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  1. Anything that Harry Brooks person is doing.
  2. Personally used free-aim assisted back on console it snaps way too easily and is way too much of an advantage. If you don't want to be at an disadvantage in a gun fight just use the keyboard and mouse, its not like anyone playing this doesn't have one.
  3. KFN

    Fix Traffic Lights

    Most do tbh, its easier.
  4. KFN

    Fix Traffic Lights

    People are only meant to follow the lights if more than one car is at the intersection I believe, also they are correctly sync'd.
  5. Cat wearing a hoodie, he kinda vibin' tho'.
  6. Okay, thanks but like this was a very long time ago, time ago tbh ideas have very much changed/already progressed lmao ? Speaking of which @KeaneIdk who else to tag so like please archive this or something :)))
  7. KFN

    Space Station 13

    Have you actually played Hippie within the last 1 and a bit years? Went so far down hill since Admiral Hippie left
  8. I too have noticed drops from my usual 60-70ish to like 40-50, though sometimes it'll go back to my usual, its been really bi-polar recently
  9. KFN

    Space Station 13

    You can never hide from CM for too long O_o
  10. KFN

    Space Station 13

    Bro you are clearly playing the wrong servers, the best ones include this file I have attached: firing_owob.ogg
  11. KFN

    Baby Yoda

    shit tier meme, ngl
  12. Would like to point out its no wonder Velvet stopped opening, that interior was laggy as frick but didn't really offer anything in return.
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