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  1. Sapphire

    Like this idea, would be nice to know when we have to pay again.
  2. Sapphire

    S9 with a lovely cracked screen. ?
  3. Sapphire

    Saw something similar to this that I agreed with in the "Legal Penalty for a CK" suggestion and such. Basically people have no RP of fear of consequences of harsh crimes because there's no real consequences for them. I think it would take having a very extensive jail sentence (When DoC is implemented probably), or the fear of facing a CK after CKing someone else that would fix this. Only then would there be some motivation not to go straight to first degree murder for stupid situations that in most cases would probably just be a verbal fight or short scuffle irl. Just tired of seeing people go straight to hard crimes without thoughts of how it would play out IRL and effect their character. (Their personality, their freedoms, their AGE - i've literally seen people with murder charges still rping in their 20s out of jail, and so fort.)
  4. Sapphire

    Completely agree with this. Tired of seeing killings and other stupid situations where no sane person would kill someone over, especially not in an area with many witnesses. There seems to be a lack of RP of fear of jail time/consequences.
  5. Retired dont count so... 12!
  6. 5 I'm feeling hopeful this time.
  7. Sapphire

    Would like to see this. Definitely would make things easier.
  8. Sapphire

  9. Sapphire

  10. Sapphire

  11. 8 We got it this time