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  1. deejay

    Upon fleeing the scene after running over a decorated officer of the LSPD, I proceeded to make way to an undisclosed location to which I myself could hide as well as hide my vehicle at the time in question. I proceeded over to the clothing store on Strawberry Avenue where I bought new clothes as seen HERE. After returning to the scene of the crime, I called for a Taxi from across the street and proceeded over to the Taxi that I saw that was dropping off your character. I said, "Oh, you already have a fare." and waited there for a moment for the driver of the Taxi to finish out the fare. You said, "TEXT" which I thought was interesting, but we'll get to that later. Once I started walking away, you confronted me about detaining me and I gave you some hassle about the entirety of the thing. After some text roleplay, I started running down the sidewalk where either you or Lance Clarkson attempted to shoot me with a taser and missed. I ran up the pathway which lead to an alleyway which eventually lead to being across the street home to the Bloque 13 organization. I ran through an apartment complex and seen a cop car barely make it's way down the street to which I seen you running down the sidewalk. I doubled back and hopped two fences and ran into a stair case area as shown HERE. I received a phone call from a Paul Snider as shown in the picture, but I was unsure at the time that if I answered it, if any cops in the area would metagame. I texted him and told him to come to the Mexican block. I proceeded to run to the front of the apartment complex after hearing a multitude of horns and could have only hoped it was him and if it wasn't then I would be screwed. Upon getting to the front, I looked to my right and seen a black Granger going down the street and for a moment I thought he seen me and Paul Snider. After getting into the vehicle, Paul Snider decided to drive down towards Grove Street and then through Jamestown up through where the main Fire Department is and then to Mirror Park where he pulled over in front of the Mirror Park clothing store. I proceeded to get out and walk inside where I changed my clothes and spotted a familiar face, Erin Campbell, that I knew of on another character. I left the store, walked across the street, and had to leave due to a family emergency, I messaged @JoeySalads moments after disconnecting and explained to him the problem: HERE Upon returning at about 12:10 PM PST, I seen SpawnMatrix had messaged me at about 11:33 AM PST as seen HERE. I'm curious on how you would suspect I was the driver of the Sandking? Was my plate taken from my vehicle on the attempted stop? Was my plate called in at all? And was I physically described through text over IC communication that being through radio or with another officer? If you have any proof that shows that, I'd love to see it. My concern is that the only person who probably could have even seen me would have been Paul Burton, but I ran him over. I have not been arrested on that character at all, so I'm unsure how you personally would be able to identify who I am. @JoeySalads was the individual that I texted and that had called me aka Paul Snider.
  2. There was no communication between our characters from an In Character standpoint. I didn't tell Catherine to retrieve the bat in any such way Out of Character if that's what you are trying to get at. Catherine retrieved the bat (Even though she physically had the script item on her herself) from the vehicle as I've said before because she felt that there was going to be an altercation between the group that entered and the one that was already there. Also, from an Out of Character standpoint, the person who plays Catherine is relatively new to the server and community as I stated in my original post. She has a hard time understanding where to fit her character in and where to respond and how to respond as she feels that she would be of a nuisance to the roleplay(ers) around her. I as well as others have explained that there is no reason to be scared of anyone and that she has to communicate a bit more effectively in game instead instead of standing around and doing nothing in a physical manner as well as in a talking manner. By her not doing this, it could be perceived as metgame since she is not communicating with us from an In Character standpoint.
