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  1. Ethanol

    I reviewed the video. First of all, the guy might have left his mouse for a moment to do whatever. It should be common sense that he would still aiming at you as he had no other reason to put down his firearm down. I would understanding him turning around or something along those lines but he clearly didn't. That misclicked does not bother me. It could have been an accident but then again it seems you were eager to fire and beyond that, you pretty much said you took the gun out because the other player stopped aiming at you. There is no reason in the world for him to stop aiming at you if we put game mechanics aside. Considering you have a completely clear record, I'll let you off with a warning. However, what happened does warrant admin punishment so if it ever happens again you'll be ajailed for it. The scene will be voided, including all deaths. Refunds may be submitted.
  2. Ethanol

    I'll unban you from the UCP. You'll still have to submit an application in order to play here. If the application doesn't pass due to English skills we'll have to reban you.
  3. Ethanol

    Player has been unbanned a few days ago following a verdict appeal.
  4. Ethanol

    Accepted for x39 pistolammo. Report IG in order to finalize the request.
  5. Ethanol

    Accepted for x1 combatpistol and x50 pistolammo. Report IG in order to finalize the request.
  6. Ethanol

    Accepted for $5000. The handling admin will have to remove this mask before refunding you. Report IG in order to finalize the request.
  7. Ethanol

    I'll be taking the report. I'll ask both parties to reply if needed. There will be no further replies to the thread beyond that and my verdict.
  8. Ethanol

    Refund requests will not be accepted without proof unless logs are EXTREMELY clear on what happened. Denied on that note.
  9. Ethanol

    L&A'ed, leader's request.
  10. Explain in depth why Keigo who has a law degree and is a lieutenant in an established Yakuza clan was sent to Los Santos.
  11. Ethanol

    I honestly don't see why a shotcaller would sent a 19 year old kid from Compton to Los Santos to set up a new set of crips. The reason doesn't justify the transfer request imo. You get A LOT of money in starter paychecks, that should be enough. I suggest consulting Faction Management regarding your crip character as well.
  12. Ethanol

    Accepted for x1 heavypistol. Report IG in order to finalize the request.
  13. Ethanol

  14. Ethanol

    Locked on that note.
  15. Ethanol

    Alright so I reviewed the ban. You played on the server for less than 30 hours and then got banned for smashing through A LOT of people with your car. Considering you've been banned half a year ago, I don't mind lifting the ban. However, if you get punished for any form of DM you'll instantly be re-banned. Unbanning you on that note.