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  1. Ethanol

    1. You can hit the faction forums to find out 2. FM will have to approve your concept in order for you to actually create your faction. I suggest consulting them before submitting anything:
  2. Ethanol

    This more or less wraps it up. I'm all up for discussions but I honestly don't want people to argue over something which will never exist on this server. There are several issues with having a military faction on the server: There is no requirement as Rukka mentioned You'll never be deployed, assigned to a different base or most likely go anywhere outside of the base The hierarchy stops with the Fort's CO. While factions like PD and FD exist without that missing link on top, I don't see the base existing without anyone above Colonel level which is what's going to happen if we do allow it. It'll be extremely weird seeing platoons which consist of like 8 people and squads which consist of no more than 4 due to a lack of members. I firmly believe it cannot be pulled off on our server and even if we'd somehow manage, it wouldn't match or feel like a real base. While a base won't exist, RPing a vet is more than fine. Locked on that note.
  3. Ethanol

    When you dislike core features of the server including what the server is classified as then that's a major problem. I suggest going on medium/low RP servers which have mechanics like that.
  4. Ethanol

    That's the difference between other servers and this one. We aren't a RPG nor a MMO server. We're a RP server with high standards which means we don't expect you to automatically get filthy rich or grind for your money, we expect you to find an IC way to earn it which is hard but possible. There is no catchup mechanism and there will never be one. We give you 200k in starting paychecks in order for you to establish your character and make sure your 20-40 year old char has a place to live and a car at the very least. Beyond that everything you do with your money is on you. If you lose all of it that's on you and you need to RP things accordingly which makes the game fun. You are the catchup mechanism. If you're low on money find an IC way to make more money by interacting with players.
  5. Ethanol

    Can't say I disagree with Portz. Why would we prevent people from RPing Surenos, especially in LS which is more or less the perfect setting for them. Part of what I find fun about Surenos RP are the relations between sets. I really don't see the problem with having a bunch of them.
  6. Ethanol

    There's no reason to discuss it. We're in the process of establishing a continuity team which will determine what's what, LS's location included. The information will be available for all players so hopefully continuity will be able to answer a lot of these questions.
  7. Ethanol

    There are no OOC guidelines for joining the faction. Go IG, set something up, see where it takes you.
  8. Ethanol

    Not something that's gonna happen on this server. RP it as mentioned on the thread.
  9. Ethanol

    That's life. If you're smart about it you'll live longer, just like in real life. Having an all powerful character loses all meaning when no one can kill you.
  10. Ethanol

    Good shit.
  11. Ethanol

    I agree with you regarding PKs dying as a concept on RP servers (especially this one) however I do not agree with you on the server being defined as heavy, hard, hardcore, husky or any other SAMP era label. The heavy RP scale is literally meaningless when voice servers where a 12 year old boy RPs as a 56 year old black female drug lord define themselves as one. Our server is simple a text based RP server with high standards. This assures we're not on some weird scale as other GTA RP servers which no one can define aside from hopefully not being compared to other 'heavy' RP standards servers. ANYWAY, about CKs killing off PKs. This has to happen on a server like ours. HOPEFULLY we'll become a leading example for other servers who were thinking to adopt a system where PKs are non existent (Unless an admin decided you died due to a bug or whatnot). Consequences have lost all meaning when PKs were adopted by RP servers. Most people do not care about being threatened. They don't care when you chase them, they don't care about running around with heavy firearms 24/7 and they certainly don't care about going balls deep into any situation with a gun. You die, you lose a bit of money or your gun at worst so naturally whoever isn't really into portraying their character realistically (which should literally be every player on this server but let's be real, even with FM and PLM around this isn't a perfect server and it never will be) will not think twice before being beaten up or even killed. This also results in a lot of minor issues which mostly cause players to act like morons ICly based on this OOC barrier which prevents them from dying. If CKs are adopted INSTEAD of PKs and not as some sort of solution for certain situations, people will suddenly start thinking twice before acting tough, before going balls deep into literally every situation and will generally start showing legit fear of losing their character's life which is what their character should be feeling in most cases. And if the player doesn't care about being CK'ed? That's great, that's on him ICly. You wanna risk it all? You can and you'll pay for it in most cases which is GREAT because this is how you create a meaningful environment for your character. Suddenly your friends start dying. People around you suddenly show legit concern when you're about to check out. People actually start planning shit instead of making another video of them shooting someone. I can promise you I'll do anything and everything I can to adopt CKs as the main death mechanic of this server (with obvious exceptions for bugs and other OOC issues). In all honesty, I'm glad this is coming from a community member and not only admins. Having players who want to remove dinosaur SAMP systems and OOC barriers which somehow became the norm on most servers and really push realism to its limits is exactly what this server needs. Great fucking idea.