  3. Once I witnessed David Perkins engage in a conversation with the three individuals or rather one individual that was sitting at the table behind me and Catherine (who I believe didn't sit down yet, but I did.) I figured that from an IC standpoint knowing that something was going to kick off seeing as how hot tempered David Perkins is as a character and as a skinhead, but judging by the end result of the whole situation, I can see that I was right. While he was engaged in the conversation, Catherine walked outside to retrieve a bat which I have stated before and from what she tells me, she did in fact do a /me which I hope can be proven by logs and or screenshots. Her character as a whole know that David Perkins and the man formerly known as Andrew Conway were very hot tempered characters who would usually talk shit to someone and or attempt to provoke anyone as I have personally done on Andrew Conway to James Sheridan on a multitude of times. I'm pretty sure it was after the fact that David Perkins had the heated conversation and struck someone with the bottle, it was only then I had struck Carlos with the bat for a total of two to three times. You can see that I struck him "again" after I believe it was striking him once in the link to the imgur album. Now, we didn't just turn up to the curry house or whatever the place is called just because we had the intention of deathmatching. I know the person who owns it and he told me about it and showed me screenshots and I figured what the hell, why don't we check it out? I seen the bikes outside and I figured it was the Sons of Bombay, I personally didn't know that the Vagos MC was a thing until you described it in your /do. I would hope that the person would correct himself because I'd like to interpret "deathmatching" as just walking up to someone and or pulling a gun on someone without little to no roleplay and killing them. Everything was roleplayed accordingly until or rather up to the point of what I felt that wasn't a proper response to being hit in the head with a bat two times. It was only then that I actually hit the individual known as "Carlos" two times with the bat script item and the administrator member, you, Franelli, stepped in to bring the situation to halt because of how clustered /b was getting. Now, I could be wrong and struck the "Carlos" individual prior to David Perkins hitting him in the head with a beer bottle, but this was because of how I said I knew how hot headed David Perkins as a character is from an IC standpoint. My intention was to strike first and finish first before the individuals associated with the Vagos attempted any retaliation toward us. I cannot speak for David Perkins as a character from an IC standpoint or an OOC standpoint, but I acted on my own accord and was and always willing to accept any and all repercussions from an IC standpoint for my actions. I wanted to wait to respond after acquiring screenshots from Chickenrappa, but unfortunately it's 5:30 AM PST and he's not available. Should this change, I'll add it in the body of a new reply to this thread.
  4. I did a /me of hitting you on the head with a bat, yes, as I've stated a few times already. Within that span of a few seconds, you responded with a poor /me of getting up or stumbling to your feet. Now, as I've said, that is rather a poorly attempted /me seeing as how you were just hit on the head with a metallic object. You were standing up, you did not do any animation after the first hit and with the second hit coming, I'm pretty sure you responded poorly. I have to wait for Chickenrappa to pull his pictures from the incident. So, after seeing you responded poorly to both hits, I script hit you twice and you went into "wounded" status. The reason I am writing a long reply is to point out everything that happened and when you reply with such a short reply it shows that you are providing no effort into your reply to my response to the OP. I wasn't the one that slit your throat, that was the other individual, David Perkins. I don't control his character or what he does. I don't know what's going on inside his head. Like I said, I'll wait for Chickenrappa to send me the screenshots of the incident that happened. I could be wrong on some accounts as far as your or your buddies /me's, but I don't think so. Carson Conway.
  5. deejay

