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  1. Hello bizarre roleplay.

    1. Pascal


      S T O P    B I Z A R R E   R O L E P L A Y

  2. Ballard

    Anime is a burden on society. 1/10.
  3. Ballard

    I don't know.
  4. Ballard

    The Redwoods, soon to be the next major team in the MLB.
  5. Ballard

    I'm bumping this and I hope that's okay. Seeing as how I recently got back into this and been mopping up them Scavs on Labs, I'd be interested in running with some like minded people in attempt to have a grand old time in this video game. Please forum PM me.
  6. Ballard

    Interesting pictures, LSPD.
  7. Ballard

    I've got my eye on you, Detectives of the LSPD.
  8. Ballard

    I will defend my home state of the California Commonwealth until my last breath.
  9. Ballard

    My ears only listen to the finest.
  10. Ballard

    I was arrested in fact, but I didn't have any of those items because the pictures above showed they were stored prior. I have included a picture here to show at the time of my arrest I only had a Parachute in my inventory. PIC 1
  11. Ballard

    Content: UCP / Login Name: penwood Character Name: marcus dietrich Items & Amount Lost x27 Pistol Ammo Exact time and date: Reason: Evidence: The first picture shows that the second video I have recorded was taken 12/17/2018 and started at 12:15 PM PST. The second picture will show that Keane refunded me my pistol as well as my twenty seven rounds of ammunition at about 3 hours into my 5 hour recording. 3 hours from 12:15 PM PST would have made it around 3:15 PM PST or so. The third picture will show that I do in fact have the ammunition which is the twenty seven rounds. The fourth picture shows at about 11:48 PM in game time I had for some reason x1 Pistol Ammo and x1 Combat Pistol. Though regardless of the x1 Pistol Ammunition, I still had the 27 bullets. I did not drop them or shoot or do anything that would constitute me losing the items. The picture shows that this occurred maybe about 15 minutes or so after I was refunded my gun. The fifth picture will show that I stored the item with after fumbling the commands a few times x1 Pistol Ammo and my x1 Combat Pistol in the house where I stay at. I accidentally took a pistol ammo that was originally stored and had x2 Pistol Ammo, so it might show that I stored x2 Pistol Ammo. The sixth picture just shows a small conversation I had with Burton about losing my ammo. I just don't have my ammo on my person and wouldn't do anything to constitute losing my ammo, hiding my ammo, or anything to gain more ammo. To add a bit more information, I don't know what the issue is for me as far as this happening. Prior to storing the Pistol and the ammo, I unloaded my gun and only had x1 Pistol Ammo for whatever reason is unknown at this time, but when the gun was loaded I had the x27 Pistol Ammo. I figured if I stored both items and took that x1 Pistol Ammo there would not have been an issue, but now there seems to be one. PIC 1 PIC 2 PIC 3 PIC 4 PIC 5 PIC 6
  12. Ballard

  13. Ballard

    Well, only if you get caught should something like this occur.
  14. Ballard

  15. Ballard

    I'm trying to become a passive roleplayer.