's done. Add a month or two of recruitment, fine tuning and fixing minor issues to the mix and you have a rough estimate.
  7. Ethanol

    "maxed" shouldn't mean anything on a high standards server and should not be used as a term. Assuming you want to buy a heavily modified car in real life, do you ever see the people selling those cars use terms like "maxed" or "fully modified"? Of-course not. "maxed" is a purely OOC term, there is nothing IC about it as far as I'm concerned and it simply shouldn't be used, even if you did pimp out your car with literally every possible upgrade.
  8. Ethanol

    You'll have to apply for a faction like everyone else: https://forum.gta.world/en/index.php?/topic/7710-must-read-information-on-creating-a-faction/
  9. Well, it's no surprise you made this entire thread over the looting thing which you went out of your way to complain about earlier in PMs. 1. It technically falls under PLM rules: 2. An announcement can easily be ignored or simply forgotten. If it keeps escalating, we'll deal with it. At the moment, it's a problem but it doesn't warrant constant announcements. This thread has clearly been made specifically in order to complain about weapon looting and not about admins not seeing eye to eye so I'll be locking the thread. I'd appreciate it if you stopped confusing people by making mistitled threads about issues which you don't care about just so you can rant about looting.
  10. I don't think you understand what you're asking for. 1. There are basic guidelines 2. There's potentially an infinite amount of scenarios. 3. Each situation is different. I'm not telling an admin he should always revive someone who died in a fistfight when in certain situations people are hit over 40 times by a group of people as I mentioned above. Each situation is unique, some of them require an admin to go beyond the obvious course of action, put together all of the pieces which led to the outcome of the scene and then change their verdict. You'll simply have to accept that. P.S: As mentioned before, admins aren't always right so simply talk to them directly or report them if that doesn't work out.
  11. Certainly not by throwing empty accusations around instead of making a proper report. If you have then simply wait for a verdict, if not that's purely on you.