    That's a very nice setup, Milk. Can I get an invite to that discord, Pussy Brigade?
  6. Well, the only thing that is wrong is that I got the names mixed up, but everything that I wrote is pretty much spot on. Carlos had plenty of time to respond and he chose to respond poorly after being hit in the head twice with a bat. You also chose to respond poorly after I attempted to hit you on three separate occasions with the bat. Also, if it wasn't clear enough, you need to re-read my paragraph about hitting him. I hit him once in the head with a bat, I swung it in a downward motion so that the bat would make contact with the top of his head. Somehow he fell to the ground and got right back up. I did it again and he did a very poor me. My guess was that he didn't understand of how severe getting hit in the head with a bat was so I hit him physically with the script bat to which he and your posse complained in /b until Franelli came. And just because you've went to wikipedia to see that the Vagos are allied with any sort of white gang IRL doesn't mean it's going to happen here. We are free to choose how we want to roleplay our characters to a certain degree as well as the organization we are apart of. If you read anything in my reply, you would have seen that I said, when she saw there was going to be a confrontation, she stepped out of the area and went to the vehicle to retrieve the bat. We both had bats on us through script wise, but it's against the rules to scroll weapons that are anything bigger than a standard sized pistol. Once she walked in with the bat, I retrieved it from her with a /me and took my bat out that I had on me, she then proceeded to put hers away and view the situation from afar. The person who roleplays as Catherine Hayes is a relatively new player to the server and community. Catherine messaged me and asked how can she be of some help instead of just standing around and doing nothing, she asked if she could pick up a knife from you or who ever had one. I told her that she had to do a /me of searching you and yours for a weapon. She replied with, "And they give it to me if they have any?" to which I replied, "If they are dead or unconscious, they should give it to you." I hit you in the head once, you responded poorly to that. I hit you a second time and I'm not sure if I hit you a third time, but I figured you didn't know how severe being hit in the head was, so I actually hit you with the script item. I also highly doubt I hit you in a span of eight seconds unless you have some substantial proof that shows otherwise because we were all there for quite some time. After you went down, I proceeded to hit your chest again to ensure you were down. I don't understand what you mean, "without break" am I supposed to stop, rest, then proceeded to resume beating you? If at any time you felt uncomfortable with the roleplay, you are or were free to do a /report for an administration member to come and handle the situation. My guess is that Franelli showed up once I hit and injured you with the script item. I'd also like to point out that the person who started the original report should put a little bit more effort into their response as I have. My guess is that you skimmed through it or didn't read anything seeing as how you responded with a simple sentence. If anything I said was wrong, you could have pointed it out. Carson Conway.
  7. I didn't record because unfortunately Plays isn't working correctly at the moment, but you didn't put any screenshots from the start of the incident only what happened about ten minutes in. Catherine left the immediate area once I walked over or rather took a step over to your table since we were seated close together. From my understanding, she went to the vehicle to retrieve the bat she had on her person. We both know that we just can't pull a bat out of thin air, so that's why she went to retrieve it. I also had a bat on my person earlier, but as I've said, we can't just ass pull. So, once she walked in with the bat in hand, I roleplayed taking it from her hands. She put her item away and I removed mine. The second thing is that you were hit I believe a total of two to three times. I roleplayed hitting you with the following or close too: You responded with a form of: If you have screenshots, you could correct me in what was written, but you're /me was more simple then mine was. I don't know what you expect me to write in detail about swinging a bat. The second time you stood up which I found a bit funny after you were literally hit on the head, I yet again did a: Now, you can post a screenshot as I stated before detailing my /me and your /me. It is in my personal opinion that you'd have quite some trouble standing to your feet but you made it seem like it was more of a tap then an actual bash. The second hit to your head would have probably caused you to render unconscious or a concussion of some sort. I didn't think you got the picture of how severe the hits were, so I hit you twice and you went down. You then cried out over /b about being "deathmatched" when I tried to explain to you in /b that it wasn't that and you failed to roleplay the hits accordingly. There was nothing planned about you being killed / injured from an out of character perspective. It is in my opinion that I didn't think it would have escalated into what it did. Unfortunately, someone decided to hot headed David Perkins and then he responded accordingly to what his character does. Unfortunately, I posted that I took a step forward and swung the bat in a downward angle toward your friends head while the person behind him was holding him in a choke. At the same time I posted mine, I'm guessing you posted yours. I waited for a few seconds and then hit you an additional two times and you failed to respond. You then said that you kicked me some how even though if I did not roleplay my /me, you would still be out of range from a kick. In this instance, I think it's both our faults for not responding accordingly. I don't know when the administration member Franelli stepped in to watch the situation unfold, but I'm guessing it was at the time of me hitting hit you through script and you continuously whining in /b about the entire thing. If Franelli had a problem with my roleplay, David Perkins, or Paul Snider's roleplay, s/he would have addressed the issue then and there. The only thing I seen them having an issue was with you guys talking in /b constantly and to get back in character and resume the roleplay at hand. Carson Conway.
  8. deejay

    The game is fun if it didn't crash every ten minutes to the desktop over some error that has yet to be patched.
  9. Username: CC1488 Comment: You are an American hero, you are going to be missed. Don't think this will go unnoticed. I still have the picture we took.
  10. deejay

  11. deejay

    had to throw this one in for my boy @ALT2
  12. Content: UCP / Login Name: penwood Character Name: Ismael Zambada Items & Amount Lost x1 Pistol & x34 Pistol Ammo Exact time and date: It happened some time between 2/04/2019 at 2:19 am PST. Reason: Don't know what happened. I have not played on said character for two days until a few minutes ago when I switched to him to take a screenshot of his stats and it was missing. I did not die during that time or today at all on said character. Evidence: EVIDENCE
  13. deejay